What We Ate During Our 5-Day Hong Kong Trip

Hong Kong Food Deeniseglitz

I thought I will end up disliking Hong Kong even more after this trip. But the unexpected happens. I ended up mesmerised by the dazzling neon lights and sky-high commercial buildings. The food in Hong Kong is equally amazing as well.

Below is the list of food items which have ended up in our stomach and hopefully, have been burnt off.

1. Roasted Char Siu Rice from Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen

Hong Kong Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen Deeniseglitz

I bought a food voucher from Klook which entitles me to purchase this plate of Roasted Char Siu (Pork) at a discounted price. You can choose between the roasted Duck rice and roasted Char Siu rice. I tried both since I bought one each for Sam and myself. Do yourself a flavour by choosing the Char Siu rice as the duck rice is not that fantastic.

It was worth it as the Roasted Char Siu rice was delicious. Each plate of rice comes with a warm bowl of flavourful soup.

Hong Kong Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen Deeniseglitz

I had no idea that you can get food discount vouchers from Klook too. This is one travel-friendly site you have to look up before every trip.

Hong Kong Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen Deeniseglitz

There are several Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen outlets across Hong Kong. We visited the outlet in Mong Kong which is located near the subway.

Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen

Address: 180 Portland St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

2. Pineapple Buns with Iced Butter from Kai Kee Bakery

Hong Kong Kai Kee Bakery Deeniseglitz

We came across this bakery which is just a few steps down the road from Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen. We decided to try their Pineapple buns (Bo Lo Bao) with iced butter which was warm, fragrant and buttery. It was lovely! The iced butter is just cold butter which is sandwiched in between the bun. For HK$10, it is worth the buy!

Hong Kong Kai Kee Bakery Deeniseglitz

Kai Kee Bakery

Address: 187 Portland St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

3. Dim Sum Breakfast at Conrad Hong Kong

Hong Kong Conrad Hong Deeniseglitz

On the second day of our trip, we had our first Hong Kong-style Dim Sum at this Michelin-star restaurant, The Golden Leaf. The posh and elegant furnishings add a touch of grandeur to this place.

Food was excellent; it is on par with Jade’s restaurant at Fullerton in Singapore, if not better. You can read more about our dining experience here.

The Golden Leaf

Address: 88 Queensway Lower Lobby Level Central, Hong Kong

4. Tiger Sugar

Hong Kong Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Milk

Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Milk drinks are a hit in Singapore. It’s the same here in Hong Kong but the early afternoon queue was not that bad. We got our drinks within 10 minutes.

These Taiwanese drinks are the next best thing to Starbucks coffee. As Asians, we love drinking boba teas from the very beginning when it all started. The revival of the boba tea hype is all thanks to the introduction of Brown Sugar Milk Tea.

I wonder who started this new concoction of drinks in the first place. If you can shed some light on this, let me know in the comment box below.

Hong Kong Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Milk
Check out those beautiful ‘tiger stripes’!

Surprisingly, Boba drinks are way more expensive in Hong Kong. In Singapore, we can get a decent Brown Sugar Milk drink easily for $3.60. But in Hong Kong, such drinks cost around $5.30 each.

Nonetheless, Tiger Sugar’s drinks are worth the hype. The bobas tasted fragrant and the Hokkaido milk they used is superb. In my opinion, it tasted as good as RnB’s version of Brown Sugar Milk drink.

Tiger Sugar Hong Kong

Address: 36 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

5. Chef Nicholas Tse’ McDonald Fries

Hong Kong McDonald's Chf Nicholas Tse deeniseglitz

After our TramOramic tour, Sam was famished. A hungry man is an angry man – so we stopped by McDonald’s along Causeway Bay for some burgers and fries.

We count ourselves lucky because McDonald’s was still promoting Chef Nicholas Tse’s creations back then. Being an ‘adventurous’ foodie myself, how could we not try these exclusive McDonald’s food items?

We tried their Bolognese & Fried Egg Angus Beef Burger and Siew Mei-flavoured and Typhoon Shelter Crab-flavoured shaker fries. The beef burger tasted no different from McDonald’s premium Angus beef burger. We can only attribute this to McDonald’s success in maintaining a uniform food standard and taste across the world; so much so that every burgers and fries they have tasted strangely familiar.

Chef Nic’s shaker fries are great. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a packet of sodium-laden McDonald’s golden fries?

6. More Bubble Tea

Pearl Tea bubble Tea Hong Kong Deeniseglitz

We ended our night at Temple Street Market where we discovered that there’s a bubble tea shop there that gives out free bubble teas. FREE BUBBLE TEAS? We joined in the queue along with the other tourists and locals who were there for the free drinks as well.

We started to get a little apprehensive when a Caucasian lady, who was queuing right in front of us, said that they were running out of drinks. She even told us that there was no point queuing. I sensed a hint of jealousy and contempt in her voice. Despite that, we continued to join in the queue anyway.

