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Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH GA

Are you sick and tired of ordering food from the same fast-food restaurants and eateries? Or perhaps you are wondering why you can’t hot food delivered to your house or office on time during lunch and dinner times? The major food delivery companies here in Singapore worked mainly with dine-in F&B establishments. Besides handling the delivery orders, they have to serve customers who dine-in. Thus, during peak hours, you might have to wait a little longer just to get your food delivered to your doorstep on time.

Get fed with Spoonful in a jiffy

However, with the rise of the delivery-only F&B brands like Spoonful Meals, you can receive your food promptly. Such establishments operate on a cloud kitchen concept where they rely entirely on third-party integrations or delivery orders placed through a call or website. It’s like ‘a restaurant on a cloud’ where you can’t physically ‘dine on a cloud’. However, you can wait for your meal to drop from the sky. (Okay, kidding.)

Spoonful Meals

Spoonful Meals, the largest cloud kitchen operator in Hong Kong, has just launched its cloud kitchens and brands in Singapore. They not only can provide you with restaurant-quality food but they can also deliver to your doorstep within 20 minutes via Foodpanda. Hot meals in less than 30 minutes? Why not?

From healthy sustainable meals, Chinese comfort food to vegan burgers

Currently, Spoonful Meals feature two F&B brands, NOSH and GA(家常) in Singapore. There are two more brands, Sesami and JOMO, which will be launched sometime in November this year.

Each brand offers a different type of cuisine to provide a variety of food options for consumers. NOSH specialised in healthy California cuisine while GA (家常) specialised in Cantonese-style comfort Chinese food. The upcoming Sesami will serve Japanese Bento boxes while JOMO follows a vegan fast-food concept.

This month, I got to try two meals from NOSH and GA – all prepared and cooked in Spoonful Meals’ cloud kitchen. Once all four brands are launched, you can order in food from the various brands and enjoy an ‘international’ meal, or so to speak.

But I am not sure if you can order food from the various brands at one go but it would be really cool if they’d provided this option. Because currently, food delivery companies do not allow consumers to place food orders from various F&B establishments at one go.

Meals served at my doorstep

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH Miso Salmon Grain bowl

I placed my order at 4 pm and my meals came at around 3.40 pm. Currently, NOSH and GA are available exclusively on Foodpanda. Very soon, they will be launching an app in November where you can make corporate orders.

Hungry? Let’s see what I’ve got. The temperature of the food was luke-warm when it arrived so I did not bother heating it up.


Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH

NOSH’s food concept and philosophy are pretty much aligned with my current lifestyle and beliefs. My favourite words have always been ‘sustainable’, ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’. Thus, I was rather excited to try one of their nutritious meals. I ordered their Miso Salmon Grain Bowl and Sugar Snap.

Miso Salmon Grain Bowl and Sugar Snap

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH Miso Salmon Grain bowl

Sustainable salmon, premium grains and fresh greens… what more could I ask for? It’s my kind of thing.

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH Miso Salmon Grain Bowl

Portion-wise, it is all good although it seems a little small but the quinoa and brown rice mixture really fills me up. I enjoyed the salmon which complemented with the miso sauce and lotus root. I just wish that the miso sauce was a little thicker and creamier.

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH Miso Salmon Grain Bowl

Toasted Pita with Baba Ghanoush Dip

I ordered a side to go along with the grain bowl. It’s a small cup of toasted pita with baba ghanoush dip.

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH Toasted Pita Baba Ghanoush Dip

For those of you who are watching your diet, you can refer to their nutrition label which is attached to every meal box. If you are counting your calories, this nutritional information will be useful in helping you to make the right food choices. I love that every single ingredient is written on the label so that I know what goes into my mouth.

NOSH’S sustainable practices

And here’s a fun fact: Do you know that NOSH packaging is biodegradable? They are made out of sugarcane and PLA plastic. Not sure if it is fully compostable but at least, they are turning to eco-friendly packaging.

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH

GA (家常)

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda  GA

GA offers a totally different type of cuisine. It’s for those who love to eat Chinese takeaways. They offer a selection of Cantonese-style comfort food which is curated by a team of Hong Kong-based chefs.

I tried one of their perennial crowd favourites: their slow-cooked Chu Chow beef udon with stir-fried vegetables. This was simply a delicious and delightful dish to have. The portion is generous and I almost could not finish it. I love the texture of the udon noodles as well as the large chunks of beef.

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda GA

Surprise, surprise! It has only 609 calories in it, slightly lesser than NOSH’s Miso Salmon grain bowl. But nutritionally-speaking, the grain bowl will contain more fibre and healthy fats.

Wood Ear Mushroom with Black Vinegar

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda GA Wood ear mushroom with black vinegar

I love anything that has black vinegar in it. This side dish goes well with a bowl of white rice.

Thanks for the sweet treat!

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH GA

Spoonful Meals ‘smuggled’ in a couple of sweet treats into my delivery bag. I thought it was a traditional Malay Kueh called Oneh-oneh. But it turns out to be some sort of an energy ball. I am still trying to figure out what it is made up of.

Brands under Spoonful Meals

Spoonful Meals Cloud Kitchen Foodpanda NOSH GA

Have you tried food which is prepared in a cloud kitchen? Here’s your chance to try it!

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