This $28 only SkinGo! Express Facial makes my skin glow

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

As a person who is incredibly sensitive to time (yes, I live by the minutes!), I am up for anything which is time-saving and efficient. I am one of those millennial who is constantly racing against time to accomplish my daily goals and long-term dreams. While pursuing my dreams, I do make time for facials as my skin type calls for it.

The need for facials

If you have read my previous beauty-related posts, you would also know that going for facial is part of my monthly routine. It’s a precious time for me to rest and unwind but I could not really lie still on the treatment bed for more than 90 minutes. And sometimes I wish that the treatment could be shorter if they had replaced it with more efficient tools and products. Like an express facial? I have done it and heard of it but they often cost as much as a regular full facial. Why would I have to pay $68 for an express facial when I can enjoy a full regular facial with facial massage for the same price? You get the point.

An Express Facial for $28 nett. No gimmicks.

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

When I heard about SkinGo!, I could not believe that they are retailed their 15-minute express facial for $28 only. Guys, it’s nett price by the way and they do not hard-sell at all. You just pay for the facial service at their payment kiosk and wait for your turn.

The facial is not just affordable but very effective. Here’s why I might be considering SkinGo as my go-to facial boutique.

No commitment at all

They do not offer any packages so that leaves you the freedom to explore other beauty salons or take a break from facials if you wish. As a consumer, we have total freedom of choosing what we only need and I really appreciate such no-frills options.

What they offer

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

It’s simple. They offer three types of $28 facial: Bio Aqua (Whitening) for normal skin, Bio-Clear (Skin balancing) for oily and acne-prone skin and Bio-lift for ageing skin.

You can even opt for a bio-repair mask or Brightening C treatment for an additional $5 if you wish to attain a more comprehensive facial experience. If you have some time to spare, why not?

If you feel that your skin needed some lifting and whitening, you can opt for Bio-duo treatment where you can combine any two of the three treatments into one for $50 only. This is still a deal!

Don’t forget to as for their Loyalty Reward Card!

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza loyalty reward card

You should receive this loyalty reward card on your first visit where you can collect stamps to redeem a free express facial or a full-sized SkinGo! product. Don’t forget to get your card stamped after each session.

Get into a proper skincare routine with SkinGo! Products

SkinGo! products 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

SkinGo! is not only concern about treating and cleansing your skin but also your post-facial skincare. Have you been using the right products for your skin type? Talk to any of their friendly staff to find out which skincare products will help achieve your skin goals.

It’s worth the wait

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Since there is currently only one SkinGo! outlet in Singapore at Tiong Bahru Plaza, I am sure that this outlet would get busier once its business start to pick up. In addition, there are only 4 stations at their Tiong Bahru outlet.

Their express facial treatments have been really well-received if you had read their online reviews on Google. Thus, it would be best to avoid making a trip down on weekday evenings and weekends unless you do not mind waiting. You can grab some bubble tea or do some grocery shopping while waiting.

I was there on a weekday evening. It’s a mistake, I know. I waited for quite a bit before it was my turn. But it was worth the wait. Who knew that 15 minutes is all it takes to make the skin glow?

How they made my skin glow?

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

I did their Bio-Clear treatment as my T-zone looks clogged. In addition, I also had a facial add-on which extended my 15-minute express facial to a 25 minute one.

They first cleansed and remove any makeup on my skin using micellar water. Once my skin was swipe clean, they used their futuristic-looking facial machines, that emit this blue glowy light, to cleanse and treat my skin.

Step 1: Purify the pores with Aqua Facial

Aqua Facial 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

This deep cleansing step will help to flush and purify the pores effectively. While the machine pulls away the dead skin cells and debris, it also simultaneously releases a solution to hydrate and treat the skin.

Depending on the type of treatment you have chosen, a different solution will be dispense from the machine.

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Step 2: ‘Scrub’ off the gunk with an ultrasonic face scrubber

Face scrubber 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Most beauty salons will stop at the aqua facial step and move on to the next facial step. But here at SkinGo!, they had an added deep cleansing step to ensure that your skin is cleansed thoroughly even without extraction. With their ultrasonic skin scrubber, my dead skin layer was fully whisked off. Check out the gunk accumulated on the device!

At this point, I could literally hear my pores shouting ‘freedom’.

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Step 3: Blast the skin with Oxygen

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

A great way to plump up and hydrate the skin is to blast the skin with oxygen jets. I’ve done such oxygen jet facial treatments before and they usually bring an instant luminous glow to the skin.

Facial Add-on: Bio-repair mask

SkinGo! Masking 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

I highly recommend that you complete your facial treatment with a mask to lock in all the goodness into your skin. The mask is left on the skin for about 5 to 10 minutes.

15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Good service

Once the facial mask is peeled off, the therapist took some time to massage all the essence into my skin. It is akin to a short facial massage and at this point, my pores are ‘singing with joy’.

SkinGo! 15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Last but not least, she applied some moisturiser and sunblock on my cleansed skin.

15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

Right after your express facial, you can doll up yourself or so some touch ups at this vanity corner before you head off for your next appointment.

15-minute Express Facial Tiong Bahru Plaza

My Verdict

Take my money! I am really impressed with the results of this express facial. My skin was looking all dewy and glowy after a facial treatment which takes less than 30 minutes. Why go for 2-hour facials when the 15-minute express facials work just as well? For $28 only, what’s there to complain even? Try it out for yourself and let me know in the comment box below!

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