This Cafe serves the best Mochi Waffles with Frozen Yoghurt

KARA cafe and dessert bar Soghurt bukit timah road storefront

You would be totally missing out if you have not savoured KARA‘s signature mochi waffles with Sogurt’s artisanal froyo! It’s our third time back at KARA and this time around we tried out some of their new menu items.

What’s KARA?

KARA is a Café and Dessert Bar which is located along Bukit Timah Road. This cafe is very popular among both students and working adults who are studying or working in this neighbourhood. I heard this cafe is often brimming with brunch goers on the weekends too. And on weekdays, the cafe turns into a casual hangout and study spot for students from the neighbouring schools.

They are popular for their self-serve frozen yoghurt which comes in unique flavours like Salted Speculoos, Maple Lavender and Lychee Rose. You can also get decent grain bowls, salads and other healthy eats here at KARA. Their Asian-Californian inspired menu has a good variety of both savoury dishes and delectable desserts. Their mochi waffles are insanely good. But just before you head for the desserts, you might want to try a couple of their new menu items.

KARA cafe and dessert bar Soghurt bukit timah road cafe interior


KARA cafe and dessert bar Solero  split soda drink

These beverages are not part of their new menu but we didn’t get to try them previously. This refreshing soda drink, served with popping boba, is actually inspired by an all-time favourite childhood ice cream called Solero; a lime green popsicle which encases a block of vanilla ice cream within. Does that ring a bell?

KARA cafe and dessert bar Solero split soda drink

The drink itself is very refreshing and it did trigger memories of my childhood days. SOLERO was every kid’s favourite ice cream back then!


KARA cafe and dessert bar Avo-latte avocado latte coffee

It was a tough decision for me to pick a drink from their menu as I was spoilt for choice. I almost went along with their signature smoothies until I saw ‘Avo-latte’. Avocado with latte? I just had to try it.

It was an interesting blend of avocado shake and coffee. You will need to stir the mixture to mix it well. This creamy blend tends to fill you up quickly, just like most smoothies. And those cookie crumbles at the side is oh-so-delicious!

Beef Larb Rice Bowl (new!)

beef lamb rice bowl grain bowl

For beef lovers, you can go with their Thai-style Beef Larb Rice bowl. The minced beef is cooked in a spicy fish sauce marinate which brings up the spiciness of this dish. Crowning this dish is a glorious cured egg yolk nestled right on top of the spicy minced beef.

It’s a hearty and wholesome dish which has a good serving of both minced beef and rice.

KARA-age Chicken Bites (new!)

KARA-age chicken bites egg mayonnaise

As for the sides, we tried their KARA-age Chicken bites which come with a homemade egg mayonnaise dip and arugula leaves. The egg mayo dip was lovely. The only thing really lacking was a toasted bun to stuff all of that goodness in, to create a lip-smacking chicken egg mayo sandwich.

Aburi Mentaiko Salmon

Aburi mentaiko salmon grain bowl

This dish took a little longer to be prepared, but when it is finally ready, I could not wait to dig in! This grain bowl consists of cooked salmon flakes, Mentaiko, mayonnaise, mozzarella, furikake and a soft onsen egg. It was a lovely combination of all the ingredients which you could want in your grain bowl (or sushi), but it was a little too creamy and rich.

Homemade Mochi Waffles (Charcoal Sesame)

homemade mocha waffles frozen yoghurt

Finally, we had one of their signature house desserts – homemade mocha waffles. You should not leave this place without trying them with their artisanal soft-serve yoghurt.

homemade mocha waffles frozen yoghurt

We like that the charcoal mocha waffle is soft, chewy and warm. And instead of serving it with a scoop of ice cream (as most dessert cafes do), they serve it with a bowl of light and refreshing Salted Speculoos frozen yoghurt. I actually prefer frozen yoghurt as a dessert over ice cream as it is more refreshing and less sinful.

KARA cafe and dessert bar homemade mocha waffles frozen yoghurt speculoos

So if you are craving waffles and froyo at the same time, you know where to head to now.

KARA Café & Dessert Barat Bukit Timah

KARA cafe and dessert bar Soghurt bukit timah road storefront


617 Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 269718

Tel: +65 6468 8940

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