Creamology: Jurong’s Best-kept Secret

creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz

I’m a Westie who has been living the west part of Singapore for the longest time ever. It’s been 18 years already and if you were to ask me which is my favourite eatery or cafe in the west, I probably couldn’t give you an answer. Because I haven’t really check out what is the latest food scene like in Jurong until recently. I finally had managed to set aside some free time to explore my neighbourhood.

A quick google search has led me to Creamology by Pastry Cottage, a quaint ice-cream cafe located under block 498 of Jurong West St 41. Based on Google reviews, this cafe is dubbed as Jurong’s best-kept secret. Being a foodie myself, I just had to go and check this cafe out.


creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz

I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the founder of Creamology, Celeste Teh, who started this ice-cream cafe out of her love for ice creams. Back then, there isn’t a cosy cafe or ice-cream parlour offering decent ice creams and desserts in the neighbourhood so she decided to set up one herself.

She came up with her own ice-cream recipes and decided to make her ice creams all from scratch. There are currently 16 flavours of ice cream to choose from and it includes some local-inspired flavours like Durian and Yam.

Creamology Menu

creamology menu by pastry cottage deeniseglitz

A single scoop of ice cream is decently priced at $3.50. Everything else on the menu costs less than $10. That’s the main perk of visiting cafes in the neighbourhoods.

What’s the best way of indulging these ice-cream specialities other than having it on a cone? Paired the creamy scoops of ice cream with freshly-made waffles for a perfect heavenly combo. You can also enjoy it with their homemade walnut brownies or molten lava cake.

Besides the sweet treats, they also offer a selection of hot and cold beverages as well as savoury bites and other side dishes.

Ice-cream Flavours: Which to choose?

creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz ice cream flavours

I had a difficult time selecting which ice-cream flavour I wanted to have because they offer many popular ice-cream flavours like Cookies and Cream, Matcha, Salted Caramel and Durian (Mao Shan Wang). A couple of their more uncommon ice-cream flavours are probably Yam and Pistachio.

They also offer the regular classic ice creams like dark chocolate and strawberry which is made with Korean strawberries. You can sample the flavours before deciding which ice cream you would like to have.

For my halal friends, you’d be glad to know that their ice creams are halal as they are produced in a halal-certified creamery. 


creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz waffles

Those who have visited the cafe actually raved about their classic buttermilk waffles. They made their waffles on the spot and served them warm with a scoop of ice cream.

Buttermilk Waffles with Ice Cream

creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz waffles ice cream

At Creamology, they served with their buttermilk waffles with a sauce of your choice. You can either choose chocolate syrup, maple syrup or butterscotch. I had my waffles with butterscotch sauce which is lightly drizzled across the waffles along with a sprinkle of icing sugar.

I picked their Korean Strawberry and Pistachio ice cream to go along with the warm waffles. It was such a pleasant and delightful treat. The waffles were delicious and slightly crisp on the outside. The ice creams were very creamy, dense and flavourful. It was not too overly sweet and it doesn’t really melt as quickly.

When you are having ice cream with waffles, you wouldn’t want your ice cream to melt quickly. It seems like Creamology’s ice cream pair perfectly with waffles. 

Savoury Bites

creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz shrooms phyllo cups

So far, all the savoury sides offered here are meat-free. Thus, they make good vegetarian-friendly treats for those who are on a vegetarian diet.

I tried their Shrooms Mini Phyllo cups which consists of mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums and cheese. It is nice savoury and homely treat to have along side with the sweet treats.

creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz shrooms phyllo cups

To round up my afternoon tea experience at Creamology, I also tried their Sparkling Yuzu Mix which is a refreshing drink to have on a hot day.

creamology by pastry cottage deeniseglitz

Verdict: 4.0/5

The ice cream and waffles are surprisingly really good. It’s one of those ice cream with flavours that would still linger in your mouth as the ice cream melts. It is like having a homemade ice cream at someone else’s cosy place.

What’s most important is that the ice cream made with less sugar so it isn’t too sweet at all.

Instead of meeting in town for ice cream, why not check out this ice cream cafe for some decent ice cream?


Blk 498 Jurong west St 41

#01- 450

Singapore 640498

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