Sorbet christmas alfero gelato deeniseglitz

Creamy Sorbets

You may have tried a fruit sorbet, but have you tried a chocolate or hazelnut sorbet before?

This Christmas, Alfero Gelato has created two Christmas sorbets – Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut which had my mind blown. I’ve always thought that sorbets are made with fruits and sweetened water. They often have that icy-like texture. It has never crossed my mind that ingredients like chocolate and hazelnut could also be used to make sorbets. Without milk and eggs, how is it possible that to make sorbets that look no different from ice cream? 

It turns out that making chocolate and hazelnut sorbets aren’t exactly new in the realm of frozen desserts. After some research, I could see why both chocolate and hazelnuts are perfect ingredients for making creamy sorbets as both ingredients naturally contain some form of fat. It actually took me a long time to realise that. 

Dairy-free and Fat-free

Since sorbets are dairy and fat-free, it is suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. For the health-conscious, you can label this as a guilt-free treat. Why didn’t I discover this earlier? Or why aren’t there more of such sorbets?

Christmas Sorbet

Sorbet christmas alfero gelato deeniseglitz

Marco Alfero, who is the founder of Alfero Gelato, wanted to create sorbets which look and tastes as good as gelatos. True enough, these sorbets really look no different from the usual gelato.  

There might be a subtle difference in terms of taste since milk and eggs are missing in the sorbets. You can only taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the sweetness of the sweetened water. Its flavour profile is way more simple as compared to gelatos or ice creams.

On the other hand, the hazelnut sorbet has this milky aftertaste because of creamy taste in nuts. Hence, I actually prefer the hazelnut sorbet over the dark chocolate as the hazelnut has a richer flavour. 

Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Sorbet christmas alfero gelato deeniseglitz chocolate

Hazelnut Sorbet

Sorbet christmas alfero gelato deeniseglitz hazelnut

Nonetheless, these Christmas sorbets make a good guilt-free festive treat for you and your family. Jazz it up with your favourite toppings to make this delicious treat a delightful one. 

Since these sorbets do not contain any artificial preservatives or stabilisers, they tend to melt quickly. Thus, remember to store them in a suitable freezing temperature.

Sorbet christmas alfero gelato deeniseglitz

Here’s a tip: Whether it is guilt-free or not, eat everything in moderation!

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