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4 Must-Try Cheap Eateries in San Francisco (Under $10!)

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

Eating out in San Francisco.

Dining out can be expensive, especially in a dense city like San Francisco, but you don’t have many alternatives when you’re visiting as a tourist.

You always have fast food to fall back on, but why go somewhere new and exciting just to eat the same bland hamburgers you could get back home?

You can do a lot better than fast food while still eating on the cheap, and since all the spots on this list are local, you’ll also enjoy some authentic San Franciscan flavours.

Below are some cheap and good eateries in San Francisco which you should check out. The prices for most of the items on the menu is under $10.

The Codmother Fish and Chips

Photo Credit: John.K on Yelp

The Codmother Fish and Chips is located in the north end of town, at the corner of Beach and Jones, which makes it the most convenient place to eat if you’re staying at an IHG hotel on Lombard Street or near North Beach.

“Fish and chips” is in the name, and that’s exactly what you can expect, but even so, the restaurant offers much more. It offers a variety with dishes like fish on cabbage, fries with garlic or Baja sauce (with or without fish, shrimp, and chips), and some amazing fish tacos. It also serves fried Oreos as a dessert.

El Farolito

Bruce K Yelp El Farolito
Photo credit: Bruce K. on Yelp

El Farolito is a Mexican bar on Mission Street near 24th. It opens at 10 a.m. and doesn’t close until 2:30 a.m. Food prices are very reasonable, and you definitely get your money’s worth because the portion sizes are huge.

The menu includes all the usual classics like burritos, tacos, and salsa with chips, and while there’s nothing too unusual about the food, there’s something about the flavours and the salsa that makes people come back for more day after day.

Golden Boy Pizza

Golden boy pizza by Adam.S on Yelp
Photo Credit: Adam S. on Yelp

Golden Boy Pizza is on Green Street just east of Columbus Avenue. It’s been a San Francisco restaurant since 1978, and while its menu of New York-style pizza is short, it’s also full of flavour.

Along with basics like cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizza, Golden Boy Pizza also serves garlic, clam, and pesto vegetarian options. If you’re in a hurry or all on your own, you can buy the pizza by the slice. The restaurant also has a long list of beers and wine you can order.

Saigon Sandwich

Photo credit: John K. on Yelp

Vietnam isn’t as famous for its sandwiches as it is for its pho, but you’ll realize what you were missing when you order a Banh Mi from Saigon Sandwich.

It’s a small takeout shop at the corner of Larkin and Eddy streets, and each sandwich comes fully loaded at a very reasonable price.

Your choice of meats includes roasted pork and chicken, and you can get tofu as well. The protein is topped off with fresh and pickled vegetables. Just remember to be patient when you wait to be served, because the staff number isn’t big, and a lot of people stop by during business hours.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

This list only scratches the surface of the San Francisco places where you can get a good meal on the cheap without having to visit the kind of fast food chains you can find back home. So while you can eat at any of these locations, you should also take some time to explore and find other good restaurants on your own. Who knows? You might come across another hidden gem. Share with us if you know any!

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