Sudio Tolv encased in a Chicken Egg: How small can this get?

Sudio Tolv Review deeniseglitz

A year later, Sudio Sweden is back with another latest model of their wireless earbuds – Sudio Tolv. It is a newer and improved version of their previous model, Sudio NIVA. The problems we encountered with Sudio NIVA were all addressed in this chicken egg-sized Sudio Tolv.

What’s in this box of ‘Chicken egg’?

Sudio Tolv Review deeniseglitz

Packaging is kept minimal. As I unboxed the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find an egg-like shaped casing. This portable charging case is way smaller than Sudio Niva and it fits nicely into my hands. The matte rubber finishing makes the casing anti-slip proof. And I simply love it!

Sudio Tolv Review accessories deeniseglitz

Besides the casing where the earbuds are stored, there is a small accessory box, owner’s manual and a 1-year warranty card. Inside the box, you can find the charging cable and 3 pairs of extra earbud sleeves.

What’s special about this wireless earbuds?

true wireless earbuds Review deeniseglitz

Here are its main features:

  1. Each earbud weighs 4.5 grams.
  2. Both earbuds have a microphone.
  3. It has a graphene driver for enhanced sound clarity.
  4. The pairing between earbuds and device is automatic.
  5. The multi-purpose button on each earbud controls music/phone calls.
wireless earphones review deeniseglitz charging cable

In comparison to Sudio Niva, Sudio Tolv works way longer and better than Sudio Niva. What stood out for me the most is the longer battery life in Sudio Tolv, as compared to Sudio Niva. Essentially, have you wondered how different is Sudio Tolv from Sudio Niva?

What are the differences between Sudio Niva and Sudio Tolv?

difference between Sudio Niva and Sudio Tolv review

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What’s our take on Sudio Tolv?

If you are looking to buy a pair of wireless earbuds, we would highly recommend that you get Sudio Tolv. It is only slightly more expensive than Sudio Niva. For that extra $20, you will get longer play time and a smaller chargeable case. And with automatic pairing, it is so much easier and faster for you to sync the earbuds to your devices like laptops or mobile phones.

Other than that, both earbuds are somewhat similar in other aspects like sound quality. (You could not quite tell the difference even though Tolv is supposed to have better sound clarity with the graphene drivers installed.)

In addition, Sudio Tolv now comes in pastel blue which looks exceptionally pretty.

I really wonder what Sudio would come up with next? How small can earbuds or earphones get?

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