Enjoy Josper Grilled BBQ Buffet @ Food Capital

Josper Grill BBQ buffet

That Smoky Grilled Aroma 

Wafts of the unmistakable aroma of smoky grilled meat filled the air and teased my olfactory sense. The nostalgic scent of charred coal brought me back to the schooling days where class barbeque parties at chalets were yearly affairs.

Josper Grill BBQ buffet

Then, the tantalizing wafts of food aroma continued to make its way to activate those already fully-awaken salivary glands of mine. When we say mouth-watering food, the term does bear a literal meaning. 

Welcome to the world of Josper Grill, where a unique oven combining both grill and oven claims proud credit for the great selection of richly flavoured grills at Food Capital, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

The REAL meat and seafood grill buffet

Josper Grill BBQ buffet

It is not difficult to appreciate this grilling technique. The charcoal and flavoured wood have brought out the aroma and texture of the ingredients in the food it cooks. The charred flavour envelopes the tender meat on the inside, with fats that melt in your mouth perfectly as you bite into it.

Josper Grill BBQ buffet

You can expect to have an unlimited taste of Josper Baked Chicken Thigh with Thyme, Josper Grilled Pork in Thai Style, Josper Grilled Sausages and Barbecue Pork Ribs in Smoked Barbeque Sauce. For those of you who prefer a spread of seafood, fret not for you are also well catered for.

Be amazed by the well-prepared seafood selection that includes Grilled King Prawn, Baked Sambal Seabass in Banana Leaf and Baked Whole Salmon. The pairing of meat and seafood is perfect for it does create a balanced medley of heavy and light flavours on the palate.

Spice up the grills with sauces


There are a total of eight sauces to choose from to go with your meat and seafood. Some of the sauces include garlic sauce, hot bean chilli, Cincalok chilli (fermented shrimp sauce), mint sauce and tamarind sauce. Sweet, salty and spicy, you name it, you have it! 

Our Recommendations

For me, I definitely have a soft spot for the baked sambal seabass. I find myself piling up servings after servings of the soft, delicate flesh of the seabass. This dish is made wholesome with a tinge of mint sauce and Chinchalok chilli. The burst of flavour in my mouth from the grilled crisp fish skin made me keep going back for more.

Best part? The restaurant staff would constantly replenish the buffet tray with new batches of food. That is not all. The grilled meat selection is complete with Singapore’s local favourites, satay, with a choice of chicken or mutton. Be sure not to miss it – drenched with your favourite rich peanut-loaded gravy! 

Help yourself now!

Josper Grill BBQ buffet

Well, now, let me not tempt your taste buds any further. Because you can now sink your teeth into those tantalizing grills starting from today!

Josper Grill BBQ buffet

If you are craving for grilled food but would also like to be treated to a buffet of other cuisines (Japanese, Chinese, Indian to Western), look no further! The wide array of buffet spread will not disappoint you, including the selection of dessert. Sounds wonderfully delicious, doesn’t it?


Available from 6 September to 22 September 2019

Buffet Lunch (12pm to 2.30pm)

Monday to Friday: $64++

Saturday & Sunday: $66.60++

Buffet Dinner (6.30pm to 10.30pm)

Monday to Thursday: $76++

Friday & Sunday: $84++

Written by Wynne Yang

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