Have you tried Domino’s Sambal and Ikan Bilis pizza?

How would you be spending this long National Day celebration weekend? If you want to avoid the crowd, why not organise a potluck session and call some friends over? You might not get tickets to this year’s National Day Parade but fret not, you can still watch it live on your television at the comfort of your own home. What better way to kickstart your long weekend over pizzas than to jostle your way through the massive crowd?

Pizzas with a local flavour

Domino’s Pizza has just launched their new Sambalicious pizzas just in time for National Day. In addition to these new over-the-top pizza flavours, they are also throwing in dessert item – the Ondeh-Ondeh Lava Cake.

Sambal is our local staple sauce

You can say that sambal is a staple kind of spicy sauce which complements with most local delicacies. It’s that one sauce which enhances the flavour of any dishes that comes along with it. My family and I are huge fans of sambal and when it comes to pizzas, I know we could not give Domino’s new Sambalicious pizzas a miss.

Domino's Pizza Singapore Sambalicious

We tried all three of their new Sambalicious pizzas as well as their Ondeh-Ondeh lava cake! Guess which is our favourite?

Domino's Singapore Sambalicious pizza Sambal

Sambal Surf and Turf Pizza

Domino's Sambal Surf & Turf Pizza

First up, we had this Sambal surf and turf which is a premium pizza featuring toppings like prawns marinated in herbs and spices, shredded chicken, mushrooms, green peppers and pineapples.

I counted and there were a total of 12 succulent prawns! I don’t think I’ve ever come across with a pizza with a generous amount of prawns added to it.

Domino's Pizza Singapore Sambalicious

One thing I like about Domino’s pizza is how cheesy their pizzas taste. Just look at the amount of melted cheese covering each pizza!

Their Sambal Surf and Turf pizza is delicious but I find that the sambal taste is overpowered by the cheese. Or perhaps they just needed to add a little more sambal as the pizza base?

Domino's Singapore Sambalicious pizza

Sambal Veggie Pizza

Domino's Sambal Veggie Pizza

This Sambal-flavoured pizza is my favourite among the three. I find that it has the perfect ratio of sambal to cheese and thus making the pizza very palatable. I could also taste the mushrooms and fresh chunky vegetables like sweet onions, green peppers, ripe olives and cherry tomatoes. The medley of flavours come off really nicely together.

Domino's Pizza Singapore Sambalicious

Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza

Domino's Sambal Ikan Bilis Pizza

One of the more unique pizzas would definitely has to be their Sambal Ikan Bilis. It is such a brilliant idea to use ikan bilis (dried anchovies) which brings about a sense of feel-good nostalgia with every bite.

Domino's Singapore Sambalicious pizza

However, the pizza may taste somewhat salty with the Ikan Bilis and generous cheese layer. Having that said, I wish they would have gone easy with the cheese for this pizza and perhaps layer the pizza with more veggie toppings.

Domino's Pizza Singapore Sambalicious Sambal pizza

Ondeh-Ondeh Lava Cake

Domino's ondeh-ondeh lava cake pandan gula melaka

Domino’s modern take of our local traditional dessert, Ondeh-Ondeh is pretty impressive. Instead of the usual dark molten chocolate found in Chocolate lava cakes, this Ondeh-Ondeh lava cake has a gooey core of warm Gula Melaka. I love the aromatic pandan flavours in the cake layer that marries so well with the sweet and salty notes of the gula Melaka.

Domino's ondeh-ondeh lava cake pandan gula melaka

I would definitely recommend their Sambal Veggie pizza and Ondeh-Ondeh Lava cake which is an applaudable attempt to recreate our local desserts.

Ready to ‘sambal’ your way to the long National Day weekend?

Domino’s new Sambalicious Pizzas and the Ondeh-Ondeh Lava Cake are available from 22 July 2019 for a limited time only so do try it before they are gone!

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