Does it matter if Your Jade Rollers are real or not?


What’s all the hype with jade rollers? What benefits do we get out of the jade roller? I am pretty sure that many of us are drawn to jade rollers as they look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But are they made up of real jade? If yes, then do they really benefit the skin? Why do people use jade rollers anyway?

Wait up. Let’s start from the basics.

What you need to know about Jade Rollers

1. It is an imperial Chinese beauty tool.

Jade Rollers may seem like the trendiest beauty tool right now but it isn’t a recent invention by some beauty companies or guru. It is an ancient beauty tool which originated from China. Besides, this ornamental stone has an important place in Chinese culture.

The jade roller is said to have invented during Qing dynasty and Empress Dowager Cixi is purported to have own one too.

2. It has become a trend after beauty gurus and celebrities swear by this aged-old beauty tool.


This tool was made popular by well-known beauty magazines like Vogue which have picked up on this ancient beauty tool. It is further fuelled by popular influencers, like Marianna Hewitt, who are gushing over this pretty-looking tool.

I, myself, have also hopped onto this bandwagon and decided to purchase one jade roller for myself. There are many cheaper versions of the jade rollers sold on e-commerce websites like Shopee but I decided to get better quality ones from a proper online beauty store like Althea Korea. It is from Rose de Jardin, a Korean beauty brand.

I bought this for about $30 if I am not wrong. But as to whether it is made from actual Brazilian Rose Quartz, I cannot vouch for that. Who knows? They might also worth as much as the ones sold on Shopee for a couple of bucks. But does it really matters?


3. What Jade Rollers can do for your skin?


Jade rollers are great facial massager as the jade stone is said to decrease puffiness and under-eye circles. As you glide the jade rollers across your skin, it helps to boost blood circulation and tones your facial muscles.

The jade roller features two different sized-stones. The larger stone is for the cheeks, jaws and forehead while the smaller stone is for the area under the eye and sides of the mouth.

How I use the jade rollers?


I enjoyed using the current jade roller I’m using. The cooling sensation the jade stone left on my skin is incredible. To tap on the cooling properties of the jade stone, I would leave my jade rollers in the freezer overnight.

Skincare Products I use with my jade rollers


After I slap on the serum or moisturiser on my skin, I would immediately roll the tool from my jawline in an upward motion. It helps with the absorption of the skin products as I roll the tool across my skin.

You can use facial oils, gels, serums and moisturisers which can help lubricate the skin as you run the tool on your face.

Why this tool works for me

Some may prefer using the warmth from your fingers and palms to massage the product into your skin. But I find it difficult to do a facial massage for myself since it is difficult for me to execute an uplifting massage unless someone is doing a facial massage for me. With the tool, it is much easier for me to knead and lift the skin.

The coolness from the jade rollers also helps to depuff my face. As such, I cannot really tell if it is the natural properties of the jade stone or it is simply just the coldness it harbours that helps tone up my skin. Because if that is the case, I could also massage my face with a frozen metal spoon.

Up and Out

Jade Roller

As a rule of a thumb, when it comes to the usage of jade rollers, always roll it upwards and outwards starting from your neck or jawline. It is like giving your face a gentle lymphatic drainage massage as you run the tool along the lymph nodes.

There are many videos and tutorials online which teaches you how to perform this lymphatic drainage massage with the jade rollers. However, most of them missed out this step – apply a tad more pressure on the pressure points, such as the temples. This will help to relieve any myofascial tension in the face.

Sometimes, I would gently knead these pressure points with the smaller stone of the jade roller.

Jade Roller

Does it really matter if your jade roller is real or fake?

Jade Roller

To me, the magical thing about the jade roller is the not in the properties of the stone but rather it’s the shape, contours and texture of the stone. The design and the cut of the stone fit our facial contours perfectly.

I felt that the material of the roller itself is secondary. Thus, even if I replace the stone with metal, I still think that it will work well as a facial massager. Then why jade is still used in place of other materials?

It is probably due to the belief that natural stones like rose quartz and crystals help to cancel out the negative ions in the surroundings. According to popular beliefs, natural stones like jade and crystals emit natural restorative properties and positive energy.

Thus if you don’t mind missing out on the natural healing properties of the stone, then you can settle for any of the cheap jade rollers (which are probably made of chemically-treated stones) you found online.


Besides, jade and rose quartz look pretty and fits that minimalistic look you have on your Instagram feed. So, why not?

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