How I Walk towards My Dreams with A Good Pair of Everyday Shoes


Not sure if it is writer’s block or that fact that I’ve been doing a lot of walking and exploring which has been hindering me from generating a blog post since the start of May but now, I’m back with writing. I will be exploring new topics and events to write about. Because after all, what’s life without the sparkles and other random stuff?

I recently bought a pair of shoes from Timberland Singapore and with a good pair of comfy shoes, I was actually more motivated to get out of the house to explore for some very strange reasons. Maybe investing in a good pair of everyday shoes is indeed important in life. With a good pair of shoes, you will be able to walk out of your problems, worries and fears. And before you know it, you are just one step away from your dreams.

My Fate with Timberland Shoes


I’ve always wanted to own a pair of Timberland shoes but the costs of their shoes usually go way beyond my budget. But the other day, I had won a $50 voucher at their booth right at the entrance of Timberland outlet at Vivocity. And I thought, why not invest in a decent pair of shoes?

Being the thrifty me, I would usually check out the most budget-friendly item in the rack before considering the other more expensive items. This pair of Newport Bay Slip-on canvas shoes turned out to be the cheapest shoes in the female shoe section. Instead of paying $89, I paid $39. That’s a really good deal!


Why Timberland?

Whenever I think of Timberland, I am reminded of their brown trekking boots with thick rubber soles. It is only recently that I got to know about their eco-friendly initiatives which they have adopted in making shoes. They call themselves Earthkeepers and pledged to keep 100% of their footwear PVC-free. In addition, they also set several green goals as part of their responsibility to keep the earth healthy and safe for all to live. As an eco-conscious individual myself, their green conscious efforts have convinced me that I have every reason to buy a pair of shoes from them.

Slip-ons are the best


When it comes to style, I prefer something really easy and fuss-free to put on. This pair of covered toe slip-on is easy and comfortable to wear and walk in. Since it is a new pair of shoes, it can still cause shoe heel abrasions. But I really wish that such high-end footwear brands can come up with innovative ways to resolve the shoe biting and abrasion problems.

Newport Bay Slip-on in Light Blue Canvas


The upper part of the shoe is made out of canvas and the rubber. I love the feel and texture of canvas but the only difficulty I have with this pair of shoes is keeping it clean and mark-free. My shoes are often tarnished at the end of the year – either I accidentally stepped on my own shoes or got stepped on by other people. Whenever I see dirt marks on it, I have the urge to wash and wipe it off. It can be somewhat of a hassle since canvas shoes get dirty easily.

Comfortable but warm


In terms of comfort, I will give it a 4 out of 5. It is rather comfortable once the shoes are slightly more seasoned. However, I find that the canvas material is not very breathable so you might find that your feet will start to sweat after long hours of wearing them. Thus, I would recommend wearing a pair of low ankle socks.


Durable Rubber Outsoles


Another important factor to consider when buying a pair of shoes is the durability of the outsoles. It is safer to wear shoes with superior grip and traction so that you will not fall easily. This pair of Timberland shoes have got good traction and it is definitely a good pair of shoes for travelling.



This is my pair of everyday shoes which complements well with any casual wear. I find such light-coloured shoes are versatile and tend to go with almost any outfit so I tend to go for white or light-coloured shoes.

Getting a good pair of shoes will take you further to places which you’ve never been to. And thank God for this pair of shoes which can cushion my feet and bring me to unexplored places.

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