Crystal White Facial Treatment @Cove Aesthetics

Ardmore Aesthetics Crystal White Facial Treatment

My skin has been looking rather dull lately. As the skin ages, the pigment spots which are caused by sun exposure become more obvious. So instead of going for regular facials, I knew I had to try out a more intensive facial treatment which would help brighten and even out the skin tone.

When the opportunity arises for me to try out the Crystal White facial at Cove Aesthetic(formerly known as Ardmore Aesthetics), I was stoked. I knew instantly that it was precisely what my skin needed in order to brighten up my skin and lighten the pigment spots.

Cove Aesthetics

Ardmore Aesthetics Crystal White Facial Treatment

I went to their new flagship outlet at Wheelock Place on level 4 where all the beauty-related boutiques are located. The place looked really new as they have recently just moved in.

As usual, I was asked to fill up their registration form and given a cup of tea to sip. Then the therapist I was assigned to usher me into the treatment room.

Ardmore Aesthetics Wheelock Place

The Crystal White Facial Treatment

Ardmore Aesthetics Treatment Room

The Crystal White facial I did is a clarifying and lightening facial treatment. It is suitable for both males and females for any skin type and age. If you have a dull skin tone, this facial treatment would be just what you need to revive your skin.

The therapist I was assigned to was very swift in all her steps. I appreciate their efficiency and punctuality. So if you are here for facial during lunch hour or in a race against time, you can have confidence that they will abide the time given.

Double Cleanse

Ardmore Aesthetics Facial Crystal White Facial Treatment

The facial started off with a double cleansing step.


Ardmore Aesthetics Facial  Crystal White Facial Treatment

Next, they applied a layer of Maxi-fruit peel which peels away the existing pigment spots. This enzyme peel activates the bio-renewal of the epidermis and disperses the existing pigment spots.

This step also helps to soften the skin so as to prep the skin for extraction. Even though I have sensitive skin, I did not experience any tingling sensation or discomfort during this step.

Light Extraction

Since this treatment involves the use of Vitamin C, they could only perform a light extraction on the skin. If your skin is heavily extracted, you are going to feel this tingling sensation as the Vitamin C-containing product is applied onto the skin.

Application of Vitamin C-rich Brightening Complex

Ardmore Aesthetics Facial  Crystal White Facial Treatment

After extraction, the therapist applied a product which contains Vitamin C powder and a brightening complex.

This duo combination of active ingredients neutralises the free radicals in the skin and prevents formulation of age spots. As a result, your photo-damaged skin will appear to look more illuminated and even in skin tone.

Massaging the skin with NeuroEssence

Ardmore Aesthetics Massage NeuroEssence

My skin is then soothed with the NeuroEssence which helps to rebalance, calm and hydrate the skin. The therapists did a thorough facial massage using the NeuroEssence.

Double Masking

Ardmore Aesthetics Double Masking

Most facials these days include a double masking step in order to allow the ingredients in the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin layer.

In this particular facial treatment, they first applied the Lumi Enzyme Mask before layering it with the White Cream Mousse Mask.

The Lumi Enzyme Mask is designed to penetrate deep into the skin so as to lighten and even out the skin tone.

Ardmore Aesthetics Facial Double Masking

The White Cream Mousse Mask, on the other hand, is a rich formula that contains hydration and lightening agents to help revitalise the skin.

During the masking step, the therapist did a shoulder massage for me as well.

After the treatment, your skin should be radiating. In a need for a skin revitalisation treatment? Maybe it’s time to schedule a facial appointment in your calendar.

Call/WhatsApp 8299 2920 to make an appointment today! Quote my name ‘Deenise’ to enjoy 10% off any package. Terms and conditions apply.

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