5 Ways to Travel Light With One Backpack

travel light backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

Now that I’ve chosen minimalism, I’ve started to travel light. I prefer a travel backpack (like the one shown above) or a light hand duffel bag over trolley luggage. My rule of thumb when it comes to packing light is to bring only the essentials.

Because more than often, we bring excessive things which ended up not being used at all. Instead of ‘being safe’ and harbouring that ‘just-in-case’ thought, why not think ‘bring less, unpack less’? If you pack in more items into your travel bag, you will end up having to unpack more.

So, how do we travel light?

1) Get a Durable Travel Backpack

travel light good backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

During my recent 3-day staycation trip, I brought this backpack by American Shield along with me to the hotel. And I simply adore this travel backpack as it allows me to travel light. This canvas Granite 25 backpack (in coffee colour) is designed and made in the US so rest assured it isn’t just another trendy travel backpack where quality may be compromised. In fact, the quality of this bag is awesome and it is by far, one of the best backpacks I’ve ever owned in my life. It’s one stylish backpack too.

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

So if you are planning to travel light and go minimal, it is worth investing in a good quality durable backpack such as this American Shield backpack. It even has a 1-year limited warranty. That’s how confident they are in their products.

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

2) Keep to ONE BAG

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

When I travel, I like to keep to one bag. I would usually bring a small bag or a purse along but I would pack it into my main travel bag so that I only have to keep my eyes on one bag. Travelling can be a stressful process and carrying more than one bags along with you is an added burden.

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

Since you will only be keeping to one bag, do make sure that you are carrying a bag which is big enough to contain all your items. This granite backpack is spacious not it is not too heavy as well.

3) Keep your bag organised

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

Marie Kondo’s style of tidying a home can be applied to the way you organise your bag as well. If your bag is kept tidy and organised, you can easily stuff in more items and retrieve them out easily when needed. The more organised your bag is, the more efficient you are when you are out exploring the world.

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

To keep my items organised, I like to pack them into thin cloth drawstring packs or small pouches. But with this American Shield backpack, I didn’t have to rely on the drawstring pouches. There are so many tiny compartments and pockets which I can easily slot in my laptop, stationery, water bottles and other smaller knick-knacks. There is even a zipped pocket on the shoulder straps where I can put my EZ-link card. It is such a cleverly designed and well-thought-out bag.

4) Make sure the bag itself is not too heavy

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

In the past, I used to carry leather travel bags in the name of fashion. But it isn’t practical to bring such bags around as they are quite heavy, to begin with. Try looking for bags which are made out of a lighter material or bags with comfortable broad shoulder straps.

The Granite 25 backpack by American Shield has padded shoulder straps which made it so much more comfortable to carry it around over my back even if it is very heavy.

5) Shop only when necessary

best travel backpack American Shield Deeniseglitz

In the past, like any other Singaporeans, I used to lug back tonnes of stuff from overseas because things sold overseas were either cheaper or hard to find. Now that the world is more globalised and things can be easily shipped over online, I realised that I didn’t have to follow that Singaporean ‘kiasu’ mindset of ‘buy first then say’ mentality. Nowadays, I hardly shop when I travel. Souvenirs need not have to be in the form of keychains or clothes. It can be in the form of air ticket stubs, brochures, photographs and memories.

Carrying a travel backpack not only prevents you from overpacking but it also restraint you from overbuying.

I’ve found my ideal travel companion which allows me to travel light. Have you found one? Let me know in the comment box if you know of any tips and tricks of packing light!

If you’re interested in getting the Granite 25 backpack (in coffee)($249) by American Shielf for yourself, you can check out their website (ameshield.com). Enjoy 20% off when you use this promo code ‘AMESG8120‘.

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