Yolé Taster Diaries: I ate Yole almost every other day

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz

Happy New Year! Hope you are off to another great start. Just before 2018 came to an end, Yolé gave us (Yolé Tasters) another tasting job – to try their new Strawberry Cream Yoghurt, Merry Raspberry Fresh ice cream and GOLDEN SAUCE (Christmas edition).

Each of us brought home a large tub of plain yoghurt with the golden sauce topping along with thirty pieces $5 vouchers. That explains why I have been eating Yolé almost on a daily basis for a month.

By the way, you can read my first Yolé diary entry here.

What’s new at Yolé?

Strawberry Cream Yoghurt

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz strawberry yoghurt

Yolé did it again with their new Strawberry yoghurt flavour. It tasted exactly like fresh strawberries mixed with creamy frozen yoghurt. You can taste the strong berry notes in every spoonful of the froyo. My family (who also adores Yolé’s frozen yoghurt) loves this new rendition too.

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz strawberry frozen yoghurt

Now that the weather in Singapore is getting warmer, the tub of frozen yoghurt lying in our freezer is our ‘lifesaver’. It is a delightful cold dessert to have under this sweltering heat!

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz fridge

Raspberry Fresh Ice Cream

Personally, I prefer Yolé frozen yoghurt to their fresh ice cream. Not that their ice creams are bad but, I just felt less guilty finishing a cup of froyo as compared to a cup of ice cream. Besides, Yolé is probably doing best at what they are good at – making light and refreshing froyos!

As for the Raspberry fresh ice cream, I only tried the samples of it. I was taken aback by the colour of the fresh ice cream as I was expecting it to look pinkish, but it turns out to be purplish. Strangely, it doesn’t taste too different from the Strawberry frozen yoghurt – except that it’s creamier.

Strawberry froyo or raspberry ice cream? Their froyo is a clear winner.

Golden Sauce

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz golden sauce

I was rejoicing from within as I came to know about Yolé’s Special Christmas topping – the Golden sauce! It is this shimmering gold sauce that looks aesthetically-pleasing to the eye.

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz golden sauce

So, what does it taste like? It has this sharp artificial fruity flavour to it. I could taste a hint of orange, passionfruit and perhaps, pineapple? I had no idea what goes into the concoction of this golden sauce. But one thing I do know is that we probably can’t have too much of this glittery stuff in our digestive tracts.

Yolé Christmas log cake

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz chocolate

During the festive season, I decided to use a huge tub of Yolé as a ‘log cake’ and decorate it with the toppings given. How’s that for a delicious Christmas treat?

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz

It’s a beautiful medley of toppings: Chocolate biscuits, mixed berries, golden sauce, chopped peanuts (from my own kitchen) and dark chocolate sauce.

I also tried it with a tub of strawberry cream yoghurt too. It was superb! How’s that for a Christmas ‘log cake’?

Yolé Singapore Yolé Taster Deeniseglitz

And that’s what I’ve been indulging in on a daily basis. I am still not sick of it yet. That’s how much I love Yolé.

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