More Meat-free ‘Quornscious’ Soups by Quorn and The Soup Spoon

SouperQuornscious The Soup Spoon specials Quorn Singapore

Do you know that this week is World Meat-free week?

You don’t have to be a vegetarian or a vegan to do your part in supporting sustainable eating and the eco-conscious lifestyle. You can opt to go meat-free for a week or simply switch some of your meals with meat-free options.

Do you know that you can save carbon emissions equivalent of boiling 388 kettles and personal usage of water for 8 days with just one meat-free meal replacement? No effort is too small.

There are more cafes, restaurants and food outlets ( like The Soup Spoon) are offering meat-free options now as compared to a couple of years back ago while I was leading a vegetarian lifestyle. Since Quorn products are now more widely available, you can easily prepare a delicious meal with these meat substitutes.

What is QUORN?

Quorn is a brand that produces meat substitutes made with Mycoprotein, a nutritious protein source. It is derived from a naturally-occurring fungus through the process of fermentation. As a matter-of-fact, I like to think of it has a type of meat which is made of mushrooms (since mushrooms are fungi too).

In addition, what’s interesting about this mycoprotein is its strand-like texture which is similar to the texture of meat. It is also a good source of protein and fibre. That probably explains why my bowel movements increase after consuming Quorn.

Does Quorn tastes like meat?

In my honest opinion, Quorn has a similar texture to meat but it lacked that natural meaty flavour found more prominent in beef, pork and mutton. Hence, it can be easily disguised as chicken and fish but not beef and pork. In fact, I really enjoyed eating Quorn Nuggets because they actually resemble and taste like chicken nuggets. And once you cook Quorn products and delicious soups from The Soup Spoon, you wouldn’t even be conscious about the presence of a meat substitute.

There are 9 Meat-free ‘Quornscious‘ Soups creations to try!

SouperQuornscious The Soup Spoon specials Quorn Singapore

In collaboration with Quorn, our iconic local soup chain, The Soup Spoon, will be serving up six seasonal meat-free soups along with three creative meat-free renditions of The Soup Spoon’s popular classics.

SouperQuornscious The Soup Spoon specials Quorn Singapore

The nine exclusive meat-free soup creations are: Sumo-style Nabe, Buttery Tikka Masala, Budae Jjigae, Konnyaku Jaga Wasabi Stew, Italian-style Cacciatore, Moroccan-style Tagine, SG Ragout, Tokyo-style stew and Hungarian-style goulash. Out of these 9 soup creations which have Quorn products incorporated into, these are my favourites. They are mainly Asian-inspired soups which are to tasty and satisfying.

#SouperQuornscious SouperChef Specials

Tokyo-style Stew (Available from 4th June – 25th July)

SouperQuornscious Tokyo-style stew

This soup has a clear light broth which is heaped with lotus roots, shiitake mushrooms, white radish and bamboo shoots. There are also chunks of Quorn vegan fillet simmered in it.

Sumo-style Nabe (Available from 4th June to 1 July 2019)

SouperQuornscious specials Quorn Singapore Sumo-style Nabe

I love The Soup Spoon version of this sumo stew which comprises of Quorn meat-free balls, beancurd, napa cabbage and mushrooms. The soy-based stew has this sweet and rounded delicate flavour which is very appetising.

Budae Jjigae Korean Stew ( Available from 4th June to 1st July 2019)

SouperQuornscious specials Quorn Singapore Budae Jjigae

This has got to be one of my favourite The Soup Spoon specials. It is the healthier version of Budae Jjigae as it is cooked with more wholesome ingredients like vegetables, mushrooms and beancurd. In this meat-free version, they added Quorn meat-free hot dogs which make this bowl of soup so filling.

SG Ragout (Available from 4th June to 25th July 2019)

SouperQuornscious specials Quorn Singapore SG Ragout

It was my first time trying their SG Ragout and it was such a hearty and saucy stew packed with vegetables, herbs, pasta and Quorn meat-free fillets.

Buttery Tikka Masala (Available from 4th June to 1st July 2019)

SouperQuornscious Buttery Tikka Masala

If you are a spicy lover, you will enjoy this creamy tomato curry which has a spicy kick to it. It is topped with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and almond flakes.

Amp up your SoupQuornscious experience

SouperQuornscious The Soup Spoon specials Quorn Singapore Meat-free range

During the launch of the SouperQuornscious soups, Souper Chef Anna showed us how you can amp up those Take-home soup packs. Instead of drinking the soup on its own, you can actually create a lasagne-style dish using the soup along with some pasta, cheese and greens. Looks like you can get innovative and create dishes with their take-home soup packs!

Cheesy Baked Hungarian Goulash with Pasta

SouperQuornscious The Soup Spoon specials Quorn Singapore Cheesy Baked Hungarian Goulash with Pasta

To create this dish, add a layer of cooked pasta into a baking tray or casserole first. Then, add a layer of spinach before pouring the Hungarian Goulash into the dish. Top it with some shredded cheese and seasoned it well with some pepper and salt. Finally, bake the dish in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius until the cheese turns golden brown.

If you need to prepare a quick meal to impress your house guest, this is the recipe to try out!

SouperQuornscious The Soup Spoon specials Quorn Singapore

These meat-free soups are available til 25th July 2019.

Whenever you are dining at The Soup Spoon, try going meat-free okay?

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