Ushering the Year of the Pig with Chinese New Year Promotions at Millenia Walk

To me, Millenia Walk has always been this secret ‘hide-out’ mall in Singapore. It’s one of those less crowded malls in Singapore with fine restaurants and cafes like Elemen, Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry, Plentyfull, The Dark Gallery and Super Tea. If you prefer to dine at a place with more privacy, I would highly recommend this mall. You can also find one-of-a-kind design retail shops like Superlatives, a platform for creatives to retail their original creations. This is how Millenia Walk stood out from the other cookie-cutter malls.

Yesterday, we had an opportunity to attend a Chinese New Year Luncheon at Millenia Walk, organised for the media. Our lunch menu featured the latest Chinese New Year Offerings from the various restaurants and cafes at Millenia Walk.

Prosperity Toss

But first, to kick start the year of the Pig, we had a Lou Hei session to toss up a good fortune for the upcoming Chinese New Year. This prosperity toss or Yu Sheng is a big thing for us in Singapore. This Chinese New Year tradition is also unique to this part of the world. Sometimes, I really wonder why.

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Lou Hei DeeniseGlitz

Chinese New Year Menu Highlights

Below are the amazing delights we had for lunch. Our favourite has got to be Elemen’s Yam Ring and The Dark Gallery’s Frozen Smores. The diners at our table also nodded in agreement when we shared our favourite dishes we had that afternoon.

Poke Doke Original Yusheng (Halal-Certified)

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Lou Hei Poke Doke DeeniseGlitz

I have to applaud for Poke Doke’s creative take on their Yu Sheng. Instead of using raw fish slices, they introduced their signature Poke-style sashimi cubes. Now that I’ve tried their version of Yu Sheng, I actually prefer their sashimi cubes over the thinly-sliced raw fish. With the cubes, you get to enjoy the freshness of the sashimi with every bite.

Elemen’s Double-boiled Truffle Soup

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Elemen Soup Deenise Glitz

This bowl of Truffle soup has all the important elements of a good Chinese double-boiled soup. It’s light, warm, fragrant, and not overly salty. All the flavours are well-balanced. The addition of truffle shavings elevates the profile flavour of the soup.

You can taste the beautiful combination of the Chinese medical herbs used in the soup. And most important of all, it tastes like ‘home’.

The difference between a good Chinese soup and a not-so-good one is essentially the ingredient of ‘love’. When you put your heart and soul into perfecting a good soup, you can immediately taste the difference. That’s the beauty of Chinese soups.

Paulaner Brauhaus’ Crispy Pork Belly on Potato Cucumber Salad

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Paulaner Brauhaus Pork Belly

These crispy chunks of pork belly are served with a dollop of parsley mousse and Paulaner dark beer sauce. If your body can take some extra collagen, you will enjoy these fatty chunks of meat without guilt.

Elemen’s Yam Ring with Assorted Vegetables

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Elemen Yam ring deeniseglitz

Elemen did it again with their Charcoal-black Yam Ring, dusted with gold flakes. This dish had the nods of everyone’s approval at the table. It was particularly stunning as most of the meat-eaters would scoff at vegetarian food which often comes across as ‘bland’. Personally, I love the art of vegetarian food because they always tasted just like any other meat dishes. In this case, the marinated sauce coating assorted vegetables tasted just like the sour and sweet pork sauce. It’s pretty magical, isn’t it?

Plentyfull’s Whole Fortune Smoked Corn-fed Chicken with House-Pickles

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Chicken Plentyfull

I’ve been yearning to dine at Plentyfull again after discovering their philosophy behind food. They are pretty much into healthy and sustainable eating. That explains why they even use a corn-fed chicken instead of a regular farmed chicken.

Clean eating and simplicity often go hand in hand. There isn’t much going on with this chicken except for that deep smoky flavour in its meat. The chicken is smoked over apple wood chips. It’s clean, simple and delicious. That sums up what Plentyfull is all about.

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Plentyfull Smoked Chicken

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry’s Signature Truffle Oil Chawanmushi

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry Chawanmushi

I was so glad that they featured Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry’s dish. Tengawa is a lesser known Japanese restaurant that serves really delicious Hokkaido White curry. If you have not tried White curry before, you should drop by this restaurant.

Their version of Chawanmushi is less eggy. It tasted more like a tofu custard doused with truffle oil. Don’t forget to dig in deep to enjoy the large chunk of crab meat hidden in the Chawanmushi.

Saboten’s Award-winning Free-Range Pork

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Saboten Katsu

It’s a decent Pork katsu with a crunchy layer. This could only go well with a bowl of good Japanese rice and some Tonkatsu sauce.

Uma Uma’s Torimon Ramen

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Uma Uma Torimon Ramen

It was a little difficult for me to review ramen after I’ve tried those Michelin-star ramen. My expectation of a good bowl of ramen has definitely gone up. Uma Uma’s Torimon ramen didn’t quite stand out for me in this case. But what’s really unique is the use of lemon slices to add that burst of refreshing citrus flavours to the soup. However, the citrus flavours did not come through in my bowl of ramen.

The Dark Gallery’s Frozen S’mores

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Frozen Smores The Dark Gallery

I was excited to try The Dark Gallery’s dessert after having read many positive reviews on this artisanal chocolate cafe. Their chocolate creations are much raved about in our food scene. And this Frozen S’mores was simply over the top. It consists of a Graham Tart Shell with their Signature 80% Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, layered over a Dark Chocolate Ganache. Enveloping the ‘chocolatey mountain of goodness’ is the Torched Marshmallow that melts over the ice cream. Enough said. I need to write an article on The Dark Gallery soon.

Super Tea’s Pineapple Blossom

Millenia Walk Chinese New Year Supertea Pineapple blossom

I’m still puzzled by the association between Super Tea and R&B Tea as of today. Since both brands are from the same company, I had no idea why they came up with two different brand names.

Anyway, they served some of the best boba drinks. In my opinion, their version of the Brown Sugar Milk drink is better than Tiger Sugar. In this CNY season, they just launched their new Pineapple Blossom drink which has a chockful of fruit bits. It’s not too bad as well.

All in all, it was a good meal that features some of my favourite restaurants and eateries at Millenia Walk. I might be frequenting this mall again soon for more goodies.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! May it be a ‘belly’ good year for you guys!

Upcoming promotions at Millenia Walk

Fashion Fridays Promo: (Every Fri from 18 Jan – 1 Mar)
Shop for stylish Chinese New Year outfits at participating fashion stores* and get a $50 Rakuzen Dining Vouchers with a minimum of $350 spent. (*Valid at Angel Republic, Stylesuite, Superlatives, Déjà vu Vintage and Hue.)

Spend $888 – Sweet Sweet Success Valid till 4 Feb
Redeem a box of Kueh Lapis (500g) from The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.
(Maximum of 3 same-day combined original receipts. Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day)

Spend $50: Parking Treats
Be rewarded with complimentary parking this Lunar New Year

Spend $228: Packets of Good Luck Valid till 4 Feb
Receive an exclusive set of limited edition Red Packets*
(*Maximum of 3 same-day combined original receipts. Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day)

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