Why it is important for Singles to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Before I was attached, I haven’t really dated anyone and spent most of my time doing things alone. I only got attached in my late twenties so I am in the singlehood zone for a considerably long time. As such, I totally understand what it feels like to be single during Valentine’s Day.

Even though you may not be the only single among your group of friends, you will still feel terrible inside – knowing that the whole world is rejoicing over their successful relationships. Even Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are all echoing how great it is to be attached. After all, great things come in pairs! But is Valentine’s Day just a day for couples only? After experiencing both singlehood and ‘couplehood’, I felt that it is important for singles to celebrate Valentine’s Day, more so than for couples.

Before I expound further, let’s first find out a little more about this special day which is celebrated across many countries.

Origins of Valentine’s Day

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According to some online sources, Valentine’s Day is a day to commemorate the early Saint called Valentinus. It is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine. There are several stories and legends out there which explain the origins of Valentine’s Day and who Saint Valentine was. But as to which is true, we do not know.

The truth behind Valentine’s Day is still rather murky. The more popular belief is that Saint Valentine was a Christian priest from Rome. He was said to be the kind soul who sacrificed his life for love.

The Story of Saint Valentine

The story is said to have taken place during the third century when the Roman Emperor, Claudius II Gothicus cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome. Despite the emperor’s orders, the Christian priet, Valentine secretly marries off the Roman soldiers before they went for war.

After the emperor had discovered the secret ceremonies, Valentine was sent to jail. While he was waiting for his execution in jail, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Before his death, he wrote her a letter and signed “from your Valentine”.

Why 14th February? Legend has it that 14 February was the day which Valentine had been executed. Others believe that this is a day when most birds (like lovebirds and even owls) would mate.

I guess this story seems more widely accepted by many (even for myself too). Who doesn’t love a good old romantic story? But like many of us, the past doesn’t seem to matter anymore. The world has decided that 14th February shall be a day for lovers to celebrate love over roses and chocolates. Unlike other festivals and occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day seems to be more exclusive – just for lovebirds only. Thus, if you’re single, why celebrate?

If you’re single, the more you should celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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To me, celebrating Valentine’s Day is an occasion meant for singles to rejoice over. It is a day to remind ourselves that true love exists and there’s hope in finding a life partner. And those lovey duey couples you see out there holding hands on the streets, are simply testimonies to prove that true love exists. Yes, the couples around us give us hope. They aren’t there to make us covet for a loving relationship.

In fact, now that I’m attached, I find Valentine’s Day is just another day for my partner and me to spend some romantic time together. Since both of us have found love and love have found us, Valentine’s Day no longer holds a special meaning to us. But for the singles, it is a perfect opportunity for them to remind themselves that love is hidden all around. Instead of hiding at home and sulking all day long, you can make this day really special for myself to celebrate love.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day Single?

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Don’t get me wrong. This article isn’t written to comfort or offer consolation to all the singles out there. But it is also a day for singles to feel great about themselves and feel loved. If you’re single, here’s how you can celebrate and paint the whole town red!

Buy yourself a gift which makes you feel beautiful

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It can be a bottle of perfume or makeup set which you’ve been eyeing on it for the longest time ever. Take this time to make or buy things that will spark joy in you. You can even treat yourself to a facial or spa treatment session which helps rejuvenate you and make you feel all beautiful again.

Pour out your love by giving gifts and helping others

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The world needs love. Not all of us are fortunate enough to feel loved by our families or friends. You can take this special day by giving gifts too. It can be a dinner treat for your parents or siblings. Or why not head over to the streets and distribute chocolates and candies to the homeless or poor?

Doing volunteering work on Valentine’s Day is also another great way to spread love and contribute back to society. It’s only through giving love that you learn how to receive love and be a better half for your future partner-to-be.

Travel Alone to Your Favourite Destination

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What I cherish most about my singlehood days is the freedom to go on solo trips. Take a couple days of leave and go out to explore the world; soaking into the sights and sounds of another city, town or village.

You will be inspired by your new surroundings and the people whom you’ve met during your travels. My favourite go-to destination is Bali because it is a special place which allows me to discover more about myself.

Do things which you’ve not done before

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Have you always wanted to start a YouTube channel or create your own bullet journal? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try the latest bubble tea drink but didn’t have the chance to do so? How about learning how to surf or bake? This is the perfect day to be adventurous and accomplish the list of things on your bucket or your to-do list.

Stay Home and Prepare yourself a homecooked meal

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If you do not wish to stay out, then stay within the comfort of your home and prepare yourself your favourite dishes. Since Valentines’ Day isn’t a public holiday, most of us will still need to report for work. That left us only a few hours during the evening to unwind.

And a good way to end the day is to do some grocery shopping and prepare yourself a sumptuous and satisfying meal. You can organise a mini gathering for your single friends to have a communal dinner at your place. Steamboat is always a good idea.

The World Has Gotten it All Wrong

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The world has gotten it all wrong when they say Valentine’s Day is just for couples when it is actually a special day for singles. Just try asking those unmarried and married couples out there about Valentine’s day. I won’t be surprised if they start to rant about how Valentine’s day is a marketing ploy for businesses to earn your money.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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