No Milk Bistro: The Modern Bistro that serves Teochew-style Fish Soup

No Milk Fish Soup Restaurant Pahang Street

During the day, if you have walked past this eatery (called 鱼汤 )before, you may think that they only often Teochew-style fish soup and nothing else. Truth be told, this eatery offers than more just the regular local hawker dish.

No Milk

No Milk is a two-storey eatery. They have a fish soup eatery on the first floor and a modern pub-cum bistro on the second floor. This is where east meets west where you can get the best of both worlds. It is actually an interesting juxtaposition of the two cuisines they are serving – traditional hawker dish versus modern Asian-western fusion cuisine. Could it be an attempt to bridge the two generation gaps together?

It might look something like this – your parents will order fish soup with rice while you will order a plate of their Beef Rendang Pasta with a glass of soju mixed with Yakult. Both of you can get what you want and enjoy your meal together at the same table. It wouldn’t be too difficult to picture my family in this situation.

No Milk Fish Soup Restaurant Pahang Street

No Milk Fish Soup

No Milk is managed by a trio of under-30 entrepreneurs who decided to collaborate with a Fish soup hawker (whom they knew since their childhood days) to bring this traditional Teochew-style fish soup to the masses. Their fish soup dish has a clear broth which does not contain any milk in it. Hence, the name ‘No Milk’. They believe that the clear fish soup is so flavourful that you do not need to add milk to thicken it.

Over here, you get to enjoy a piping hot bowl of Fish Soup which carries 27 years of Teochew-style heritage. Currently, you can order from their two different types of fishes – Mackerel and Sea Bass. To enhance your gastronomical experience, you can also side dishes such as Black Char Siew and Grilled Pork Belly. The price of each fish soup bowl starts from $6 onwards.

Besides fish soup, they also offer their signature fragrant spicy egg noodles which comes with homemade Mala Chili sauce and grilled fish belly.

We were lucky that we get to try both of their signature dishes.

No Milk Bistro

No Milk Bistro Rooftop

The atmosphere changes immediately as you took a turn and head up the stairs to No Milk Bistro.

Neon Sign Pop it like it's HOT

The neon sign will light up from 5.30pm onwards till midnight, all ready to usher the late night owls or those who simply just wish to try their Western fusion dishes.

No Milk Bistro second level

Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Bar No Milk Bistro

From draught beers and cocktails to sakes and soju, this bar has no lack of alcoholic drinks if you just want to enjoy some drinks with your colleagues or friends.

Cucumber Cocktail

Soju + Yakult


So one of the most popular drinks here is to mix green grape Soju with Yakult. This is yet another juxtaposition – a healthy bacteria-containing drink mixed with an alcoholic drink. Both drinks tasted fruity so they complement each other well.

They also offer an assortment of sparkling fruit sakes which are pretty good.

soju with yakult

No Milk Fish Soup Boutique Menu

Mixed Fish Soup

No Milk mixed fish soup

The mixed fish soup is garnished with a large sheet of seaweed, just like how the Japanese chef would add a piece of nori sheet to a bowl of ramen.

No Milk mixed fish soup

The fish slices were very fresh and you can order with some rice or noodle staples to go with the soup. Each bowl of fish soup is actually overflowing with many ingredients.

The broth is light and does not taste too salty at all. But it lacked that fragrant fish soup flavour I was looking for.

Spicy Fragrant Handmade Egg Noodles with Grilled Fish Belly

No Milk Mala Noodle Spicy Fragrant Handmade Egg Noodles with Grilled Fish Belly

I personally have not tried Mala noodles in particularly. But now that I’ve tried their version of Mala noodles, I’m loving it! I also really enjoyed the texture of their homemade egg noodles which has a nice firm bite to it. The condiments and other ingredients like peanuts and grilled fish belly that goes along with the noodles and Mala sauce were simply just perfect.

No Milk Mala Noodle Spicy Fragrant Handmade Egg Noodles with Grilled Fish Belly

This noodle dish comes with a bowl of soup as well. And it is a dish that I would definitely order again if I’m patronising No Milk again.

No Milk Mala Noodle Spicy Fragrant Handmade Egg Noodles with Grilled Fish Belly

Side Dishes: Homemade Ngor Hiang, Black Char Siew, Grilled Pork Belly

No Milk Side Dishes Homemade Ngor Hiang Black Char Siew Grilled Pork Belly Deenise Glitz

These three side dishes are lovely but our table’s favourite is the black char siew. I don’t think I’ve tried anything like that before. The skin of the char siew looks black due to the caramelisation of the honey and soy sauce. Each slice of char siew turns out to be really fragrant and tender. And I reckon that the char siew would taste even better with some rice and char siew sauce.

No Milk Side Dishes Homemade Ngor Hiang Black Char Siew Grilled Pork Belly Deenise Glitz

No Milk Bistro Menu

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

 Deep Fried Chicken Wings

This staple side dish is great to have with some beer. It tastes like those Korean-style fried chicken. And it becomes even more tantalising when you dip it into their homemade chilli sauce.

Con Quesco with Fresh Cut Wedges

No Milk Bistro Menu Con Quesco with Fresh Cut Potato Wedges

Con Quesco is a type of a Mexican cheese sauce. Besides melted cheese, they are other ingredients like chilli peppers added into it. I did not quite enjoy the melted cheese sauce though. In fact, the potato wedges taste great on its own.

Thai Red Curry with Tiger Prawns Pasta

No Milk Thai Red Curry with Tiger Prawns Pasta Tagliatelle

I really enjoyed their pasta dishes like this Thai Red Curry with Tiger prawns. They use freshly made tagliatelle – long and flat ribbon pasta – for all their pasta dishes. I love that the pasta has a firm bite to it and they are nice and chewy.

You can definitely taste the spices and curry in their Thai Red Curry with Tiger prawns pasta. It has a reminiscent of our local dish, laksa.

Beef Rendang Pasta

No Milk Bistro Beef Rendang Pasta Tagliatelle

If you are a meat lover, you will definitely dig into this. The beef rendang pasta was a savoury and flavourful punch in it. But do remember to mix it well as the beef rendang layer is found hidden underneath the heap of tagliatelle.

No Milk Bistro Beef Rendang Pasta Tagliatelle

This dish had the nod of approval from everyone sitting at our table. And they have done it right by fusing Asian ingredients into western cuisine.

Who knows? Your parents or grandparents might enjoy this dish from the bistro menu with a bottle of sparkling Yuzu sake.

No Milk Bistro Fish Soup Restaurant Yu Tang

Recommended dishes: Black Char Siew, Spicy fragrant handmade egg noodles with grilled fish belly, Thai Red Curry with Tiger Prawns pasta and Beef Rendang pasta.

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