SaladStop!: Your Stop for Gourmet Salads

SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

SaladStop! has been around in Singapore since 2009 but I have not really checked out this salad cafe until recently. I love having greens for lunch and dinner but SaladStop! isn’t under my list of go-to places for salads. Partly because I was under the impression that the salads there are very expensive and their salad combo tasted mediocre.

However, I was proven very wrong during my recent visit to SaladStop! at their outlet in Capital Tower. Because I realised that their salad bowls are now priced more affordably and man, their salad combo and house-made salad sauces were so darn good!

It’s one of those salad sauces which you probably can’t replicate easily at home. After this fabulous meal at SaladStop!, I will probably head back again soon to satisfy my salad cravings.

More than just salads

SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

I appreciate and support business which is committed to creating a positive impact on society. Whether they are supporting a good cause or using sustainable ingredients in their meals, I would think that such businesses deserve more recognition and support. The kind souls that spearhead these businesses deserve a pat on their backs too. SaladStop! is one such company that practises sustainability in their daily operations.

Sustainability is in its’ soul

SaladStop! believes that it is their responsibility to adopt eco-friendly practices. Thus, they made environmental friendliness an integral component in their operations.

For instance, instead of creating their own paper bags for takeaways, they encourage customers to bring their own bags. To reduce waste, they even provide used shopping bags for customers to reuse them.

Even down right to the ingredients which they used for making salads are sustainably sourced or obtained from fair-trade companies.

Bring-Your-Own-Bowl Policy

And if you bring your own bowl on Mondays, you will get one free topping as a reward! Furthermore, if you bring your own reusable cup and straw, you get $0.50 off any beverages or smoothies.

SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

Almost 90% of their packaging is made of recycled materials

SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

The plastic packaging used for storing the puddings and yoghurts is made from recycled plastics! They tried their best to go eco-friendly in every possible way. Besides, every effort to go green counts.

Nutritious Food for the Soul

SaladStop! offers a variety of healthy snacks and treats along with their salad bowls, grain bowls, wraps, soups and oatmeal porridge. I tried some of their popular signature salads as well as a couple of sweet treats. What I highly recommend are their Tuna San, Vegan Walnut Carrot cake and Mango Chia seed pudding.

Yoghurt Recycled plastic SaladStop! Capital Tower

These quality salads are priced reasonably below $14. Portion may seem small but it is actually sufficient to fill anyone up.

Tuna San

SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads Tuna san

The seared tuna slices are incredibly fresh and I love how it complements with the sweet and crunchy romaine lettuce. I just cannot stop complimenting how delicious this salad combo was; especially when it is combined with their wasabi honey soy sauce.

This perfect salad combo comprises of tangy mandarin oranges, creamy avocado, edamame and cherry tomatoes. Kudos to whoever created this salad recipe!

Burn Baby, Burn!

Burn Baby Burn Salad Stop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

This is one of their seasonal salads which is very delicious and hearty as well. It has romaine lettuce, baby spinach, roasted chicken, greated eggs, bacon bits, cherry tomatoes and avocado. The salad is paired with a citrus mint vinaigrette; this is once again another heavenly salad sauce that brought up the delicacy factor of this bowl of salad.

It’s probably the perfect bodybuilding salad for those who are aiming to up their protein intake.


Chihuahua SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

For grain bowls, we had Chihuahua which is actually a mixture of quinoa, Arugula, roasted chicken, avocado, black beans, jalapeño and cheddar. It’s cute that these salads and grain bowls have funky names. So do this grain bowl reminds you of a Chihuahua? Or do Chihuahuas love eating black beans and quinoa?

Sweet treats can be healthy too.

Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

For the sweet tooth, you can end off your meal with a slice of Vegan walnut carrot cake or Mango Chia seed pudding. I particularly enjoyed the carrot cake by Oh My Goodness!, a social enterprise offers gluten-free and dairy-free bakes). The cake tasted, unlike any other carrot cake which I’ve tried before. It is moist and very dense. More importantly, it contains no gluten or any refined sugar so you would not feel bloated after eating it.

The mango chia seed pudding is another great choice. Instead of having an ice cream or boba tea, why not dip your spoon into this cold treat?

Mango Chiaseed pudding SaladStop! Capital Tower best salad cafe gourmet salads grain bowls

Don’t be surprised if you see me munching salads away like a rabbit at SaladStop!.

Also, if you are a fan of grain bowls, do check out Heybo! It is their sister outlet specializing in grain bowls.

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