Epson exceeded our vision with innovative sustainable technologies for businesses

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery
Credit: Epson Singapore

People get excited when they talk about their dreams and the future. Indeed, it’s only when you have a dream that you can create a vision in your head. With a clear vision of where you’re heading to, there will be a higher chance of your vision transforming into reality.

A week ago, I was invited to Epson Singapore’s inaugural business-to-business (B2B) event, B2B Ignite, to find out more about their visions for a smart and sustainable Singapore. It was an exciting and enriching experience to be witnessing their latest sustainable innovations first-hand during this event. It was held at the National Gallery Singapore on 4 October 2019.

Igniting Epson Singapore’s dream for a greener Singapore

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery Masanori Koizumi General Manager Seiko Epson Corporation
Credit: Epson Singapore

Looking at today’s economy, I would say that Singapore is still in the stage of a digital transformation. With the government’s push for Singapore to be a Smart Nation in the upcoming years, there is a need for businesses in Singapore to leverage on the new sustainable technologies. By doing so, businesses can obtain positive business outcomes and at the same time, deliver meaningful changes in our society. But to ignite this dream, we need businesses to be creating and supporting these sustainable technologies.

On a positive note, Epson, a global electronics company, believes that they could be part of Singapore’s vision in propelling our local businesses to the next level.

During the event, they showcased several innovative solutions that would help reduce a company’s impact on the environment.

A better world for all

Mr. Masanori¬†Koizumi, who is the General Manager of Printer Sales and Marketing of Seiko¬†Epson¬†Corporation, also shared with us on Epson’s environmental vision for 2050. He also specifically mentioned that it is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It is definitely very heartening to know that a global company like Epson is stepping forward to realise a better world for our future generations.

Epson’s Sustainable Innovations

After the speech, I had a tour around Epson B2B Ignite Solutions Showcase. During the tour, I had a better understanding of how Epson’s sustainable innovations can provide true value to business operations.

There were a total of six booths for us to experience Epson’s practical solutions used in the various sectors and industries.

Future Office Experience

Future Office Experience - Epson B2B Ignite
Credit: Epson Singapore

All the innovations presented that day are equally exciting but the one that excites me the most is their automated paper making system called PaperLab.


This is the world’s first automated paper making system which turns waste paper into new paper. Additionally, what is even more amazing is that the system requires no water.

PaperLab pic
Credit: Epson Singapore

Unfortunately, they did not showcase the PaperLab machine that day so we did not get to witness how it works.

Energyefficient Epson Inkjet printers can be powered by a bicycle

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery bicycle-powered printers
Credit: Epson Singapore

Future Retail Experience

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery Future Retail Experience
Credit: Epson Singapore

With Epson’s LabelWorks, you can manage your cables more effectively by tagging them.

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery
Credit: Epson Singapore
Epson LabelWorks Cable Management
Epson LabelWorks Cable Management

Robots that can perform menial tasks

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery

These robots can take over menial tasks such as screwing of bolts and nuts so that workers can perform more high-functioning tasks.

If the task involves the risk of exposing to toxic chemicals, robots can be employed to carry out the task instead. This, in turn, creates a safer working environment for all.

Future Cafe Experience

Similarly, robots can solve manpower issues. Epson robots are capable of churning out a freshly brewed coffee in almost an instant. Fear no more about the shortage of manpower at cafes and restaurants!

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery Future Cafe Experience
Credit: Epson Singapore
Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery
Credit: Epson Singapore

Classroom of the Future with Epson Interactive Projectors

The future classroom will probably look exactly like this: Teachers will be using touchscreen Smart whiteboards along with touch-sensitive interactive projectors. All these devices will provide a more immersive experience for children to learn.

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery Future Education Experience
Credit: Epson Singapore

Watch your artwork come to live after you scan your artwork with Epson’s printer!


Attain Sustainable Fashion with Epson

Epson B2B Ignite event Singapore National Gallery Future sustainable fashion Experience
Credit: Epson Singapore

Epson’s digital textile printers can print digital data directly onto fabrics. In addition, the printers are built to reduce significant water and electricity usage.

Igniting endless of possibilities

In essence, the possibilities of these innovative technologies seem endless. No wonder Epson’s team of people seemed enthusiastic in showing how Epson’s innovations can play a part in creating a sustainable future for all. And I believe that one day, we might be able to churn out our recycled paper right at home with the use of technology. In fact, the zero-waste lifestyle isn’t too far away from us.

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