Guess what? We got our free bubble teas in the end. After all, we are part of the eleventh-hour generation.

Pearl Tea

Address: 213 Temple Street Market Gateway, (near Jordan Road)

7. Potato Corner

Hong Kong Potato Corner Tsim Sha Shui fries deeniseglitz

Potato Corner can be literally found at every corner in Hong Kong. This Filipino food snack franchise has garnered some fans in Hong Kong as well. After seeing some locals indulging in their fries, we were tempted to try one.

Thus, we headed to the outlet near our hostel and bought their Giga tub of fries.

We had their Cheese and truffle fries along with their mozzarella cheese sticks. Their fries were golden and crisp, and the seasoning they used were addictively good. It is as good as having a bag of chips. It is very sinful indeed but probably worth the calories.

Do you know that they have one outlet in Singapore too?

Potato Corner

Address: Shop G, G/F, Carnarvon Mansion, 8-12E Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

8. HK-style Breakfast at Tsui Wah Restaurant

hong Kong Tsui wah restaurant breakfast deeniseglitz

We had only first Cha Chaan Teng-style breakfast at Tsui Wah restaurant which is just a couple of streets away from our hostel.

The HK-style breakfast fare can be pretty much boiled down to these few Canto-Western items – toast, eggs, ham, sandwich, macaroni and instant noodles. You can find these standard breakfast menu across all the Cha Chaan Tengs in Hong Kong and Macau.

The breakfast sets are very affordable and do not usually costs more than SGD$10. The portion is generous too.

Due to their hectic lifestyles, breakfast is usually a quick and simple affair. It can be rather unhealthy too as they used highly processed food like instant noodles.

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Address: 2 Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

9. Five Guys

hong kong five guys burgers fries deeniseglitz

Five Guys was a new kid on the block in Hong Kong. It has caused such a hype in Hong Kong that people did not mind queueing for these American-style burgers for hours – ourselves included.

I came to Hong Kong thinking that I will have to queue up for bubble tea and egg tarts. But we ended up queueing for American burgers and fries. Looking back, it seemed rather foolish of us to queue up for some typical American burgers and fries.

It was a total of 90 minutes of queuing time. And we spent about a whooping SDG$36 over American food. It is not very affordable, or is it?

But then again, was it the food or the free-flow peanuts that got people queuing?

Was it worth the hype? The burgers and hot dogs were great but nothing fancy or special. Their good old fashion hand-cut fries were delicious but nothing spectacular. Well, I guess it was worth a try – at least after the hype has died down.

Regular Cajun-style fries

hong kong five guys burgers fries deeniseglitz

Expect a mountain of fries to be stuffed in your Five Guys’ brown paper bag; it is as if they can’t wait to get rid of their fries.

Cheese Dog

hong kong five guys burgers fries deeniseglitz

You can easily get a decent hot dog for a dollar in America too.

Bacon Cheese Burger

hong kong five guys burgers fries deeniseglitz

All burgers and hot dogs come with free toppings. The drinks are free-flow too. Is that why the locals are queuing up for or are they psyched to think that restaurants with long queues equal good food?

Five Guys

Address: 60 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

10. More Brown Sugar Milk Tea!

Hong Kong Xin Fu Tang brown sugar milk tea deeniseglitz

This is apparently another popular Taiwanese boba drink stall in Hong Kong. They just opened a new outlet right beside our hostel. How could we not try it?

Their Brown Sugar Milk tea was super fragrant. It has a darker caramelised taste as compared to Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Milk tea. Both are equally good but I like this better.

Hong Kong Xin Fu Tang brown sugar milk tea deeniseglitz

Xin Fu Tang (幸福堂)

Address: 33 Carnarvon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

11. Disney-themed Food

Hong Kong Disneyland Dimsum Crystal Lotus Deeniseglitz

In Hong Kong, we didn’t stop eating. We are on a food marathon which lasted throughout our 5 days in Hong Kong.

Surprisingly, the food in Disneyland Hong Kong was good – especially the Disney-themed Dim Sum at Crystal Lotus restaurant. You can read more about it in this post.

We also tried other Disney snacks at the Disneyland theme park.

Hong Kong Disneyland egglet disney food deeniseglitz

12. Breakfast at Chaa Chan Teng

Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng breakfast deeniseglitz

We had our last meal in Hong Kong at this Cha Chaan Teng restaurant near our hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui. We cannot remember the name of this restaurant but we know that it is somewhere along Prat Ave.

The quality of the food served here was better than Tsui Wah.

Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng breakfast deeniseglitz

Hong Kong is a food haven; there are many places which we have yet to explore. I hope I could visit Hong Kong again for another gourmet adventure!

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