Japanese Onsen in Singapore: New Yufuin Bath at Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

One of the most natural and affordable spa treatment is to take an Onsen bath. I am really glad that I do not have to travel all the way to Japan to enjoy an Onsen bath when I can actually do it right here at Yunomori Spa. 

It is good to be back at Yunomori Spa which is located right at one end of the Kallang Wave. This is probably my third time there and I simply just love the whole space and amenities offered here. Since there, a couple of things have changed here but everything else is still clean and well-maintained. 

This time I was invited to try out their new Yufuin Bath as well as their new cafe menu for 2019.

Just in case you are new to Yunomori Spa, here are 5 Yunomori tips you should know before you visit this spa.  

5 Yunomori Spa Tips

1. Arrive Early at 10 am

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

Being an early bird allows you to catch better worms! You could literally spend the whole day here if you want to just take your time and relax.  Besides, it just nice to have the whole onsen to yourself since there probably isn’t anyone else there yet. 

I was there early to take some photos so I had the whole onsen to myself. Being the first customer of the day also means that you will be stepping into a clean and dry changing room. I also get to enjoy some privacy before the rest of the world steps in. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

2.  Get a matching belt for your Yukata 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

Their yukatas are beautiful but it would look even more stunning with a matching Yukata belt for photo taking. If you need help with tying the Yukata, you can get the staff there to help you or refer to the instructional guide stuck to the wall at the locker area. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

For me, I chose a pink belt to match my pink Yukata. How’s that?

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

The Yukata can be worn before or right after you soak yourself in the onsen baths. Most would put it on right after the bath. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

So you might want to stow all your belongings, towels and Yukatas away into the locker first. The lockers can be opened using your wristband tags which were given you at the registration counter. 

How to wear “Yukata”?

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

3. Take a long shower!

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

One of the common onsen etiquettes is to shower before you enter the onsen bath and after you emerged from the onsen bath. And since you have to shower yourself clean, why not take a long relaxing shower and scrub yourself clean. But you might have to use your own body scrub for this. Pamper yourself with Yunomori’s bath products and remember to take some time to condition your hair. 

In Japan, people usually enter the onsen bath area naked but if you are not comfortable with that, you can put on the disposable underwear provided in the lockers. You can only bring in one small tower too. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

4. Start from the right to left: Steam first then soak!

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

The baths and steam room is arranged in the most convenient manner for you to hop from one bath to the other. In the female onsen, you can start by entering the steam room which is located on your right-hand side. The steam will help to open up your pores and prepare your body for the subsequent hot and cold baths. The pleasant aroma in the steam room will also help you to further relax. 

After spending about 10 to 15 minutes in the steam room, soak yourself in the first bath next to the steam room and then rotate from bath to another in an anti-clockwise manner. Allow the mineral-rich warm bath waters to detoxify and relax the body. 

Yufuin Bath

Don’t forget to immerse yourself in their new Yufuin bath! It’s my favourite bath because the temperature is just about right – not too hot or cold. The Yufuin bath (from Yufuin hot spring) can be differentiated by its distinct clear bluish tint and it is known to have a natural moisturizing effect on the skin. It has a pleasant refreshing mineral scent as well. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

5. Moisturize, Moisturize

Once you step out of the onsen, remember to take a shower and then slather moisturizer all over your body to moisturize your skin. Now that your pores are opened up after the hot bath, there are ready to absorb all the moisturising ingredients in the body lotion. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

After the onsen session, you can put on your Yukata and rest in the relaxing lounge. If not, you can also rest at the cafe area and have a slow lunch there.

If you have some time (and money) to spare, you can try out their facial or body massage treatments. It’s best to soak yourself in the warm bath first before going for a soothing massage. I tried their Thai-style aromatherapy massage which was performed by an experienced Thai masseuse. She really goes hard on relieving the tension in my stiff muscles. 

Yunomori Cafe 

After the onsen and massage session, I get to enjoy a warm meal at the Yunomori cafe. The food was decent and it was nice having a warm meal right after a spa session. It’s definitely a great way to end your onsen spa experience at Yunomori. 

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

What’s on the table?

Salmon Sashimi Don

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

Plum-Rose Sparkle

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

Mentai Gyoza

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

Nigiri Platter

Yunomori onsen spa deeniseglitz

I enjoyed the sashimi don as well as their side sides like the Nigiri platter. There also have a few other new dishes which would be offered in their new 2019 menu. 

Onsen Rates start from $28 ++ for children and senior citizens, and $38 ++ for adults (excluding GST). 

Yunomori Onsen & Spa

1 Stadium Place


Kallang Wave Mall

Singapore 397 628

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