Ace This Race with Grace

It’s 2019 but I have not really look back to reflect on the things I’ve accomplished or experience in 2018. It is better to be late than never. 2018 was a year of self-growth. As I look back, I came to realise how time really flies and that, life is indeed very short.

2018 made me realised the following:

1) Time to Put on “a God’s pair of glasses”

Credit: Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

On the outside, it does seem like I’m living the life right now. I’ve got a loving family who still cares for my well-being (yes, I’m still living with my parents at this age). I’ve found a life partner (a.k.a best friend) who loves and accepts me for who I am. We’ve gotten so comfortable with each other that I couldn’t imagine what’s life without him. I’ve also got a stable and meaningful job. Life is indeed looking rosy, but deep down, I wasn’t always satisfied.

It’s human nature that we always focus on what we lack then what we are already blessed with. I couldn’t recall the number of times I felt lousy for not being good enough when compared with others. For instance, I wanted to serve as a worship leader in church but I did not have the guts to go for auditions. What if I was rejected?

These negatives thoughts must be screened through God’s pair of glasses, to make them positive again.

2) Covet’s God Promises

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There are so many occasions last year where I covet what others have. I wondered why others have exciting sponsorships and opportunities which I didn’t have. I wonder why their lives on Instagram were way better than mine. When I look inwardly, I felt terrible. Sometimes, I think to myself, ‘God, why them and not me?’

Over time, I started to shift my mindset and tried tearing down these negative thoughts I have through God’s words and sermons. Jealousy is dangerous. It could totally wreck your perspective of things and influence the decisions you make in life.

At the start of this year, I was reminded to covet the blessings which God has for us, not man’s. In 2019, I need to look up to the Lord and not man.

3) Don’t let others decide Your Life

Credit: Neon Brand on Unsplash

I’ve got a meaningful job which allows me to make a positive impact on the lives of others. However, I felt ‘forced’ to live by the ‘professionalism’ etiquette and image which I had to uphold. Deep down, I knew that I’ve not tapped on my fullest potential and there’s something inside me that constantly screams ‘ THIS IS NOT YOU’. Thus, there were times where I wanted to call it quits. But somehow, I backed out.

There were moments I wanted to leave and fly but I just wasn’t determined enough to say ‘no’ to the resistance I faced. Or was I afraid of taking risks? I have always thought that I was determined in achieving what I want, but I wasn’t. In the end, I came to realise that I’ve been living under the shadow of others. This year, I would like to boldly take the reigns in my life and soar under the guidance of the Lord.

I once read about Paulo Coelho whos parents weren’t in support of his dream to become a writer. If Paulo Coelho isn’t determined enough to be a writer, he wouldn’t have produced award-winning books and sold millions of copies of his all-time popular book, ‘The Alchemist’.

4) It is okay to not have figured out what you want in life.

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Whenever I asked myself, ‘If not this job, then what?’, I could not provide an answer at all. Even at 30, I haven’t really figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I knew what I enjoy doing but I didn’t know what I would like to do as a career yet.

I later learnt that it is totally fine to not to have figured out what you want in life. That is because our personality and interests change over time. Some famous personalities of today discovered their passion only in the thirties or forties. At the end of the day, age doesn’t matter. Because in today’s world, age doesn’t limit you. Who says you can’t learn skiing at the age of 85?

5) Grace, grace, grace

Credit: Photo by Corrine Kutz on Unsplash

There were times where I felt that things did not go as smoothly as planned. But I thank God for His teaching on grace. I may be hopping mad at an issue but when I look to grace, it taught me how to manage the situation with empathy, kindness and elegance.

Thank you, 2018

I am so thankful for all the things which God has done for me in 2018. He has kept me safe and blessed me with the things I need in my life. Come 2019, I really hope to grow in faith.

The world says life is a race and that you have to use your own efforts to make to the finishing life. I say, ace this race with grace. You can also finish the race with anointing and guidance from the Lord. Your race, with God, would be a hundred times better than the rest.

I may be way behind others in this race. But with God’s grace and anointing, I can be ahead of the rest in due course.

I hope to share more of such heartfelt articles with you guys. If you enjoy reading this, let me know in the comment box below.

Happy 2019, everyone!

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