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Pryce Tea: How Singapore’s Heritage can be represented by teas and cookies

Pryce Tea The Singapore Collection Heritage Tea 1819 tea Bak Ku Teh cookie

Pryce Tea

Any food item, which encompasses our historical or cultural roots, is worth celebrating for. If you have heard of Gryphon tea, you would have also heard of Pryce Tea. Both Gryphon Tea and Pryce Tea are subsidiaries brands of Lim Lam Thye Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based tea manufacturer with over 100 years of heritage in this tea industry.

I adore their unique bespoke tea blends which often feature a concoction of beautiful floral notes that help calms the body, mind and soul. To simply put, their floral-infused teas are like perfumed teas that will also tickle your taste buds and your sense of smell. It goes the same for Pryce, a Chinese gourmet tea brand which incorporates the use of Chinese tea leaves.

The Singapore Collection – 1819 (Sir Stamford Raffles)

Pryce Tea The Singapore Collection Heritage Tea 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles Tea

During Singapore’s 50th Jubilee Celebration in 2015, Pryce tea had launched The Singapore Collection which features a range of memorabilia teas inspired by our national iconic emblems. I personally enjoy their Singapore Sling which is a caffeine-free tea that carries a pleasant tropical scent.

Since 2015, they have been adding a new tea blend to the collection every year. Likewise, for this year, they introduce another heritage tea called 1819 – Sir Stamford Raffles to also commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial milestone.

The main ingredients in this tea are Yunnan red tea, Ceylon tea, laksa leaf and natural oils of Calabrian Bergamot. It’s an uplifting tea that has a hint of Earl Grey and a slight spicy kick to it.

Heritage Cookies – Bak Ku Teh

Pryce Tea The Singapore Collection Heritage Tea 1819 tea Bak Ku Teh cookie

Their heritage cookies are truly one of a kind. They aren’t the conventional type of sweet confectionary cookies made with chocolate, nuts or fruits. To complete the whole heritage tea experience, they introduced savoury cookies which are inspired by our popular local delicacies like Golden Cereal Prawn and Katong Laksa. What’s new on the collection of heritage cookies is this Bak Ku Teh cookie – made with Chinese Angelica, licorice, star anise, pepper, garlic, sugar salt, eggs, flour and butter.

I’m now a fan of these heritage Bak Ku Teh cookies which holds true to the flavour of the pork ribs soup. At the same time, the cookies tasted very palatable. The peppery taste of the cookie excites the taste buds and very soon, you will be left wanting more of it.

Pryce Tea The Singapore Collection Heritage Tea 1819 tea Bak Ku Teh cookie

Not to mention that these cookies go well with the heritage teas as well.

The Tea Tailor

Pryce Tea The Singapore Collection Heritage Tea Singapore Sling The Tea Tailor Deeniseglitz

A clothes tailor can create a customised piece of clothing that fits you perfectly. Likewise, The Tea Tailor helps you to stitch together your made-to-measure tea sets for that bespoke experience. You can select the colour of tea tins, types of tea and even the texts embossed on the tin itself. This world’s first digital tea tailoring experience, The Tea Tailor, is one of Pryce’s extended services.

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Do pop by Pryce Tea’s booth at The Takashimaya Lunar New Year Celebrations to check out these new merchandises.

From 14 January to 3 February 2019, receive a 15% coupon from The Tea Tailor with every purchase of the delightful concoction of 1819 tea mocktail when you quote <DeeniseGlitz>.

Pryce Tea The Singapore Collection Heritage Tea 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles Rose gold pineapple

Enjoy $5 off the tea mocktail (which comes with 1 free refill) when you quote <DeeniseGlitz> too.

You can bring home the beautiful rose gold pineapple cup too!

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