Have a Rib-tastic Christmas at Morganfield’s

Whenever someone mentions about pork ribs, I would immediately think of Morganfield’s. It is one of the best places to enjoy a generous slab of BBQ pork ribs here in Singapore.

The holiday season is here and it is time for celebration over good food with family and friends. This Christmas Morganfield’s is offering a line-up of festive roasts which is perfect for a family feast, gatherings or potluck.

The Ultimate X’mas Feast for Meat-lovers

Morganfield's Restaurant Sticky Bones Pork Ribs Christmas Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

I was at Morganfield’s (Orchard Central outlet) a couple of days ago to check out their latest Rib-tastic festive offerings which prove to be quite ‘meatilicious’. There’s Morgan’s signature Sticky bones, beef ribeye, gammon ham, crackling pork roast and BBQ beef ribs! This is the ultimate Christmas feast for any meat-lovers.

Our Christmas Feast at Morganfield’s

Morganfield's Restaurant Sticky Bones Pork Ribs Christmas Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

If you decide to have a celebratory feast at Morganfield’s restaurant itself, you should check out some of these festive menu items when dining in.

Cranberry Sticky Bones

Morganfield's Restaurant Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones

$29.90++ (Half Slab) / $48.90++ (Full Slab)

One of Morganfield’s must-try signatures is none other than their sticky bones – smoked prime pork ribs basted with hickory flavoured BBQ sauce. This time, they are launching their Christmas special edition items such as Cranberry Sticky bones which are served with coleslaw and french fries. The tender pork ribs are coated with a layer of sweet cranberry sauce. We love how it tasted – both sweet and savoury at the same time.

Hazelnut Sticky Bones

Morganfield's Restaurant Hazelnut Sticky Bones Pork Ribs

$29.90++ (Half Slab) / $48.90++ (Full Slab)

Another festive item on their menu is the Hazel Sticky bones which are glazed with nutty hazelnut sauce. The taste of the Hazelnut sticky bones is leaning more towards the savoury side. So if you prefer something more savoury, this would be it.

Barbeque Beef Rib

Morganfield's Restaurant BBQ Beef Ribs

$89.90++ (Serves 2 – 3 pax) for half rack

$209.90++ (Serves 6 – 10 pax) for full rack, (2.7 kg pre-cooked)

Another ‘rib-tastic’ festive menu item of Morgan’s is their Barbeque beef rib. Like their sticky bones, the beef rib is irresistibly juicy and tender. The glazed meat literally just falls off so easily from the bone.

You will need to do a dine-in pre-order the beef ribs 3 days in advance if you would like to enjoy a whole rack of beef ribs at the restaurant.

Roast Beef Ribeye

Morganfield's Restaurant Roast Beef Ribeye Christmas Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

$219.90++ (Serves 6 – 10 pax), 2 kg pre-cooked, delivery/takeaway pre-order

Another decent festive offerings by Morganfield’s is their roast beef ribeye. The beef ribeye, served medium-rare, was surprisingly very tender and flavourful. This would please any beef lovers. It also comes with Mac and Cheese, Cranberry salad, cornbread, Mexican grilled corn and sweet potato fries. The sides were all equally delicious as well!

Orange Marmalade Glazed Whole Gammon Ham

Morganfield's Restaurant Gammon Ham Christmas Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

$179.90++ (Serves 6 – 10 pax), 3 kg pre-cooked, delivery/takeaway pre-order

What’s Christmas without some Christmas traditional favourites like Gammon ham? This cured ham is slathered with a layer of delectable sticky orange marmalade glaze. This would go well with the cranberry salads and cornbread.

Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken Christmas Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

$35.90+, 1.6 kg pre-cooked, delivery/takeaway pre-order

Not a fan of pork or beef? Then this juicy plump chicken, stuffed with rosemary, onions, celery and onions will be your next best choice.

Morgan’s Christmas Feast

Morgan's Christmas Feast Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

$149.90++ (Serves 4 pax), Delivery/takeaway only

If you can’t decide what to order, I would recommend their Christmas Feast platter which features some of their popular favourite dishes like the sticky bones, along with crackling roasted pork.

Morgan's Christmas FeastRestaurant Sticky Bones Pork Ribs Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway

You also get to enjoy their sumptuous sides like Mexican grilled corn, gammon ham, garden salad, roasted potatoes, roasted cauliflower and sausages. I really enjoyed their sides dishes like Mexican grilled corn and cornbread. This festive platter is perfect for a family of 4.

Somersby Summer Punch

Morganfield's Orchard central Somersby Summer punch

As for drinks, you can try their refreshing Somersby summer punch, a fun cocktail to share with your family or friends. It is a fruity alcoholic drink that has chunks of fruits in it. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, you can try their Christmas Fruit punch which is another delightful drink to enjoy with the festive dishes as well.

Black Forest Lava Cake

Morganfield's Restaurant Black Forest Lava Cake vanilla ice cream

To end things off on a sweet note, why not try out their homemade classic Chocolate lava cake? The warm lava cake is topped with luscious dark cherry sauce and comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This makes a great dessert for sharing as the lava cake is rather large, in my opinion.

If you would rather congregate and feast in the comfort of your home…

This special Christmas menu is available from now till 1 January 2020. Their Christmas food items and limited a la carte menu items will be available for takeaway. There is a delivery charge of $25 per location. But there is free delivery for orders above $300+. Do note that orders must be made at least 4 hours in advance.

Enjoy 10% discount off for orders placed before 8 Dec 2019 when you use my promo code <DEENISE10> when checking out Morganfield’s ordering website.

Morganfield's Restaurant Sticky Bones Pork Ribs Christmas Menu Dine-in Delivery Takeaway
Photo credit: Morganfield’s Singapore

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