Why All Women Should Wear A Wireless Bra

Triumph Everyday Essentials T-shirt wireless non-wired bra deeniseglitz
Credit: Triumph Singapore

Wearing a bra can make a difference in the way a woman portrays herself. A well-supported and comfortable bra can boost a woman’s confidence level. And other species (like men) simply had no idea how an undergarment can affect the way we feel and move. If a red underpants could make Superman feel and look like a superhero, a comfortable bra can make a woman feel like Wonderwoman. Here, I’m talking about the comfy T-shirt no-wire bra which is, to me, a revolutionary item in the women’s wardrobe department.

Benefits of Wearing Wireless Bras

Whoever came up with the invention of wireless bras, I’d like to say thank you. Wired bras may give you that extra oomph in your blossoms but it can get somewhat uncomfortable.

After some time (depending on the quality of the bra), the wire piece starts to jut out of the bra cups and poke right into your flesh. Sometimes, the wired bra cups can leave imprints on your skin after wearing for long hours. Sounds familiar? But all these problems can be eradicated by going wireless – with bras.

Wearing wireless bras also allows natural movement of the breasts, keeping the muscles at the chest area toned and strong. As such, it often seemed healthier to go braless or wireless.

Go Wireless

But, wait a minute. Can a wireless bra still provide that support and push? What about women with bigger chests? Don’t they require more support? All these concerns are real. When I started wearing wireless bras a couple of years back, I noticed it did not provide sufficient support and my breasts tend to look saggier. No doubt it was comfortable to wear them but they are not that functional at all.

But today, the wireless bras are made with better quality materials which offer greater support. I really like the wireless bras from Triumph‘s Everyday Essential collection. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of weeks now and I love how it fits comfortably on me.

Get a Lightweight and Breathable T-shirt Bra

Triumph Everyday Essentials T-shirt wireless non-wired bra deeniseglitz
Credit: Triumph Singapore

This T-shirt wireless bra from Triumph’s new Spring collection, Everyday Essentials, is made of memory foam combined to a layer of soft foam. It is not only lightweight but it also very soft to touch. The smooth fabric and seamless design of the bra allow me to wear any tight-fitting tops without having to worry if my bra lines could be seen.

Triumph Everyday Essentials T-shirt wireless non-wired bra deeniseglitz

This new bra collection is available in black, nude, pink and blue. I got the blue one which has got this beautiful pastel blue shade that matches well with any outfits.

Triumph Everyday Essentials T-shirt wireless non-wired bra deeniseglitz

The support this bra gave is superb. My breast is well-lifted up and supported by the cups. The only downside to this bra is that it has to been worn like a sports bra as it does not have any detachable straps.

They do have non-wired push-up bras with detachable straps but I find that they are not as seamless and comfortable as the non-wired padded bras.

Triumph Everyday Essentials T-shirt wireless non-wired bra deeniseglitz

It is so much easier to hand wash such wireless bras as compared to wired bras. Packing them into my luggage has never been much easier than before.

For Special Occasions…

Triumph EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL bra deeniseglitz
Credit: Triumph Singapore

If you must wear a wired bra for that extra oomph and support, you can also go for their Wired Push-up bra from Triumph’s Everyday Essentials collection. This bra would create that perfect cleavage and push for you to flaunt your assets.

If you would like to go for something fancier, you can check out Triumph’s premium collection, Florale Blooming. There’s also a non-wired bra in this collection. It is a padded bi-stretch bra featuring an elegant floral embroidery.

Triumph florale blooming bra deeniseglitz

Have you experienced such freedom before? Be beautiful and go wireless.

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