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Ooh Mala Singapore Chips deeniseglitz

Ooh 麻辣, a homegrown local brand of Mala chips, is back into the limelight with another spicy snack. Their chips are peppered with traditional spices such as dried chilli, peppercorns, ginger and fennel. Feel the tingling and numbing sensation as you bite into each chip. If you can eat chilli sambal on its own, you are pretty much ready for these Mala chips – and their new spicy snack.

So, after Mala chips and Mala Chocolate ice cream, what’s next?


Ooh MALA Fish Skin


This is their latest product which is not available at their shop or online yet. However, you can get your hands on a free bottle of Mala Fish Skin crisp (worth $10) when you purchase any 3 packets of Mala chips from this . Then enter my special promo code ‘DeeniseMalaParty’ to enjoy $10 off your purchase on the website. This promotion is valid till end of 26th April 2019.

Who doesn’t love a good fish skin crisp?

Ooh Mala Singapore Fish Skin Crisp deeniseglitz

I guess you can only find fish skin crisp nowhere else except in Asia. Who knew that the unattractive fish skin could be made into a crisp?

Fish skin crisps are gaining in popularity in recent years within Southeast Asia. All thanks to a Singaporean snack brand who first created salted egg fish crisp and made fish crisp a trendy snack in Singapore.

Besides the regular potato and other vegetable chips, we now can enjoy another form of chip – fish skin crisp. How does it taste? It is very savoury and crispy (when fried). And in my opinion, it goes very well with spices. Do you know that it is a source of collagen too?

The Mala fish skin crisps by Ooh were also very tasty. Each crisp is evenly coated with Ooh’s spice mix. And boy, it’s spicy!

Before going for their fish skin crisp, you might want to try out their Mala cassava and potato chips first! I personally enjoy their Mala potato chips as it has a crunchier texture to it.

Ooh LALA – Mala Cassava Chips 麻辣木薯片

Mala potato chips singapore deeniseglitz

Ooh MAMA Mala Potato Chips 麻辣薯片

Ooh Singapore Mala potato chips deeniseglitz

Ready to be spiced up?

Each packet of Ooh MALA chips costs SGD 7. You can purchase online via their website (ooh.sg) or visit their store (right outside Kopitiam) on level 6 of Plaza Singapura.

Promotion (Exclusive for Deenise Glitz’s readers)

To celebrate Ooh’s first birthday, they are giving away one free bottle of Mala fish skin crisp if you purchase any 3 packets of Mala chips through their secret website (http://bit.ly/OohSecretPage). Use promo code ‘DeeniseMalaParty’ to enjoy $10 off!*

*(For the first 50 customers only. Valid till end of 26th April 2019)

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