This French Restaurant will make you say ‘C’est très bien’

True blue class French Food

The ever-changing food scene here in Singapore is diverse and we have no lack of exquisite dining restaurants. But if you are looking for a restaurant that serves authentic classic French food, you might have to do some digging and research online. 

The only true blue classic French food I had was in Paris and Montpellier where I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with French gastronomy. Recently, my interest in French food was once again stirred up after dining at Taratata Brasserie. 

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

This French restaurant will not only make you say ‘C’est très bien’ (which means that’s very good) with regards to its food, but also its price. For less than $100, you get to enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared by a French chef.

Bonsoir, Madamoiselle

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

Taratata Brassier is a classic French restaurant which is nestled along Keong Saik Road (which is often dubbed as a food haven, dotted with quirky bars and cafes). It is an unpretentious restaurant that is reminiscent of the typical quaint Parisian bistros and restaurants. As you walked into the restaurant, you will be greeted with genuine smiles and a polite ‘Bonsoir’ by their attentive staff. 

The Passionate French Chef

Helming the kitchen is Chef Bertrand Raguin who is also the owner of Taratata Brassier. He is born in Loire Valley, France.  Armed with over 30 years of French culinary art experience, he is an expert when it comes to traditional French classic cuisine. He also has a strong commitment to responsible sourcing (taking social and environmental considerations into account) and using fresh ingredients which are mostly imported from France. 

Mangez Bien! (Eat Well)

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

All dishes are prepared à la minute, thus there might be some wait time. But I guess that good food prepared by a passionate chef is worth the wait. Take the time to savour the rich flavours of French dishes over a glass of fine wine. 

New Autumn/Winter Season Menu 

This time, Chef Raguin has curated a special lunch and dinner set menus for the Autumn/Winter season. A 2-course set lunch menu only costs $38++ per pax. Both the lunch and dinner menus feature different French delicacies.

Just one night ago, I had tried many dishes from both their set course and a la carte menu. We had hearty French classics such as Duck Confit, Pan-seared Foie Gras and Escargots with parsley and garlic butter. Rounding off this traditional French meal are classic French desserts like Tarte aux Poires (pear tart) and Crêpe Suzette. 

Some of my favourites in this seasonal menu were Pan-seared Duck Liver with cherries, Wagyu Beef skewer and Chocolate tart.

Our Recommendations

1. Entrées

For entrées, you can choose between salmon tartare or pan-seared duck liver. I would highly recommend their pan-seared duck liver as it is one of those dishes that would put the Chef’s culinary skills to a test. The pan-seared duck liver was done to perfection – it’s simply flawless.

Pan-seared Duck Liver with Dark Cherries

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant Pan-seated Duck Liver with Dark Cherries

Escargots 1/2 dozen, Baked in Parsley and Garlic Butter

We highly recommend their Escargots which are steeped in exceptionally fragrant parsley and garlic butter. How could you not try escargots in a French restaurant?

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant escargots baked in parsley and garlic butter

Baked Saint-Marcellin Cheese with Truffle

For cheese lovers, you can try their baked Saint-Marcellin cheese with truffles which comes with toasted bread.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant baked saint-marcellin cheese with truffle

2. Mains

As for the mains, we were treated to a feast of French delicacies like Kurobuta Pork Casserole, Wagyu beef skewer and sea scallops with crustacean sauce. If I were you, I would go for the wagyu beef skewer. Personally, I am not a fan of beef but their medium-rare wagyu beef skewer is heavenly. The beef chunks are so tender and when doused with their black pepper sauce, it tastes sensational.

If you can afford to splurge, you can pair your main with a glass of wine. We each had a glass of Boutinot Rhône red wine that complements with our mains. It is a full-bodied red wine which hails from Côtes du Rhône in France.

Wagyu Beef Skewer flamed with Brandy, served with Kampot black pepper sauce

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant wagyu beef skewer

The waitress brought some ‘drama’ to the table by flambéing the wagyu beef skewer, burning off the alcohol and leaving a slight residual taste to the beef.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant wagyu beef skewer

Duck Confit, Morel Mushroom sauce, Green Beans and Sarladaise Potatoes

Another of our table favourites was the Duck confit which emerges as meltingly tender and flavourful.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

Beef Bourguignon Simmered in Red Wine with Bacon, Mushrooms, Small Onions, Carrots and Mashed Potato

If you have not been to France before or tried French cuisine, you should try this classic French dish called Beef Bourguignon. It’s one of those dishes that most French households would know how to cook it. I enjoyed the delicate and rustic savoury flavours of the Beef Bourguignon! No wonder, it is a timeless French dish.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

3. Desserts

For dessert, we had chocolate tart (which is found in their autumn/winter seasonal menu) as well as Baked Pear Tart, Crêpe Suzette and Strawberry Milles-Feuille. If you prefer something more savoury, you can also opt for cheese as desserts. You may select any 3 kinds of cheese from their cheese trolley. 

Their must-try dessert is definitely the Baked Thin Pear Tart with Vanilla Ice cream. But if you wanted to try a traditional French dessert, you should go for their Crêpe Suzette Flambées. Crêpe is like the French’s staple go-to dessert or sweet snack. You can easily get a Nutella crêpe at almost every corner of the street in Paris.

Baked Thin Pear Tart with Vanilla Ice-cream 

Everyone at our table was singing praises about their baked pear tart as it has such a beautiful flaky and crisp crust. This fall dessert goes well with the vanilla ice cream and that touch of caramel sauce. It is a stellar dessert which did not fail to impress us.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

Crêpe flamed with Grand Marnier

The crêpe Suzette (flamed with Grand Marnier) was prepared à la minute, right at the spot so that we get to enjoy the warm dessert immediately right after it is cooked.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

It is quite a refreshing and light dessert to have after a meal.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

It’s worth a visit.

Taratata Brasserie French Restaurant

Taratata Brasserie is a perfect dining spot for couples as the interior exudes a romantic ambience. Whether it is an anniversary or birthday celebration, it is worth checking out this timeless French restaurant that serves specially-crafted dishes. Their set lunch menu is affordably-priced too.

Taratata Brasserie

35A Keong Saik Road, Ground Floor, Singapore 089142

Tel: 65 6221 4506

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday (Closed every Mondays)

Lunch: 12 pm – 2.30 pm

Dinner: 6 pm – 10 pm (till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays)

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