New Domino’s Sugoi Unagi Pizzas is Truly ‘Gourmet’


Pizza brings people together.

It’s one of those communal-style dishes which could easily satiate anyone’s hunger. You’ll never go wrong with this perfect combination of over-baked flatbread, layered with savour sauces and topped with meat, vegetables and lots of cheese.

And when it comes to ordering a pizza, one pizza delivery company in Singapore comes off stronger than the rest with their new seasonal pizzas. This time, Domino’s is bringing you to Japan with their Sugoi Unagi Pizza and other Japanese-inspired dishes.

Fish on pizza? We don’t think we’ve tried that pizza combination before so we were super excited to try it first-hand at Domino’s outlet at Tanjong Pagar, along Stanley Street.


Let’s start with some light bites, followed by the entrées.

Cheesy Crunchy Goma Flatbread


‘Goma’ means sesame in Japanese. This cheesy, crunchy Goma flatbread combines the best of both worlds together – cheese and sesame. If you’re a sesame fan, this would be truly an ‘Oishi’ experience for you.

The flatbread is topped with parmesan cheese, black and white sesame seeds; finishing off with a layer of honey rock sugar glaze. It’s a perfect combination of sweet and savoury, with the fragrant aroma of the sesame. But if you are someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, this might come off too sweet for your liking.

Sugoi Unagi Pizza


This pizza gains many approval nods at our table. We would order this again if we were eating out at Domino’s pizza.

This gourmet pizza is topped with honey glazed eel slices, mushrooms, cheese and nori. A specially-made Sugoi sauce is spread across the pizza crust of your choice. It looks like unagi is a highly versatile ingredient which can go well with western-style dishes.

What makes this pizza triumps above all is the combination of unagi, special Sugoi sauce together with melted cheese. If you are looking for a pizza with umami flavours, this would be it.


Sugoi Chicken Pizza


Their Sugoi Chicken Pizza, which comes with Tori Yaki-style chicken chunks, was not as outstanding as the Sugoi Unagi Pizza but it is still delicious.

It is topped with mushroom, pineapple slices, sweet cherry tomatoes, onions, nori strips, cheese and special Sugoi sauce. This pizza is akin to a Hawaiian pizza, prepared in Japanese-style.


Toriniku Wings


The new Toriniku wings and drumlets are baked with honey rock sugar and roasted garlic. They tasted just like any other regular soy chicken wings and drumlets – nothing too special. For an ‘Oishi’ experience, try their Yakitori Chicken.

Yakitori Chicken


If you’re a fan of Yakitori-style meats, Domino’s Yakitori-style chicken could easily satisfy you. The sweet and spicy chicken slices have that smoky flavour which makes it taste like a true Yakitori-style meat on skewers. There are real bones in these fatty chicken slices.



Cleansed your palettes with Ayataka’s Japanese Green tea. This drink is a perfect drink to complete the meal. It comes together with Sugoi Combo deals too.



Do you know that Domino’s has churros? I did not realise that they had sugar-coated cinnamon churros which tasted quite good. It’s even better if you can dip in it in some warm chocolate found in their chocolate lava cake.


It’s a really good meal.

All these new menu items have available for a limited period only.

Domino’s Pizza

13 Stanley Street

Singapore 068732

***To Domino’s Pizza, can we have more Sugoi Unagi Pizza? I’m salivating as I’m typing out this post.

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