Royal Albatross : Sunset Sail City Lights


There’s a Dinner Cruise in Singapore?

Besides checking out the museums, casinos, theme parks and restaurants at Sentosa, there’s one other attraction which you should not miss.

If you have run out dating ideas, this is also that one romantic spot which is sure to impress your partner. What are we talking about? It’s Singapore’s only tall ship called Royal Albatross which is docked alongside the Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

We could spot it from the distance as we were walking along the Sentosa Boardwalk, towards RWS.

Getting to know about Royal Albatross

Royal Albatross is a 47 metre, 4-mast and 22-sail superyacht which resembles an ancient pirate ship. This luxury 3-deck yacht is, of course, much smaller in size as compared to the pirate ships you see in the movies. It is owned by Tall Ship Adventures. Currently, it operates from her home berth at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore.

The highlight of this attraction is the sunset sail city lights on the Royal Albatross. It is a 2.5-hour dinner cruise with live entertainment onboard.  On Sunday mornings, you can enjoy a Sunday Roast onboard when the yacht is docked at RWS.

You could even do a mast climb, take the helm of the yacht or participate in a group guided tour on the Royal Albatross.

Sunset Sail City Lights


We decided to try out the Sunset sail dinner cruise on Sunday as they depart at around 5 pm on Sundays – which is much earlier than usual.

You can start boarding the yacht from 3.30pm onwards to take pictures. You will also want to be there early to ‘chope’ a good seat.

Platinum or gold?

There are two tiered-ticket prices for the dinner cruise.

The gold class tickets include an international buffet dinner, a welcome drink and live entertainment. It is a free seating arrangement for those with gold class tickets.

The platinum class ticket, on the other hand, allows passengers to enjoy a 3-course sit-down dinner, welcome drinks and live entertainment. There are designated seating arrangement for plastinum class ticket holders.

We had the gold tickets.  We find that there isn’t much of a difference between the platinum and gold class tickets. The main difference is that the platinum class ticket holders get to have a more private dining space with waiters serving them.

If you are on a date and would like to impress your partner, I highly recommend that you get the platinum class tickets.

Go Shoeless Onboard


I’m glad that they imposed this rule on all passengers. Going ‘shoeless’ onboard made me felt more carefree as I got to walk barefoot on the wooden floorboard.

The dress code is casual, so it is alright to dress down. Is it more relaxing and comfortable that way? No pressure.

The Platinum Class Experience at the Forward Zone


This is how the platinum class seating arrangement looks like. There is a live band on board, and they performed at the foredeck.



Gold Class Seats at Aft Deck


The Grand Salon (Main Deck)


We sat at the grand salon, at the main deck, which is air-conditioned. It looks very posh there. Check out those well-cushioned seats!

The washrooms are located on the main deck, within the salon. So that makes it easier for us to make convenient trips to the loo when needed. But we spent most of our time at the upper deck.

The buffet dining area is located right outside the Grand salon on the main deck.


The Bar


There’s a bar counter at the upper deck where you can order both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This is also where they serve you your welcome drinks.


Our Captain


There are a few captains onboard with us, and they were also the ones who greeted us from the moment we boarded the Royal Albatross. I must say that the staff there has been amicable and polite. Their service is fantastic.

Buffet Dining Area


The international buffet spread is quite good, and the food is decent. Some of the dishes were delicious! We had turkey, beef, pasta, roasted vegetables, and lasagne that evening.



There’s also a salad bar where you can choose your own salad toppings and sauces to jazz up your plate of salad.

And the food is replenished whenever the food is starting to run out. The staff was prompt in getting the food ready.

I also appreciate that the food is served right out from the kitchen so it tasted fresh and hot.


We enjoyed our meal as the dishes were overall delicious and well-balanced. We were pretty impressed with the meat dishes in particular.


Guess which plate is mine? The one with lots of veggies or the one that looks more ‘meaty’?


Wait…there’s desserts too!


We did not expect them to serve us desserts. They not only prepared one but three different desserts! There were chocolate cake, lemon meringue tart, and bread pudding. I only wished that there was a fruit platter.

A Dazzling Night Out


That night there were so many couples and families who were celebrating either their birthdays or anniversaries.

The staff onboard served them chocolate cakes with a sparkle stick placed right on top. It must have been a pleasant surprise for some of them who did not see that coming. We heard loud gasps, waves of laughter and cheers. What a night it must have been for these special people!

The Secret Cabins on the Lower Deck?

Yes, there are four ensuite cabins on the yacht at the lower deck. Each room is equipped with customizable ambiance mood lighting as well as a bathroom. Being in one of these rooms made me felt like a billionaire for an instant.


As the sky darkened, Royal Albatross was lighted up with pinkish glowy lights. It looked especially stunning against the night sky.


The dinner cruise is one of the most memorable and romantic experiences we had in Singapore. I would give this a 5 out of 5 stars!

If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your dinner date, why not go onboard Royal Albatross for a sumptuous meal under the twilight?

There are two upcoming special dinner cruises which you should look out for! End the year with a bang onboard Royal Albatross.

1) Christmas Dinner Cruise

2) New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise

For more details, check out their website.

Royal Albatross

8 Sentosa Gateway

Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269
(*Tall Ship Royal Albatross home berth is adjacent to Sea Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa.)

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