7 Reasons Why The Hong Kong Tram Is Worth A Ride

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

It’s my third time here in Hong Kong and I have never commuted on Hong Kong’s tramways previously. This time, we not only explore Hong Kong Island via the trams but we also went for The TramOramic Tour. This tour had made my recent trip to Hong Kong a really memorable one because I get to see a different side of Hong Kong. 

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, I will highly recommend The TramOramic Tour.  The Hong Kong Tram is worth a ride and here are 7 reasons why taking a tram should be part of your HK travel itinerary. A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without taking a tram.

1. Hong Kong Tramway is the cheapest form of transportation on Hong Kong Island. 

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

Hong Kong Tramways only operates at the northern part of Hong Kong Island, running across the east and west side of the island. It started in 1904 and has been operating til today. In fact, it is the world’s largest double-deck tram fleet which is still in operation. 

The trams run from 5.30 am to 12.30 am. Fares cost HK$1.30 for children and HK$2.60 for adults. Thus, making it the cheapest form of transportation in Hong Kong. It is even cheaper than our bus fares in Singapore!

2. The TramOramic Tour gives you a panoramic view of Hong Kong.

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

If you have a few hours to spare in Hong Kong, I recommend that you go on Hong Kong Tramways’ TramOramic tour. It is a one-hour city tour of Hong Kong, onboard of their unique 1920s-style tram with an open-top deck. Onboard the tram, we had a fantastic view of the spectacular skyscrapers as the tram cruised along the Central Business District. 

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz skyscrapers
hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

There are 3 different timings for the TramOramic tour. The tour tram departs from both Western Market Terminus and Causeway Bay Terminus. So, you can choose either station to board the tour tram. 

The tour costs HK$95 for adults and HK$65 for children. It is best to book online through their website. Remember to board the tram early to secure the good seats!

3. The TramOramic tour includes a Golden Ticket which allows you to ride on the tram for free within 2 days!

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

This golden ticket allows you to have access to unlimited tram rides for the next two days. We went for TramOramic tour on 1 December so, technically-speaking, we could start to use our golden tickets from 1 to 3 December. Unfortunately, time was not on our side. We only spend a day roaming around the city via trams.

It is a great way to explore Hong Kong Island via the trams because you get to soak into the sights and sound of the city.

The only difficulty we had when taking these trams is figuring out the different tram routes. Thankfully, Google map displays the tram stops and routes.

4. Unravel the story behind Hong Kong and their tramway system!

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

I am a history buff and I love looking at vintage items. There is a mini display of artefacts onboard which you have to check out when you board the tour tram. You can buy some of these tram souvenirs back home too. 

As you board up the tour tram, the tram assistant will hand you a pair of earphones. You will need to plug the earphones into the audio device placed at the back of each seat and listen to the audio commentary on Hong Kong and its tram history. 

Now, sit down, relax and listen to the authentic tales of local life and tram history retold in 8 different languages. 

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

5. It is the greenest mode of transportation in Hong Kong. 

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

Do you know that Hong Kong Trams are powered by electricity? As such, the trams emit zero roadside emissions.

I’m glad to discover that Hong Kong has also been active in promoting eco-friendly initiatives. Riding on Hong Kong tramways is one of the ways to support Hong Kong in reducing carbon emissions. 

6. Here’s an interesting fact: Get onboard the tram from the back and alight at the front.

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

You are supposed to hop on the tram from the back and off at the front. Once you reach your destination, you pay your fares to the tram conductor as you alight at the front of the tram. With such a system in place, people can get up and down the tram quickly without having to push or squeeze their way through. 

7. The HK Tramways service is great.

hong kong tramways deeniseglitz

The tram conductor we had during our TramOramic tour was particularly helpful and amiable. He is always smiling and assisting the tram passengers to take lovely photos. 

The locals there are not known for being very polite and patient. But I guess, over the years, things have changed. I am starting to feel the warmth from the locals here. 

Get on a tram to explore this vibrant city and witness this delightful experience for yourself. You’ll know what I mean. 

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