New Refreshed Menu at Contemporary Italian Grill Restaurant, Grissini

Grissini Grand Copthorne Italian Grill Restaurant Review

The Romantic Ambience

I’ve been here a couple of times here and I’m still as excited to be back here at Grissini (located at the lobby level of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel) for a meal. It is one of those lesser-known restaurants by the riverside which has a romantic ambience.

And if you are looking for a private fine dining experience, Grissini fits the bill perfectly. Their Italian food did not disappoint at all. Their Head Chef Mirko Vinci pays attention to the details and serves the most exclusive gastronomic delights in Southern Italian style.

Grissini’s New Menu

They have recently refreshed their menu, adding more dishes to their current menu which features mainly Southern Italian-style cuisine. Some of their mains include pasta, risotto, pizzas and Josper grilled meat-based dishes.

We were there to try out their new dishes along with Tempo’s cocktails from their new cocktail menu as well.

So if you wish to pair your dishes with drinks from Tempo Bar instead of Italian wines, you may do so.

Grissini Grand Copthorne Tasting Italian Grill Restaurant Review

Cocktails from Tempo Bar

I ordered their classic Strawberry Mojito which consists of a concoction of rum, lime, strawberry, brown sugar, mint and soda. While my other half had their Mango Mania cocktail which comes in a huge cocktail glass with an inverted bottle of mango juice.

Strawberry Mojito

Tempo Bar Cocktails Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Mango Mania

Tempo Bar Cocktails Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

New Dishes at Grissini

Sour Cream Panna Cotta, Oscietra Caviar, Chives

Grissini Grand Copthorne Tasting Italian Grill Restaurant Review Sour cream panna cotta Oscietra Caviar

This small appetiser is served to us on a Chinese porcelain spoon, probably a tasting portion-sized for us to taste. It is a delightful experience to be eating one of the world’s most prized and expensive caviar, which elevates this appetiser. The Oscietra caviar has a rich nutty flavour that complements well with the creamy Panna Cotta.

Tuna Tartare

Grissini Grand Copthorne Tasting Italian Grill Restaurant Review Tuna Tartare

This generous portion of Tuna Tartare comprises of raw tuna, avocado, soy sauce and bread croutons. The addition of bread croutons refreshes the palate and balances off with the mashed avocado and raw tuna. It also helps to accentuate the dish with an added texture of crunch.

Black Ink Tonnarelli

Grissini Grand Copthorne Tasting Italian Grill Restaurant Review Black Ink Tonnarelli

This main course is plated beautifully with wild Mediterranean langoustine (Norway lobster), prawns, tomato sauce, lemon zest, cherry tomatoes and black ink tonnarelli.

The fresh succulent prawns is what made this dish pleasant to taste. And I enjoyed the hand-made black ink tonnarelli which has a firm bite to it.

Seabream Fillet

Grissini Grand Copthorne Tasting Italian Grill Restaurant Review Seabream Fillet

This dish comes with a generous portion-sized of seabream fillet which nestles alongside with Sicilian caponata, cream and parsley.

Any white fish lovers would enjoy this light and healthy Mediterranean dish.

Chocolate Bonet

Grand Copthorne Tasting Italian Grill Restaurant Review Chocolate Bonet

Last but not least, rounding off our Southern Italian gastronomic experience is this plate of Chocolate Bonet.

Bonet is a traditional Northern Italian custard-like dessert which tastes like pudding. It originates from Piedmont, Italy.

This Italian Chocolate pudding is made to perfection. I can taste the bitter-sweet taste of the dark chocolate in the pudding. It goes really well with the strawberries and almond crumble.

Our Verdict

It is yet another enjoyable Italian dining experience at Grissini. It may not be a Michelin-star restaurant yet but we believe that there’s a lot of potential in this restaurant to excel further.

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