Singapore Night Fest 2019: Walking Down Memory Lane

Singapore Night Fest 2019 National Museum of Singapore

I don’t think I’ve ever missed the Singapore Night Festival (SNF) since I’ve started dating. This year, SNF returns for its 12th edition with better showcases, programmes and crowd control management. In fact, I really enjoyed myself in this year’s SNF as the atmosphere was great. In addition, they have gone above and beyond with their light projections on the museums.

Spanned across 2 weekends

This year, the Singapore Night Festival was spanned across two weekends. I managed to drop by on the second weekend which is, sadly, the last day of SNF.

Since this year is Singapore’s bicentennial year, I felt that they have invested more effort and time into planning this year’s festival line-up. In line with the bicentennial celebrations, the highlights of the SNF will include folklores and traditions of Southeast Asia. One of the more prominent and popular folklore in Southeast Asia is none other than the Ramayana, a major epic poem of India. I’m glad that they cast a spotlight on this story because it is an influential story that plays a part in shaping the history and culture of Southeast Asia.

Our first stop: National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore Packaging Matter exhibition

We took a train to Dhoby Ghaut where the heart of SNF is located. Then we walked over to National Museum of Singapore to check out the latest exhibition – Packaging Matters.

Packaging Matters

National Museum of Singapore Packaging Matter exhibition

They have done such a great job in collating all the old food packaging and even old school coffee cups and drink bottles.

National Museum of Singapore Packaging Matter exhibition old biscuit tins

Seeing all these familiar packaging really brought back the old memories. You can’t help but feeling nostalgic when some of these old packaging reminds you that you were kid living in the 90’s.

The most ‘awakening artefact’ for me in that exhibit has to be this old rendition of the NTUC FairPrice sign. Gone are the days where I would walk over to the nearest NTUC FairPrice supermarket with my parents. I would sit quietly on the makeshift child seat in the shopping trolley as my parents wheeled me along the aisles.

National Museum of Singapore Packaging Matter exhibition NTUC FairPrice signboard

I wish this exhibit was permanent because these artefacts also tells a story about our past living in Singapore. It reminded us of how fast our country has developed and that changes can be both exciting and necessary.

National Museum of Singapore Packaging Matter exhibition

Light Projections on National Museum of Singapore

Singapore Night Fest 2019 National Museum of Singapore

I particularly enjoyed the night lights at National Museum of Singapore. The light projection titled ‘Keep Dreaming’ is done up by Spectaculaires, a company that is renowned for its illuminated and monumental light projections. They have really done a great job in making the museum to appear ‘alive’ and ‘living’. The animations were simply fantastic.

Singapore Night Fest 2019 National Museum of Singapore

Just look at the brilliant colours! I just hope that they will be back again for next year’s edition of SNF.

Singapore Night Fest 2019 National Museum of Singapore

Dhoby Ghaut Green Festival Village

Singapore Night Fest 2019 Dhoby Ghaut Green Festival Village

Our tummies started to rumble after walking from one festive spot to another. Thus, we head straight to the nearest food village for some finger-licking good food. Nonetheless, the food sold by the various F&B partners were not exactly cheap but it is still quite reasonably priced considering that they are preparing food in the outdoors at a small event space.

I had braised pork rice while Sam ordered cheese fries from Sofnade.

Singapore Night Fest 2019 food village
Singapore Night Fest 2019 Meatballs in a bucket cheese fries sofnade

What got us grooving to the beat?

Singapore Night Fest 2019 Peranakan museum

Since we were feeling adventurous, we decided to venture out a little more towards the Peranakan museum. The whole stretch of Armenian street has also transformed into a marketplace.

Even though the Peranakan museum was still closed for renovation, that did not stop them from being part of the Singapore Night Festival. There are band performances played from the second-storey balcony. That jazz singer really got the crowd grooving and swaying with the blues.

We had more drinks that evening and feeling energised, we decided to walk down a little further and explore other festive spots. As we made our way towards City Hall MRT, we saw the Disco Walkway by Aux Mediagroup. We love it too! The loud 60’s music and flashing bright lights just make you want to hop and dance along with the music as you strut down Stamford Road.

Disco Walkway by Aux Mediagroup

Singapore Night Fest 2019 Disco Walkway by Aux Mediagroup

So that’s how we spent our night at Singapore Night Festival – grooving to the rhythm and beat of ABBA’s Dancing Queen.

Singapore Night Fest 2019

See you next year, Singapore Night Festival 2020!

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