This Eco-friendly Cafe Wants You to Eat Well and Feel Good


Superfudo, an Eco-friendly Cafe

Cheers to this eco-friendly cafe that encourages people to eat well and feel good. Superfudo is tucked away in the corner of Holland Village, opposite Pet Lovers Centre. If you are eating healthy eating, you won’t miss this cafe as it gives off a ‘green’ vibe.

I felt that Superfudo stood out from the other healthy cafes I’ve been to in Singapore with its extensive menu – covering all-day breakfast sets, DIY salad and grain bowls to desserts like cakes and Bingsu. Also, they use quality grains, sous-vide cooked meats and fresh vegetables to prepare that wholesome meal for you.

More importantly, I share the same beliefs and philosophy on healthy eating and going green. They use 100%-compostable and disposable plates, utensils and napkins. Also, they are also going strawless in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

You can also find several vegetarian and vegan options here at this cafe.


Customisable Grain Bowls

There are three different grain bowl portions to choose from – petit veg, veg lite and super balanced.

  • Petit Veg ($6) : 1 grain + 2 Veg + 1 topping
  • Veg Lite ($11) : 1 grain + 3 Veg + 2 toppings
  • Super Balanced ($15) : 1 grain + 2 Veg + 2 toppings + 1 meat

We tried their Super Balanced meal and their signature Chicken Rice meal.


But first, we had to fill up the order form and indicate what we would like to order.


After you’ve paid for your meal at the counter, you can collect your order at the collection point, near the condiments area.


A Work-friendly cafe


It was a Sunday afternoon, and there were quite a couple of students studying in the cafe. I must say that it is pretty conducive for students as there are power points right below the table for you to charge your laptop and WIFI is available. The best seating spot is located right at the back of the cafe where the well-lit areas are. There’s a good dose of natural lighting streaming through the ceiling window.



I love their selection of well-curated beverages – from organic Colas, beers to cold-pressed juices, coffees and teas. We tried their hot pumpkin spiced latte (available during October only), and it was lovely.

Hot Sauce and Spice Bar


Superfudo believes in striking a healthy balance when it comes to eating. As Asians, we can’t do away with chilli sauces and spices. Need a spicy kick? Head over to their hot sauce bar and pick any condiments you want to ‘jazz’ up your meal.

Superfudo Chicken Rice (Promotional price:$12, usual price: $15)


It seems pretty random as to why Superfudo would want to make chicken rice as their signature dish here. But I can finally see why after tasting it. The Singapore-style chicken breast slices, cooked with garlic, tasted super tender and meaty. If you are into bodybuilding, this is the kind of protein-pack meat which you should be going for.

The tender chicken slices are served with a good portion of multi-grain rice which satiates hunger and fills me up. As for the sides, there’s a handful of cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumber. Since there is no accompanying sauce, I find the dish is slightly dry. It would be nice if they had drizzle some sesame salad dressing or sauce over the vegetables.

The chicken rice is garnished with a heap of crispy shallots and chopped coriander. With that, it looks like our Singapore-style chicken rice, but of course, this is the healthier and cleaner version of our chicken rice. There’s no sesame oil or garlic-flavoured rice. It’s a simple and wholesome plate of chicken rice.

Our Customised Superbalanced Bowl ($15)


For the next dish, we decided to customise our meal. We chose organic quinoa as the base along with Unagi Kabayaki, homemade ratatouille, Baechu-kimchi, corn kernels and wasabi peas.

The air-flown unagi is quite good!

Light Bites – Pumpkin Soup ($4)


Since Halloween is just around the corner, I’m reminded to try any food which has pumpkin in it. So we ordered their freshly-made pumpkin soup which is another Halloween-inspired menu item.

Matcha Cheesecake ($5)


The Matcha cheesecake, along with some other cake slices, is fully-handcrafted and made with natural ingredients. It does taste like a homebaked kind of cake. But we aren’t quite into it. We could taste the matcha, but the cheese flavour is quite overpowering.


Overall, we highly recommend having their signature chicken rice and customisable grain bowls which are relatively quite good.


Rating: 3.8/5


15 Lor Liput

Singapore 277730

Other information:

  • 104 seats
  • Costs of meal starting from $6
  • No GST No Service Charge
  • Wifi and charging stations available

Opening hours:

  • Daily from 9 am to 10 pm


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