How sleeping on SleepWiz Mattress Topper has improved my sleeping Posture

I will be moving in temporarily into my parents’ new flat and I cannot wait to move in soon! I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, I will be able to move in by the end of July as I am still waiting for home internet broadband to be set up.

Since space is a constraint, I wanted to go for a minimalistic style of home interior. Less is more and the fewer items in the house, the better. Instead of purchasing a new spring mattress, I wanted to a foldable lightweight mattress which can be easily maintained.

Currently, I am sleeping on a spring mattress which is comfortable but is probably laden with bacterial colonies by now. Since it is so heavy and bulky, I could hardly find a suitable spot at home to air and sun the bed. Year after year, I noticed the bed is getting heavier. I’m not surprised at all since it has probably absorbed all the moisture present. With that, I was very sure that I did not want to invest in a spring mattress for my new home. So I started looking for other alternatives online.

And that’s when I discovered the benefits of sleeping on futons or thin mattresses on the floor. It’s affordable, convenient and easy to maintain. You don’t even need to buy a bed frame for it. That’s how the Japanese maximise their living space. Why didn’t I think of that before? As I delve in further, I started to uncover more health truths and benefits of floor sleeping. And that’s how I ended up getting a mattress topper from SleepWiz.

Benefits of Floor Sleeping

Floor sleeping bed

If you think about it, how do ancient people living in the past survived on hard mattresses? Our Chinese ancestors, including my grandfather, all used to sleep on the floor and they did have any back issues back then.

So here’s the science behind it which makes perfect sense to me. Your body is in its most natural posture form when you are lying against a hard surface. If your bed is too soft, you lose that natural sleeping posture as the weight of your body is not equally distributed across the mattress. In other words, you should be sleeping on a firm or a well-supported mattress.

So this begs the questions, why is it so uncomfortable for us to sleep on the floor or on thin mattresses? That is because after years of sleeping on well-cushioned mattresses, your body has adapted to itself to sleep comfortably on mattresses. Thus, it takes time for the body to adapt to a new sleeping environment.

Without the thick cushioning, the body would naturally adapt and distribute the body pressure across all contact points. Also, floor sleeping gives you access to cooler air, keeping you cool throughout the night.

The cons of floor sleeping

Nonetheless, there are also disadvantages to sleep on floor beds. Being near the floor means there is no adequate airflow. So I had to air my mattress topper every now and then.

Since the bed is close to the ground, dust and dirt can accumulate easily on the beddings. That means I have to clean my beddings frequently too.

I decided to go with…SleepWiz

After weighing all the pros and cons of floor sleeping, I decided to sleep on thin mattresses like a mattress topper or futons.

But it is tough finding the right mattress topper or futon as some of the toppers are too soft. It is also important to find out what’s in the topper and the material they used as I do not want to be sleeping on a poorly-made topper.

As I was debating in my head which mattresses to buy, I came across SleepWiz website, a local bedding site that offers mattress toppers. I was excited as I browse through their product lists because they offer firm mattress toppers which are perfect to be used solely as floor beds. You can actually lay it on your bed to protect your current mattress but I much rather lay it bare on the floor so that I can enjoy the benefits of floor sleeping.

Currently, you can shop for two types of mattress toppers on their website – Memory foam mattress topper and tatami pillow-top mattress topper. Without a doubt, the memory foam mattress is my best bet.

Source: SleepWiz (

ErgoLush™ Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper (2″)

ErgoLush gel-infused memory foam mattress topper SleepWiz

1. Soft but supportive

Source: Sleepwiz (

When you are sleeping on memory foam, the foam naturally moulds into a supportive cradle in the shape of your body. It is firm yet it provides sufficient cushioning for your body. Thus, it helps to diffuse the supportive pressure exerted by the body evenly across all contact points of your body.

This firm memory foam mattress topper also helps maintain proper alignment of the neck, spine, hips and knees. When all the tension is lifted off from your shoulders and hips, you can then enter into complete relaxation. To put it simply, you will feel like you are floating on clouds in the air. That was how I literally felt when I first lie down on the mattress topper.

2. The amazing thing is …

Though it is only 2 inches (or 5.1 cm) thick, it felt like I was sleeping on a 5-inch thick mattress. I was amazed by this because I was initially quite worried that the mattress is not thick enough for me. Who knew that this 2-inch thick mattress topper is all I need to create a perfect and comfortable bed?

ErgoLush gel-infused memory foam mattress topper SleepWiz

3. It kept me cool throughout the night

What’s cool about this memory foam mattress topper is how cooling it felt to sleep on it. All thanks to the thermally conductive gel which was infused throughout the mattress topper, keeping your body cool as you sleep. Sometimes when the weather is too warm, I find it difficult to enter into a deep sleep. You know how it is like to be feeling sticky and sweaty in bed, right?

In addition, there are also air vents in the topper to help promote airflow, keeping it cool.

4. How I amped up my bed and kept it well-protected

So after getting the ErgoLush™ Gel-infused Memory Foam mattress topper, I decided to line it with a mattress pad or protector just to prevent any bodily fluids to get in contact with my precious memory foam mattress topper.

If you already own a mattress, you can also use the ErgoLush™ Gel-infused Memory Foam mattress topper to protect your current bed just to extend the ‘lifespan’ of your current bed. It is also cheaper to replace a mattress topper than to get a new mattress.

ErgoLush gel-infused memory foam  SleepWiz

Finally, I covered my queen-size mattress topper with a new set of bedsheets.

mattress protector mattress topper SleepWiz

Now it is looks cosy and ready for me to sleep in!

ErgoLush gel-infused memory foam mattress topper SleepWiz

My Verdict

Delivery of the item was smooth. And yes, they do provide free delivery! Each purchase also comes with a 3-month warranty and you can easily send in your warranty claim via their website.

I found it so much easier to tidy my bed. It is definitely way cooler at night to be sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper. Up till today, I am still truly amazed by how comfortable it is even though it is only a few inches thick. Most importantly, I love how the memory foam mattress topper cushions my body and takes the natural shape of my body curves.

If you need more information, you should check out SleepWiz website ( They also offer a comfy sleeping eye mask for a better sleep.

Have you tried floor sleeping before? What’s your take?

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