Christmas with Gokoku Japanese Bakery

Gokoku Japanese Bakery Festive bakes deeniseglitz

Gokoku Japanese Bakery has just launched their cute festive custard buns along with their festive Christmas log cakes. Their Japanese bun creations have always been the talk of the town because they are usually too cure to be eaten. 

Festive Christmas Buns – Reindeer, Snowman and Christmas Tree

Gokoku Japanese Bakery Festive bakes deeniseglitz

These 3 festive custard buns are filled with Gokoku’s homemade custard cream. Comparatively, out of the three, the Christmas tree bun has the most custard filling in it.

As for the snowman bun, only its ‘tummy’ is filled with the creamy yellow custard. The buns are quite delicious and I particularly like the reindeer bun. 

Gokoku Christmas Log cakes ($32.90 each)

Gokoku Japanese Bakery Festive bakes deeniseglitz

There are 3 different Christmas log cakes to choose from – Uji Matcha Log Cake, Hojicha Log Cake and Chocolatey Bliss Log Cake. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many bakeries offering Matcha and Hojicha-flavoured log cakes so you’re looking into something more special – the Uji Matcha log cake will be your best bet. 

Uji Matcha Log Cake

This log cake is made with high-quality Ujien green tea powder. The fluffy sponge cake layer is paired with the finest red bean paste (Tsubuan), made with organically cultivated red beans in Japan. Therefore, the cake is super moist, soft and creamy due to the rich layer of Uji Matcha cream coating around it. 

You can taste the subtle bitterness of the Matcha as well as chewy bits of the red beans. I like the combination of the Matcha with the red bean paste! In my opinion, it would have been perfect if it is not too overly sweet. 

Gokoku Japanese Bakery Festive bakes deeniseglitz

All ready to feast over this festive season with relish? 

Gokoku’s Christmas log cakes are available from 27th November – 25th December 2018.

Enjoy 10% off Early Bird Special for orders made before 14th December 2018 at Gokoku Japanese Bakery only. Advance order of 3 days is required.

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