The iNSPiCable Camera that Print iNSPiring Photos in an instant

Printing photos in an instant has been made so much easier in this digital age with instant cameras and photo printers. You can now even personalise your photos and turn it into stickers and magnets to decorate your living spaces. I don’t know about you but I enjoy printing out photo stickers using my Canon mini photo printer (which has now been rebranded to Canon iNSPiC [P]. I would paste the photos on my bullet journal to enhance the aesthetic appearance of my journal spread. The prints are also great for decorating personalised gifts and cards for family and friends.

Canon iNSPiC mini photo printers

After they have launched the mini photo printer, I thought that would be it for Canon iNSPiC series. But who knew that Canon would launch another two new iNSPiC series?

Canon’s Two New iNSPiC series

Joining the existing iNSPiC [P] Mini Photo Printer lineup is Canon’s new iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S]. These two new iNSPiC series are pocket-sized instant camera printers which can capture and print photos at the same time.

Why iNSPiC?

iNSPic stems from the word ‘inspiring pictures’ which speaks of their latest innovation in instant photo printing. But I thought it would be way cooler to call it the ‘inspicable‘ camera. Just so you know, the word ‘inspicable‘ means cool or rad in the urban dictionary.

Do you know that these iNSPiC camera printers rely on a dry-printing technology called ZINK Zero Ink™? With this incredible technology, photos can be printed without ink cartridges. In addition, each ZINK™ photo paper has a peel-and-stick reverse side which can adhere to any smooth surfaces.

Let’s take a look at how rad they look.

Canon iNSPiC [S]

Canon iNSPiC [S] instant camera printers
Source: Canon Singapore

This iNSPiC [S] series of instant camera printer have a classy finishing to them. This ultra-slim fit gadget is perfect for those who enjoy taking selfies. With the selfie mirror dome, you can position your camera correctly to capture that perfect shot. Take advantage of the built-in LED ring light for that beautiful portrait shot. And you don’t have to worry about losing all those beautiful images which you have captured because the images can be stored in the SD card as you snap away.

Canon iNSPiC [S] instant camera printers
Source: Canon Singapore

Product features

  • 8-megapixel fixed focus camera
  • built-in LED ring light for portrait shots
  • 2-inch field selfie mirror dome
  • Print photos from smartphones or photo albums
  • Remote shooting (connect to Canon Mini Print Mobile App)
  • Quick reprint button
  • Customisable Camera Flash
  • Micro SD slot (supports card capacities of up to 256 GB)

Canon iNSPiC [S] series is available in matte black, rose gold and pearl white.

Canon iNSPiC [S] instant camera printers media preview

Canon iNSPiC [C]

This is a basic series of the iNSPiC series of instant camera printers. It has fewer functions as compared to Canon iNSPiC [S]. It is great for those who just wanted to an instant camera printer with the basic snap and print functions.

Product features

  • A built-in 5-megapixel camera
  • A small selfie mirror 
  • One-touch reprint button
  • MicroSD card up to 256GB

Canon iNSPiC [C] is available in Bubble Gum Pink, Bumble Bee Yellow and Seaside Blue.

What’s my take on Canon iNSPiC?

How do these two new product lines perform? We had the opportunity to try out the instant camera printers during Canon media event launch at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. The cafe itself looked aesthetically pleasing and it was well-lit so it seems like a perfect spot to test out the camera and printer capabilities of the new iNSPiC camera printers.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Dutch Colony Coffee co. one north

There were even coffee cupping and latte art try-out sessions conducted during the event. Thus there were many photo opportunities and beautiful moments for us to capture.

Dutch Colony Coffee co. one north latte art

It’s small, slim and sleek.

Dutch Colony Coffee co. canon iNSPiC media preview

Judging by its appearance, the iNSPiC camera printers are very compact and lightweight. The iNSPiC [C] comes in bold colours which will attract the younger crowd while iNSPiC [S], which comes in stylish minimalistic colours, will appeal to the working crowd.

You can easily slip the camera printers into small purses and carry them where ever you go.

It’s shooting capabilities

Canon iNSPiC [C] instant camera printer bubblegum pink

Turning on the device is easy. But it took me a while to figure out how to frame the picture properly and how long the camera reacts when I press the shutter button.

Initially, I did not notice the framing lines so I had several failed shots. But when I start to look through the viewfinder carefully, I noticed that there are photo framing lines to help you frame and compose your picture. So do take note of that while shooting!

And once you press the shutter, the device will start to print the photo. So if your subject starts to move while you are taking a shot, the photo will appear blurry.

All in all, it is like using a film camera in the 1990s where you have to be precise and deliberate when taking photos.

Nonetheless, you can still avoid all of these issues if you have an iNSPiC[S] which can print photos from your mobile phones through the Canon Mini Photo app. However, you can’t do it with iNSPiC[C] devices as they cannot sync with mobile devices.

Canon iNSPiC instant camera printers

It’s printing capabilities

I have no qualms regarding its printing function as it did not take long for the device to generate a print. It took less than 50 seconds for the device to print out the image on the ZINK Photo paper. To me, it is as good as, if not similar, to iNSPiC [P]’s printing capabilities.

My Verdict

Personally, I would prefer to shoot photos using my mobile phone then print out the photos using iNSPiC devices. The photos are clearer too. However, if I am running an event photo booth, I would totally use a Canon iNSPiC [S] instant camera printer as it is more fuss-free when it comes to the printing of photos.

After all, Canon iNSPiC instant camera printers are user-friendly and quick. But it takes a little while to learn how to use the device effectively in order to maximise its shooting and printing capabilities.

Retail Price: Canon iNSPiC [C] (SGD 159), iNSPiC [S] (SGD 219)


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