Where to Find Snow in Singapore?


Where to find snow in Singapore?

Singapore may be tiny on the world map, but we have almost everything here. It’s incredible to find out how much Singapore has to offer even though I’ve been living in this country since I was born.

In an attempt to rediscover Singapore, we decided to visit this place which was once very popular back then when it first started. Snow City was first launched in 2000, and it is Singapore’s first permanent indoor snow centre. It is located right next to the Omni-Theatre of Singapore Science Centre, which is about 10 minutes walk away from Jurong East MRT station.


Tunngahugit! (Hello in Inuktitut)

Sam and I have not visited this attraction yet until last weekend. If you’re a Singaporean and have not been to Snow City, you should visit this place at least once! None of us has been to the Arctic, so this is probably the closest we can get to experience what is like being in a sub-zero environment and learning more about Polar Bears and the Innuits.

Ticketing Counter


Get your tickets right here before entering the Snow chamber. Currently, an-hour snow play session costs about $15 per adult and $12 per child. The ticket price is inclusive of the winter coat rental and boots. You would have to bring your pair of socks. Otherwise, you would have to purchase a pair of socks from them. Adult socks are sold at $3.50 while children socks are sold at $2.90 for a pair.

If you would like to rent other winter gears like gloves and waterproof pants, you can do so for a small fee. Gloves rental for adults is $2.90 and $2.20 for children. Waterproof pants rental for adults are $4.90 and $3.90 for children. We highly recommended renting a pair of gloves as it can get very cold in the snow chamber. Otherwise, you could bring your pair of gloves too.

Suki’s Shutter bar


Beside the ticketing counter is the merchandise store where they sell a whole range of cute plushies by Ty Inc. You will also find Suki’s Shutter bar where you can get view the photos which are taken by the photographers from PictureAir. If you like what you see, you can purchase photos in either hard or soft copies from them!

Unfortunately, you are unable to bring in your camera and phones into the snow chamber. As for us, we had gained permission to take photos in it so that explains why we can capture all these images as shown here. However, we found it difficult to take pictures with our thick gloves, and it was cold in the snow chamber. We had to walk in and out of the snow chamber just so that our hands would not get frostbite.

Safety is their utmost priority so that probably explains why they do not allow visitors to bring phones or cameras along with them. If you would like a photo taken of you playing in the snow, you could always approach PcitureAir’s professional photographers who are onsite to help visitors capture their memorable moments.

Nooka’s Snack Bar


Need a bite after playing in the snow? There’s a small cafe which offers hot and cold beverages along with some snacks.



Store your belongings in the lockers provided. It costs only a dollar to use the lockers. You should keep your watch or any other accessories in the locker.

Next, suit up in these big puffy winter jackets! You can take one from the coat stand.



The Arctic Adventure


Once you are feeling all warm and toasty in the winter gears, get ready to enter the snow chamber where the temperatures vary between minus 10 to minus 12-degree Celsius!

Arctic Snow Playground


Kick start your ‘Arctic adventure’ by sliding down the mini slide behind this giant snow unicorn.

Snow Field


The snow layer here is 400mm deep, and this whole place is covered with up to 150 tonnes of snow. I bet the maintenance cost here is very high. As such, I believe that the snow chamber is confined to only a few zones. Albeit small, we still had a lot of fun making snow angels and throwing snow at each other.

The snow is created onsite using a snow gun which cools the water to subzero temperatures with liquid nitrogen.



Arctic Snowslide


My favourite zone has got to be the Arctic Snowslide. To get up to the slide, we had to climb a flight of stairs with a float to cushion bottoms. Because the slide is somewhat slippery, it was exhilarating sliding down at a relatively fast speed (but not as fast as those water park slides). You can sit on the snowslide as many times as you want!

It is an exciting place to be, and I do look forward to any future revamp or expansion because being in Winter Wonderland is just magical.

Snow City

21 Jurong Town Hall Road

Singapore 609433

Telephone: 6560 2306

Opening  Hours: Daily (10 am – 6 pm) (last admission at 5 pm)

School & Public Holidays: 10am – 7pm (last admission at 6pm)

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