Egg Stop Toasts Stopped Me in My Tracks

Egg Stop Clementi Mall best korean toast singapore

I don’t usually give a shout of praise unless the food is super awesome. But for Egg Stop toasts, I just had to give them a shout-out on my blog.

Why We Stop at Egg Stop

Sam happens to have a complimentary 1-month Burpple Beyond membership to enjoy 1-for-1 deals. And Egg Stop happens to be one of the participating outlets.

Prior to this, I have come across Egg Stop reviews online but most of the reviews are very generic. Pictures of the food look great but the reviews don’t often match up to it – especially on Instagram. As you know, many of the food bloggers these days are very generic with their reviews.

Not sure if it is just me or what but I tend to always have conflicting food reviews with other food bloggers. Different tastebuds, maybe? Egg Stop, for instance, was awesome and I haven’t read any raving reviews about it yet. I need to do some justice to this!

Best Decision Made: Stop for Egg Stop Toasts

Egg Stop Clementi Mall best korean toast singapore

Sam and I were contemplating if we should head to City Hall to enjoy a Burpple Beyond deal or make a trip to the nearest Egg Stop outlet which is nestled at Basement One of Clementi Mall.

I believe that God must have led us to Egg Stop at Clementi Mall so that we could have the most satisfying lunch on Sabbath.

So upon reaching there, we discovered that they ran out of drinks but we could still enjoy the 1-for-1 set deal by ordering ala carte. There are only 6 Egg Stop toasts to choose from. I went with Smoked Chicken ($5.50) and Sam ordered their Beef Teriyaki ($6.90) which came with an egg yolk contained in a small sauce tub.

We waited for quite a while but I guess it was really worth the wait. Their staff literally have to pan-fry the beef, eggs, and toasts separately before assembling everything together. And once they are ready, she slot them to these cardboard pockets and wrapped them with this plastic sheet cover.

Egg Stop Clementi Mall best korean toast singapore

Don’t stop the eggs, but let’s stop using plastic

I personally could do away with the plastic sheet cover just to go green. Besides, the toast was quite sturdy and compact in the box. I don’t think the ingredients in the toast would spill out that easily either. And I hope that Egg Stop would actually consider reducing the use of plastics.

The Best Korean Toasts Ever!

Egg Stop Clementi Mall best korean toast singapore

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such delicious toast. In addition, I was taken aback at how a simple toast can taste that fabulous. I’ve tried Isaac Toast but their toasts taste nothing like Egg Stop’s toasts which are stuffed with a generous amount of ingredients.

Let’s start with the Beef Teriyaki

The beef slices were well-marinated and very tasted. Remember to drizzle the raw egg yolk over the piping hot beef slices for an added dimension of taste. Unfortunately, our egg york broke apart and spilt out of the box. But the toast still tasted delicious even without the golden coat of york. For $6.90, it is totally worth it!

Smoked Chicken is another good choice

I’m glad that I chose the Smoke Chicken toast which comes with a fluffy omelette and melted cheese slice. The eggs were executed to perfection. It’s served piping hot, creamy and so fluffy. And the toast was pan-fried so it has a nice crisp layer on the outside. The combination of the smoked chicken, fluffy eggs, cheese, mayonnaise and toast is out of this world. For $5.50, that’s a steal!

This is worth stopping for

I should be stopping by for more Korean toasts from Egg Stop. What should I try next?

They have three other outlets – one at Paya Lebar, one at Jurong Point and the other at Chinatown. Be sure to check them out!

14 April 2019 update


So we did head back to Egg Stop for the second time at their Chinatown outlet. This time, we felt that the toast did not taste as great as the first time. It could be either due to the person who prepared it or we ordered the no-so-nice sandwiches. The bread was not well-toasted so there was not much of texture going on.

We also tagged Egg Stop on Instagram to provide some feedback. But they were pretty lukewarm about it. Even when I was singing praises about the toast previously, they were like – meh.


Spicy Corn Egg Sandwich


The spicy corn was served cold as the staff just scooped out the corn from a container which she has just taken from the fridge.

The toast was not toasted well so it became a little soggy over time with the spicy corn mixture.

The eggs were somewhat dry and overcooked.

Turkey Bacon Toast

Their Turkey Bacon toast tasted slightly better because of the added fragrant slice of bacon. But once again the egg felt a little dry and rubbery and the bread was not toasted evenly.

What can I say? Are online food reviews still reliable? Yes and no.

Sometimes food reviews do not always appear to be accurate because food quality and standards to differ from time to time especially if an F&B outlet does not strive to standardize the way food is being prepared.

I’ve been writing food reviews for the longest time. And as a food reviewer and consumer, I tried my best πŸ™‚

Egg Stop

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