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麺 (Men) House Yamamoto introduces New Vegetarian Ramen – Avocado Ramen

Men House Yamamoto Raffles City Chef Atsushi

Have you tried avocado ramen? Here’s your chance to try it at 麺 (Men) House Yamamoto.

麺 (Men) House Yamamoto is a new ramen restaurant concept under Hototogisu Ramen headed by Head chef Atsushi Yamamoto. They were best known for their Tonkotsu ramen and Oyster ramen which are created by the well-known ramen chef Yamamoto himself. He is the man behind Tokyo’s award-winning Konjiki Hototogisu, a Michelin Bib Gourmand titled ramen restaurant.

From clams, oysters to avocados

After coming up with the signature Tonkotsu, Clam soup ramen and Oyster ramen, what’s next for this innovative ramen chef? You’d be surprised to discover that the chef has decided to experiment with this highly nutritious fruit called avocado.

Unfortunately, I did not get to meet him personally at this new establishment. Otherwise, I would have asked him why he chose avocados to create a vegetarian ramen soup base. But at the very least, I am glad he has introduced a rather unique vegetarian ramen at such a time like this – where more people are turning away from meat for health and environmental reasons.

麺 (Men) House Yamamoto at Raffles City

Men House Yamamoto Raffles City

What a strategic location they have chosen! It is so much more convenient now to enjoy Chef Yamamoto’s ramen because I could always hop along the MRT train along the green East-West line, alight at City Hall MRT then take a 5-minute walk to basement one of Raffles City.

What’s on their menu?

We’ve tried three ramens from their ramen menu which are only exclusive to this ramen outlet. Some of the special ramens include Truffle Shio, Porcini Shoyu, Salmon ramen and Avocado ramen. In addition, they also offer Japanese rice sets like Cha Shu Gozen set and Ichimai Karaage set for those who might want to try something else.

Side dishes like their Gyoza, Tofu, Cha Shu salad and Soft-boiled eggs are great to go along with your ramen if you needed something more.

House Yamamoto Ramen Raffles City Menu

Our Recommendations

We definitely recommend trying their Avocado ramen, Truffle Shio, Wing Pork Gyoza, Homemade fried tofu and their Yuzu drinks. As for our favourite must-try ramen, it has got to be the Truffle Shio. I mean, how could you say no to truffles and oysters?

Porcini Shoyu might be another ramen worth trying since it is one of their signatures but we have yet to try it.

Avocado Ramen (Vegetarian)

House Yamamoto Avocado Ramen Vegetarian

What you see inside on their advertorial below is exactly what we get. It is a well-portioned out ramen with a substantial amount of ingredients which can easily fill you up. Their whole-grain noodles will make you fill fuller faster too. Thus, making it the perfect ramen for the health-conscious. Craving for ramen but still want to stick to a healthy diet after gym? Avocado ramen is the answer.

House Yamamoto Avocado Ramen Vegetarian
Credit: Men House Yamamoto Singapore

What’s floating on top of the noodles are cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, red onion, mushrooms, arugula (rocket leaves) and simmered vegetable tofu.

The milky avocado soup base is cooked with soya milk and roasted corn. And it surprising tasted very savoury and fragrant. I believe there could be mushrooms inside the soup base too, just to give it that slight umami flavour.

Avocado Ramen vegetarian House Yamamoto Ramen

The soup base has a good consistency. It is neither overly creamy nor diluted. Overall, it is job well-done on Chef Yamamoto’s part to come up with a vegetarian ramen so that more people can enjoy Japanese ramen.

Avocado Ramen Vegetarian House Yamamoto Ramen

Truffle Shio

Truffle Shio Ramen Men House Yamamoto Ramen

Ramen fans will not be disappointed with this one. In my opinion, it is reminiscent of their Oyster Shio ramen which is exclusive to Hototogisu Ramen restaurant at Great World City.

For this particular ramen, there is a recommended way of savouring it. You first have to individually taste all the ingredients floating on the soap before digging in. You can start off with the tomatoes, garlic butter, red onions and moving on to the aromatic truffle oil, black truffle paste and oyster paste.

Truffle Shio Ramen Men House Yamamoto Singapore
Credit: Credit: Men House Yamamoto Singapore

It is a true delight to be eating this flavourful bowl of ramen which has incorporated with some of the most exquisite flavours on earth.

Truffle Shio Ramen House Yamamoto Ramen

Salmon Golden

Salmon golden ramen House Yamamoto Ramen

Next up, we had Salmon golden which features a light-flavoured broth comprising of salmon and ginger. Out of all the ramen we’ve tried there, this ramen is more well-balanced when it comes to taste and flavour. Thus, it isn’t going to be as savoury and rich as compared to their Truffle Shio ramen.

Salmon golden ramen House Yamamoto Ramen

The Salmon golden also includes a couple of common ingredients which are present in most of Hototogisu ramen – thinly-sliced Cha Shu (Pork) and wholegrain noodles. To me, their wholegrain noodles and no-MSG rule are the key factors that help differentiate them from other ramen stores.

Thinly-sliced Low temperature-cooked Cha Shu

Cha Shu House Yamamoto Raffles City

Whole-grain noodles that are high in fibre

Whole-grain noodles House Yamamoto Ramen

Last but not least, the Gyozas…

Wing Pork Gyozas House Yamamoto Raffles City Singapore

At this point, our bellies were happy. But you can’t leave a ramen store without trying their gyozas. Their staff recommended this Wing Pork Gyoza that looked pretty much like an artwork on its own. Thank goodness, it tastes as good as it looks. Also, it will pair well with a bowl of steaming hot Truffle Shio ramen.

Wing Pork Gyoza House Yamamoto Raffles City Singapore

To wash everything down, we ordered our usual favourite drink – Yuzu tea. It is a toast to another wonderful Japanese meal we had in Singapore before flying off to Japan to enjoy the real deal in December.

Yuzu Tea Men House Yamamoto Raffles City

麺 (Men) House Yamamoto
Raffles City #B1-44C
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

Tel: +65 62549713

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 10 pm

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