Learning How to Surf at Stingray, Splash-N-Surf

Stingray Splash-N-Surf Kallang wave Mall Surfing deeniseglitz

We kicked start 2019 with a splash! If you are looking for a new sport or activity to learn, surfing might be it. My repeating new year resolution has always been to pick up a new skill. Due to my love for learning, I’m always willing and excited to try out new things. And it’s way better when I get to learn a new skill with Sam.

Surfing at Stingray®

Sam has always wanted to learn how to surf. So a few weeks ago, we attended the Stingray® Clinic at Splash-N-Surf. It is located at the rooftop of Kallang Wave Mall in the Singapore Sports Hub arena.

We were so glad that we went for the Stingray clinic. It marks our first highlight for 2019.

The Stingray® is a half-pipe surfacing facility that discharges fast-moving waters to mimic the waves you see at the beach.

It’s a 1.5-hour session where you get to learn more about surfboard management and proper positioning on the surfboard. An instructor will be there to teach how to execute the various surfing techniques. Classes can be customised to meet your own learning needs.

In this particular clinic session, we got to learn some basic bodyboarding surfing techniques. Since both of us were new to this sport, the instructor taught us how to prop ourselves on the board. He would first demonstrate to us how each technique is done before we get on the surfboard.

Stingray Splash-N-Surf Kallang wave Mall Surfing deeniseglitz

What to bring and prepare?

Helmets, rash guards and surfboards are provided. You will only need to bring your swimwear. You can wear the rash guard over your swimsuit. In my opinion, it is best to be fully covered from head to toe is possible. You can wear Lycra shorts or pants so that you are well protected from the sun. For me, I wore my Lycra yoga pants which worked fine too.

Remember to slap on lots of sunblock as well!

There are lockers right beside the information counter so you can store all your belongings there before heading to the Stingray.

What are the moves we tried?

Stingray Splash-N-Surf Kallang wave Mall Surfing deeniseglitz

We tried to lay on the surfboard first and learn how to balance on the surfboard by moving left and right. It was easy to prop ourselves on it. The difficulty level increase as we progress to the next technique which is to kneel on the board. The most challenging move is to stand on the surfboard.

Stingray Splash-N-Surf Kallang wave Mall Surfing deeniseglitz

Thankfully, we had an awesome instructor who knew how to guide us and gave us lots of encouragement during the clinic session.

What to expect?

Stingray Splash-N-Surf Kallang wave Mall Surfing deeniseglitz

Expect lots of falls. With the helmet and rash guard, you will do fine. I only suffer some minor bruises on my left knee. You mustn’t be afraid to fall. It can be very tiring with the fast-moving waters gushing down against you. After a couple of tries, we both felt exhausted from having to resist against the gushing waters. I am pretty sure that we did burn a good amount of calories there!

Stingray Splash-N-Surf Kallang wave Mall Surfing deeniseglitz

Overall, it was super fun and thrilling at the same time. We both enjoyed ourselves at the Stingray very much.

Both of us managed to stand and balance on the surfboard for at least a good 5 seconds! We felt super accomplished after the surfing session.

If you are game for an adventure, you should totally try this sport out. Now that we have learnt a couple of surf moves, we hope to have a go at surfing in the actual seas!

Watch our video to find out how we glide across the ‘waves’!

Besides surfing, Singapore Sports Hub also offers other water sports activities like Kayaking and canoeing.

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