These Milk Teas Are Worth The GRAM


The Milk Tea Craze

The bubble milk tea craze is back, and this milk tea trend shows no sign of slowing down. Along with milk teas, there’s also a trend of tea shops selling refreshing fruit teas which is ever so popular right now.

Do you know that some of these drinks are made with syrups or artificial flavourings which might not be very favourable for your body?  Especially if you’re on an eat-clean journey towards better health. On a brighter note, there are milk tea stalls like Miss Tea are concern over your health and thus strived to introduce healthier tea beverages which are made with natural ingredients.


Too Pretty Too Drink

What truly caught my attention is their beautiful paper cups with floral prints that looked too pretty to be tossed into the bin. I almost wish I could recycle or reuse them somehow. These paper cups are used to contain the milk teas which is topped with a layer of homemade whipped cream and chopped walnuts. These drinks might look elegant and attention-grabbing on the outside but are they truly palatable and delicious? We personally went down to Miss Tea to try out their signature tea drinks as well as their desserts.


Jasmine Scented Milk Tea ($4.80)


This milk tea caught me by surprise. I thought it would taste just like a regular Jasmine milk tea which is overly sweet. The tea is very fragrant, and there’s a right balance between the taste of the oriental Jasmine tea and milk. What’s even more interesting is the layer of homemade whipped cream (which has no sugar added) that goes so well with the milk tea. The chopped walnuts sprinkled on top of the cream adds another dimension of texture to this drink. You wouldn’t think that milk tea would have a ‘crunch’, would you?

Peach Oolong Tea ($3.90)


Peach Oolong Tea is a customer’s favourite at Miss Tea. The oolong tea flavour stood out for this drink and once again, the sugar level is just about right. Even the fruit bits are small enough to enter the big straws so you wouldn’t have a problem trying to consume the fruit bits with straws.

For me, it tasted light and refreshing, but there isn’t any surprise element to this drink which would keep me coming back for more. I would go for the other fruit tea, Strawberry Secret which had my partner and I fighting over to finish the last bit. Yes, it’s that potent.

The Strawberry Secret ($3.80(M), $4.80 (L))


This secret fruit tea is a blend of strawberry oolong tea with real strawberry bits, topped with a layer of cheese cream. Love cheese teas? The Strawberry Secret is one of the best cheese teas I’ve ever tasted and the reason being that the cream layer is creamy and has a slight tinge of tartness which balances out well with the tea blend.

Sweet Boxes (From $2.90 to $4.80)


Along with the tea beverages, Miss Tea also offers these sponge cake desserts which are packed in these mini cups. It’s a 3-tiered sponge cake layered with fresh cream and fruits. And there are seven different flavours of these so-called Sweet Boxes to choose from. We tried the original and mango flavour ones, and we love it!

Initially, I thought it would just taste like a regular sponge cake, but I was proven wrong. I guess what works for this dessert is the fresh cream layer which is made from scratch. The fresh cream makes everything tasted so lovely and satiating. Even the sponge cake layer is moist, and it goes along well with the layer of biscuit crumbs. I had no idea that such simple dessert could taste so lovely.

Miss Tea is set up by three mothers who want to provide healthier drinks and desserts for their children. Besides having great health, they believe in education. They even gave out free bookmarks which have Chinese poems printed on it! Any bookmark collectors out there?


Are they worth the gram? They are worth more than the GRAM.

Rating: 4.2/5

Miss Tea

2 Jurong East Central 1
#B1-K13, JCube
Singapore 609731


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