Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe offers more than just Bingsu

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe New Menu Westgate Tasting
Nunsaram (Westgate Outlet)

Nunsaram has been offering free food tastings for their fans and followers to try some of their new dishes in their new menu of savoury items. Instead of inviting media influencers or bloggers, they chose to open it up to their followers on social media instead. It is a refreshing move from this Korean Dessert cafe to be receiving honest feedback from the masses through these free tastings.

Media Tastings VS Free Food Tastings

Having been to several media tastings before, our opinions can be quite skewed. More than often, the food served during tastings are prepared specially by the head or executive chef. There are definitely more attention and effort that goes into each dish served during media tastings. Each dish not only has to look good but taste good too. Hence, I often tend to give a balanced opinion when it comes to food reviews. Often times, I wonder if my reviews would be more neutral and balanced if I wasn’t invited as a guest from the media.

And when Nunsaram opens its food tasting to the public, I immediately decided to jump on the wagon and signed up for it. Not only the new dish looks appealing but also the thought of being able to express my honest opinion of a dish sounds enticing. It’s less imposing on me and best of all, I did not have to write a post as I was not obliged too. However, as tasters, we are only asked to post a picture of the dish on Instagram. Sounds too good to be true?

And here’s my honest review of their new menu items.

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe New Menu Westgate Tasting

TTeobokki + Gimbap

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe New Menu Westgate Tasting Gimbap Tteokbokki

During the earlier rounds of food tastings, I was one of the 25 tasters who were selected to try out their new tteok-bokki (Korean stir-fried rice cakes) and gimbap dishes.

For each tasting session, you will get to try one or two of their new dishes. In addition, we can bring a plus one along to try out the dishes with us.

In one of their Instagram posts, I saw them dipping the original gimbap into their original tteok-bokki. And I decided to do the same when I attended the tasting and it was delicious! I like the spicy kick to the tteok-bokki and most importantly, it is served piping hot on a hot plate to customers. Besides the chunks of rice cakes (which is a little tough), they also tossed in some sliced fish cake. Overall, it is satisfying.

Original Tteobokki and Original Gimbap

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe New Menu Westgate Tasting Gimbap Tteokbokki

Bulgogi Tteobokki

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe New Menu Westgate Tteokbokki

During the second occasion, we tried their another variant of Tteok-bokki and gimbap – Bulgogi tteok-bokki along with their Tuna kimchi gimbap. This time the food was decent but it isn’t as appealing as before.

Let’s start with their Bulgogi tteok-bokki first. It was pleasant-tasting but I was disappointed to only spot two morsels of beef in it. Perhaps the cook is preparing this dish in a rush?

Tuna Kimchi Gimbap

Tuna Kimchi Gimbap

Their Tuna kimchi gimbap did not disappoint at all. Like their original gimbap, it tasted healthy, wholesome and delicious.


Rabokki Korean food Westgate

Then came along Rabokki, a Korean spicy ramen served with fish cake and Korean rice cakes. Because of these tastings at Nunsaram, I beginning to learn more about Korean Street food. They are mostly spicy and very savoury.

As expected, the Rabokki tasted like regular spicy ramen except that there is a more spicier punch to it and the soup is thicker. Any ramen fans would find this delicious but I would not pay to get a bowl of instant ramen at a cafe or eatery. It is certainly not the most healthy and wholesome dish in the menu.

But if you are a fan of instant noodles, you will enjoy their Rabokki.

Nunsaram Snow Flake Bingsu

snow flake bingsu westgate mall

So after posting a picture of the dish we tried and providing some feedback, we were entitled to a 50% voucher off any of their bingsu. I’ve tried Nunsaram’s Bingsu before but it did not leave any impression on me. This time, we decided to try their classic Pat Bingsu which comes with Injeolmi (Korean sweet rice cakes) and red bean.

Pat Bingsu

Nunsaram Pat Bingsu

We were somewhat disappointed with their Pat Bingsu. We have tried better Bingsu elsewhere before. The main problem with their Bingsu is probably the type of milk they used to make their ice shavings. Their shaved milk flakes tasted quite blend. It lacked that rich and creamy milky taste. In addition, the red beans are a little tad too sweet for my liking.

On hindsight, I find that Nunsaram’s new savoury dishes are performing better than their shaved ice desserts. I would definitely be back for their original gimbap and maybe tteok-bokki. Since the Pat Bingsu we have isn’t conclusive of their bingsu standards, we would definitely be back to try other flavours.

Thank you, Nunsaram!

Nonetheless, I have to applaud Nunsaram for their bold move to invite their followers to try out their new dishes instead of relying on traditional media or influencers to spread the word.

Have you tried Nunsaram’s bingsu before? What would you recommend? Do let me know in the comment box below!

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