Yolé Taster Diaries: 8 Things I Learnt about Yolé


I’m a Yolé Taster

My Yolé adventure started when I took part in Yolé’s contest search for tasters.

The role of a Yolé Taster is an exciting one. Besides getting to eat Yolé everyday and taste different flavours, we also stand a chance to be one of the lucky tasters to visit their research facilities in Europe.

When they blasted out this news all over their social media platforms, I thought they would be a flood of people sending in their applications to apply for this ‘best job in the world’. But when it comes to the second round of selection, there was only a handful who put in the effort to make it to the next round.


During the second round of selection, we were tasked to send in our best Yolé photo moment and post it on Instagram. So they sent us an email with a 1-for 1 discount voucher to get us to try out their new Yolé flavour in hope that we would post a picture of it on Instagram. Many didn’t.

Posting on food pictures on Instagram has already been a habitual task for me. As such, this additional task was a breeze for me. Since many did not take part in the second round, I stood a higher chance of being selected. True enough, I received news that I was one of the 25 Yolé tasters who was selected.

A Long Wait

However, the taste programme did not roll out until 4 months later. After exchanging a couple of messages to check if I had missed out any updates or not, they finally stopped replying my messages one day.

I wasn’t sure if I could trust them anymore since all the communication was done via Instagram’s direct messaging. They had previously asked for my personal contact details and a photo of myself.  I started doubting their reliability after they stopped responding.

It was the last straw for me so I sent them a stern message, demanding them to reply. It was an unusual thing for me to do but I guess I was feeling angry as I was looking forward to having more Yole! I guess I really love Yole?

A week later, there’s still no response from them and I decided to give up on them.

But who knows that they eventually replied via email to say that they will be delivering a Yolé Taster kit with Yolé vouchers for us to use. True enough, they delivered a box of Yolé’s Blueberry frozen yoghurt along with 30 pieces of $5 vouchers. That means we could enjoy Yolé every day for up til a month and that brought me to write this article after eating Yolé almost every other day.

I’ve tried almost everything on the menu except for their smoothie varieties. Through this Yolé taste journey, I learnt many things about this frozen yoghurt brand which is currently managed by D+1 marketing.

1. Every Outlet is Different


While the frozen yoghurt tastes the same across the outlets, the people serving the froyo are different.

At some outlets, the staff are generous and would serve more froyo than usual. I guess it’s hard to standardize the amount of froyo serving. But perhaps a big smile across your face could help you earn that extra bit of froyo in your cup.

2. Yolé rotates their toppings every now and then.


When it comes toppings, not every outlet has the mixed berries toppings. Or sometimes, they just alternate the toppings. Because the toppings aren’t fixed at all, on some days I could not enjoy my favourite toppings like almond flakes and mixed berries.


Mixed berries topping is the best! It’s sour and tangy but I’m not too sure if it contains any other preservatives or additives.

3. What are the must-try toppings and what to avoid?


Sinful toppings: Caramelized cookies, caramelized sunflower seeds, crushed Oreo

Not to sinful toppings: Almond flakes, mixed berries, granola, all fruit toppings

Good Sauces: Dark chocolate and white chocolate


These toppings I’ve listed went really well with Yolé frozen yoghurt. As for sauces, I was not bod enough to try those syrupy sweet sauce like strawberry and mango because they just look like regular jams to me.

However, I did try white Chocorock after I read a comment online that it was really good. After tasting it, I swear I’ll never trust the random food comments I read online. It was just plain terrible. The coconut flavour in the sauce is artificial. Please don’t ever try it.

4. Take-home packs are more value for money.


The 500 gram-Yolébox contains more froyo than two large cups of froyo which adds up to $13.80. If you do the math, it is more worth it to buy these take-home packs which also comes with 3 complimentary toppings packed in small plastic containers.

You can bring back their sauces as well but they came in smaller plastic containers which probably amounts up to about one and a half tablespoonful of sauce.


You can enjoy froyo at the comfort of your home and have fun with the toppings.

I’ve been buying take-home packs with my vouchers ever since I discovered the benefits of Yoléboxes.

And if you want to get more bang out of your buck,  get the bigger pack for $19 only. Sometimes they might give you slightly more than 1000 grams of froyo.


Apparently, you can even mix the two froyo flavours together in your take-home pack – except for ice-cream based flavours like Cookies & Cream.

You could even ask for a Yolé cup and fill it up with some froyo at home.


5. Which is the most worth-it item on Yolé’s menu?


Ibiza (large) for sure. Don’t even bother getting the baby or small tubs. Most Singaporeans would go for Ibiza anyway because the large plastic cup has a larger capacity to contain more froyo.


See what I mean? I’m starting to miss Yolé.

6. Yolé original is the best.


When Yolé first started out, I remember not liking its taste at all. I mean llao llao’s froyo tasted way better than that. Llao llao’s froyo is thicker, creamier and milkier. However, things have changed ever since Singapore has started accepting the disappearance of llao llao and embraced Yolé.

The texture and flavours of Yolé have changed for the better too. It’s now much creamier and thicker but it still lacked that strong milky taste which llao llao had. But I heard that llao llao’s standard has also dropped.


But to me, Yolé’s frozen yoghurt is still the best so far in Singapore and I’m not complaining. And of all the flavours I’ve tried, their original flavour is still the best. The only Yolé flavour which is on par with its original is their new melon-flavoured Yolé.

Yolé flavour Chart!

First: Original

Second: Melon

Third: Blueberry

7. Yolé offers both fruity frozen yoghurt and ice creams.


I had no idea that their Cookies & Cream is actually pure ice cream. I was a little confused because I thought Yolé only sells frozen yoghurts. Why ice cream?

Their cookies & cream tasted quite okay but it was way too rich for me. I could not enjoy it the way I enjoy frozen yoghurt which is more refreshing in tast. I can eat two cups of froyo but not two cups of ice cream. Do you know what I mean?

8. Yolé’s Melon-flavoured Frozen yoghurt rocks!


I might have mentioned this a thousand times in this article but I have to say it again – Melon Yolé is my favourite! Please make it a permanent flavour, Yolé.

The frozen yoghurt carries a light green tinge and has a melony taste which is just so fruity and exotic. There probably aren’t many melon-flavoured ice creams or frozen yoghurt around in the first place.

I’m just sad that I’ve spent all my Yolé vouchers. Right now, I’m still waiting for them to get back us. Is that the end of our Yolé taster programme? I thought they had wanted us to fill up an online feedback form. What are these guys thinking, really? We are playing the waiting game again.

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