Healthy Fast-food for Millennials: Run Along with A Sushi Roll!


Small Sushi Store with Big Dreams

There’s one food which I will never get sick of – sushi. I love the combination of crisp seaweed wrapped around soft vinegared rice with meat or veggies. You’ll never go wrong with sushi unless the ingredients used are of poor quality. But not here at Run Run Sushi, a fast food sushi outlet located at Holland Piazza, a new shopping mall nestled within Holland Village.

As for now, it’s just a small stand-alone sushi store found at the basement with only a standing counter. It is tucked away at one corner, away from the widely-known F&B establishments. But Run Run Sushi has bigger dreams with its perfect-shaped sushi rolls, made with the freshest ingredients.


Healthy Fast-food for Millennials

When it comes to fast food, we don’t always have to limit ourselves to burgers, fries, nuggets or pizzas. It could be freshly-made sushi rolls packed with veggies like lettuce, avocado and cucumber. And that’s the mission and vision of Run Run Sushi – to revolutionise the way people eat sushi. It would be great if you have to time to sit down for a meal and eat sushi with chopsticks. But for the busy millennials, sometimes we have to eat while we are on the go – one hand on the phone and the other on the sushi roll. To make it easier for people to enjoy sushi while they are on the go, Run Run Sushi has wrapped their sushi with recyclable packaging so that you can eat sushi the same way as you eat a burger.


On the Menu

There were 12 varieties of sushi rolls on the display counter when we visited the outlet last week. The sushi rolls are divided into four categories – meat, veggie-only, seafood and seasonal. Each category is indicated by a different stick colour. For instance, veggie-only sushi is indicated with a green sticker which is stuck on the packaging.

We did not manage to try all, but we tried the bestsellers. These sushi rolls sliced into two and are sold in halves. It costs between $3.20 to $4.20 each.

Below are some of our top 3 favourites. It was difficult to pick our favourites as most of the sushi rolls we tried were equally delicious.

california roll
Photo credit: Run Run Sushi

Ingredients: Crabstick, avocado, tamago (egg), tobiko (flying fish roe)

Tasty Greens
tasty green roll run run sushi
Photo credit: Run Run Sushi

Ingredients: Yellow Daikon (radish), Kampyo (dried gourd strips), lettuce, avocado and cucumber

Chicken Katsu
chicken katsu roll
Photo credit: Run Run Sushi

Ingredients: Chicken cutlet, lettuce and cheese

Other classic rolls

They also offer classic sushi rolls like tuna and corn mayo.

tuna roll
Photo credit: Run Run Sushi

Once you placed your order, they will wrap each roll individually with recyclable paper.



The sushi is delicious on its own, but if you need that extra spice from the wasabi or savouriness from the soy sauce, you can grab a few packets of wasabi or these tiny and cute fishie soy sauce packs.



White rice is soft and moist. Most importantly, the ingredients used are fresh. They prepared the rolls daily in small batches so that the seaweed roll remain crisp. It’s best to eat them as soon as you buy them.

Rating: 4/5

Run Run Sushi

3 Lor Liput


Singapore 2777

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