KEF LSX Speakers
Source: KEF Singapore

It has always been my dream to equip my home with a surround sound system where I can blast my favourite music 24/7. Listening to a soothing background music can help set the mood – just like how scents can evoke a certain emotions in us.

Ideally, I would love to place huge high-quality speakers in my bedroom and living room. Wearing earphones wasn’t really my preferred option, to begin with, because it is uncomfortable to have something plugged into your ears for hours. Besides, I realised that powerful speakers can produce a high-resolution stereo sound with a better bass sound.

So, imagine I felt when I knew that I had the opportunity to test out one of KEF’s latest speakers which are famous for their high sound-engineering capability. Ecstatic would be the right word.

Heard of KEF?

This British company, KEF (which stands for Kent Engineering & Foundry) was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke. Thanks to their founder, they are able to create some of those more powerfully-engineered sound systems even till today.

And their wireless speakers?

KEF LSX Speakers
Source: KEF Singapore

Currently, they have three variants of wireless speakers – LSX, LS50 wireless and LS50 by Marcel Wanders. I tested the LSX speaker system which utilises KEF’s advanced acoustic sound technology. This advanced capability is usually found only in larger hi-fi speakers. Such advanced speakers produced full-bodied sounds that fills the entire space. Small and compact as it is, this powerful sound house system works incredibly well when it comes to delivering upbeat music.

Understanding it’s cutting-edge technologies

The brand itself can go and on about their acoustic know-how and technologies but for most of us, who aren’t sound engineers, it may be difficult for us to make sense of all their cutting-edge technologies.

If there is one thing you must know about the science behind it, it would probably be their advanced music integrity engine that helps these compact speakers to deliver a transparent (or clear) bass with great extension while, at the same time, reducing any sound distortions. That is simply to say that while the music is being amplified via the speakers, the integrity of the sound is preserved. You will not hear any gritty or fuzzy tones in it but just pure and crisp sounds.

With that, you can understand why these pair of speakers are worth close to two thousand dollars too.

It’s completely wireless.

KEF LSX Speakers
Source: KEF Singapore

When you purchase a set of KEF LSX speakers, you will only get three cables and a tiny remote control along with the pair of sturdy speakers.

LSX speaker accessories
Source: KEF Singapore

All you will need here is to connect the speakers directly to the power source via a cable. There isn’t a need to connect the two speakers with the Ethernet cable unless the KEF Control app prompts you to sync both speakers in order to load the latest software updates.

It can be paired with any smart devices.

LSX Speakers
Source: KEF Singapore

I like the fact that you can channel music from your smart devices like your phones, iPads and computers to the speakers with the use of the KEP Control app. However, it took me some time to figure out how the pairing works. More importantly, make sure you download the latest firmware updates and since both speakers so that you will be able to pair the devices successfully.

Once I managed to learn how the pairing works, I was able to operate the speakers and play music within seconds. The KEP Control app functions like remote control and you can choose to sync the devices via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay™ 2 (on Apple products) or even Wi-fi.

KEF LSX Accessories range

KEF has also launched a range of LSX accessories which aims to improve your surround-sound experience at home or in the office. The elegant and versatile designs of the S1 Floor stand, B1 wall bracket and P1 desk pad match would seamlessly fit any home interiors.

KEF speaks volumes.

If you are looking for compact speakers that deliver a great sound quality comparable to those hefty-looking hi-fi sound systems, KEF LSX speakers would be something that you’re looking for. Clad in industrial fabric, these compact LSX speakers just look so fine and sleek in any homes. They may look small but they speak volumes.

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