How Deliveroo Brings Food One Step Closer to Your Home and Office

Deliveroo Food Market Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

From the very beginning of mankind, we humans have been actively hunting and gathering food. Fast forward to 2019, there are now food delivery service providers like Deliveroo who delivers food right to our doorstep. How fortunate we are! Less time spent ‘hunting’ and queuing for food and more time for work and play.

One Step Closer to Your Favourite Eateries

Deliveroo Food Market Singapore
Credit: Deliveroo Singapore

And Deliveroo not just want to bring food conveniently to you but they also strive to bring you food from your favourite restaurants and eateries. And I’m not even talking about fast food but also real wholesome food from healthy eateries. This time, food delivery giant Deliveroo brings these mouth-watering food one step closer to your homes and offices with the launch of Deliveroo Food Market.

Deliveroo Food Market

Deliveroo Food Market Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

Deliveroo Food Market is located at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS. For those working at One-North, you are in for a treat! At this new site, you will be able to order food from 10 different restaurants and collect your meals on the spot. You can also choose to sit and dine-in at Deliveroo Food Market which has a 40-seater dine-in space.

There are two other such sites – one at Katong and the other at CT Hub 2 in Lavender. This marks Deliveroo’s third site at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS.

A Fully-automated Ordering Experience

Deliveroo Food Market Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

Over here at Deliveroo Food Market, you simply had to order your meal with your fingertips at the self-serve kiosk and collect your food from the automated digital cubbies by Eatsa. It is almost like ordering food from a vending machine except that the food is prepared fresh right out of the kitchen. It’s easy very fuss-free. Select your meal at your fingertips, pay with your credit card at the kiosk and collect your meals from these digital cubbies.

Pick a meal from any of the 11 Food Concepts

Deliveroo Food Market Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

There are a total of 11 food concepts that offer a range of cuisines, from western to Asian cuisines like Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese.

Everybody’s favourite – Omakase Burger

Deliveroo Omakase Burger Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

During the opening launch of Deliveroo Food Market, the guests were diving in for these scrumptious Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheese Burger by Omakase Burger. The beef patty was indeed very juicy and succulent. The winning taste combination of their signature beef patty, bacon, cheese and buns is truly mind-blowing.

Deliveroo Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

The other food concepts are Bon Chon, Rasa Rasa, The Flying Squirrel. Chop Shop, Delismith, Ezo Hokkaido Eats, COMNAM, Nam Nam, Lucky Souvlaki and VIOS.

The other popular dish I had at Deliveroo Food Market is EZO Hokkaido Eats’ Signature Butadon. This Japanese-inspired dish features three cuts of marinated grilled pork served with white rice. It’s simple and very tasty. The Butadon dish was wiped out quite quickly too, by the hunger diners who were there during the opening.

The ‘Futuristic’ Food Market

Deliveroo Food Market Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

The General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore, Siddharth Shanker, was there that evening too – sharing with the guests about the futuristic aspects of Deliveroo Food Market. We are indeed living in exciting times. All thanks to these movers-and-shakers.

This new site also houses 10 kitchens and a dedicated site for Deliveroo riders to rest and recharge. It’s nice to having a resting spot for them to recharge themselves – as well as their mobile devices.

Deliveroo Food Market Alice Mediapolis deeniseglitz

It would be cool to order food via this automated system powered by technology. Besides, it is totally worth the hype to post an Instastory about it. However, it is another thing to make a trip down to Mediapolis. Honestly-speaking, that site seems quite out of the way for many. Can’t head over? Thankfully, you can still rely on Deliveroo riders to bring you your well-deserved burger.

Deliveroo Rider Singapore
Credit: Deliveroo Singapore

Deliveroo Food Market

Address: 29 Media Circle, #01-02/03 Singapore 138565

Hours: 11 am – 2.30 pm (Lunch), 4.30 pm – 9.30 pm (Dinner)

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