How to make your home smell luxurious

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Fragrance often triggers memories and evokes emotions in all of us. I particularly sensitive to scents and thus adore the use of fragrances. Up til today, I can still remember clearly how the perfume my mum uses years ago smelt like. It was a scent which evokes happy memories of my childhood in my old house at Ghim Moh. Isn’t it interesting that a scent can affect your mood or the way you feel towards certain things?

The Impact of Scents

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Even shopping malls like Ion Orchard have adopted the use of unique fragrance to make shoppers feel a certain way. Whenever you alight from the train at Orchard MRT station, do you notice that luxurious floral scent that wafted throughout the station? Does it make the place smells more ‘expensive’? Do you, perhaps, also feel more ‘expensive’ entering the mall?

Types of Home Fragrances

You can add that touch of luxury and elegance to your very own home by incorporating the use of home fragrances such as reed diffusers and scented candles. I personally prefer the use of reed diffusers as they are easier to maintain and safer to use as compared to scented candles. Occasionally, I would turn on my essential oil diffuser to freshen up the stale air in my room. However, essential oil diffusers require electricity to operate. Hence, I’ve been turning to reed diffusers instead.

Reed Diffusers by Farcent

The prices of reed diffusers can go as low as a few dollars to a hundred dollars. And there aren’t many reed diffusers which are reasonably priced. Not until I discovered the reed diffusers by Farcent, a Taiwanese brand of fresheners.

Their reed diffusers are affordably priced (below $15) and most importantly, they offer luxurious-smelling scents that are not so common in the market. I’ve tried it and I love the fined scent it diffused. It smelt expensive for sure.

Les Parfums de Farcent Home Fragrance Diffusers

Les Parfums de Farcent

Les Parfums de Farcent Home Fragrance Diffusers

Farcent’s new range of perfume-typed fresheners, Les Parfums de Farcent, features three unique scents. They are Star Magnolia, Freesia & English Pear and Seasalt and Wood sage. The ingredients used in these fragrances are certified by the International Fragrance Association. The products are also made of safe and high quality scented materials.

Each fragrance is unique as they are specially developed by renowned European Perfume house. Thus, they do smell like fine luxurious fragrances. Imagine placing a bottle of this home fragrance in your bedroom?

This perfumed fresheners come in two forms : perfumed diffusers and perfumed sachets.

Perfumed diffusers

Les Parfums de Farcent Home Perfumed Diffusers

The perfumed diffuser bottle is shaped like a perfume bottle which adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. It comes along with 6 PET reed sticks which are found inside the box.

The diffuser is made up of a Japanese plant deodoriser that helps neutralise odours effectively. Thus, it not only introduce a pleasant scent to the surrounds but it also eliminates odour at the same time.

To use the diffuser, simply unscrew the gold bottle cap and unplug the plastic stopper. Insert the PET reed sticks into the opening of the bottle. You can adjust the number of reed sticks inserted based on how much scent you want to release.

Les Parfums de Farcent Home Perfumed Diffusers

For me, I used all six reed sticks since I will be placing the diffuser in my bedroom and I wanted the fragrance to be strong enough to permeate throughout the whole room.

Les Parfums de Farcent Home Perfumed Diffusers

The diffuser can lasts between 4 to 8 weeks.

Perfumed Sachets

Les Parfums de Farcent Home Perfumed Sachets

Les Parfums de Farcent also comes in perfumed sachets form so that you can hang it in your car, wardrobe, cabinet and even your handbag. Each box contains 3 sachets and each sachets can last up to a month.

Les Parfums de Farcent Home fragrance Perfumed Sachets

The fragrance released from the perfumed sachets is obvious but not overwhelming too strong for our olfactory system to handle. I placed a sachet in my wardrobe so as to ‘perfume’ my clothes.

Which fragrance to pick?

All three fragrances smell great and it is certainly quite difficult to choose between the three. So why not try all and see which scent sticks with you better?

Les Parfums de Farcent Home fragrance Perfumed Sachets Diffusers

They are now available online on Sample Store at a special promotional price for Sample Store members. The diffuser (120ml) is going for $9.90 (Usual price: $12.90) and perfumed sachets pack is priced at $4.90 (Usual Price: $5.90).

Alternatively, you can also buy them from NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, K-ART showrooms and e-store, Qoo10 and Lazada.

You can also redeem your free samples at the Sample Store.

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