The Best Compact Vlogging Camera, Canon G7X gets an upgrade

Canon G7X is still by far one of the best digital compact cameras for creating vlog-style videos. Because it is so small and compact, I can slip it into my purse and whip it out whenever I feel like shooting myself. While DSLR can produce videos with a better frame rate, it is bulky and heavy to carry around, especially when you are travelling – trust me.

Even till today, I do see some YouTubers using this trusty classic compact camera for vlogging purposes. This year, Canon gives this best-selling compact camera an upgrade.

It was 3 years ago since Canon launched the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II camera. And I guess it is really about time to boost some of its existing functionalities, especially with the rise of mobile phones and other compact gadgets with excellent video shooting capabilities.

So, what’s new in Canon G7X Mark III?

A comparison between Canon G7X Mark II and Mark III

Features Canon G7X Mark IICanon G7X Mark III
Processor typeDIGIC 7DIGIC 8
(can shoot 4K videos)
Continuous Shooting SpeedsApprox. 8.00Up to 30 (RAW burst mode)
/ 20 (One-Shot AF)
YouTube Live StreamingNoYes
Creative Assist ModeNoYes
(built-in beginner features)

There are other minor differences like the weight and dimensions which are not mentioned in the table above. I only highlighted the important differences that matter to anyone who is looking for a decently-priced compact camera to take pictures and shoot videos.

From the table above, you can see that there isn’t much of a drastic change in both models. The only distinct difference is probably the change in processor type which allows the newer camera to shoot 4K videos. The newer camera model is also equipped with more built-in beginner features like Creative Assist and a wider range of shooting modes.

My Verdict

Canon G7X

After testing the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III for a couple of weeks, all I could only say that it is really a camera that is designed more for shooting purposes. I did not manage to get many successful shots or photographs with this camera. It was difficult to focus on the subject with this camera.

However, it was a totally different story when it comes to its video capability. Since it can shoot in 4K, I was able to capture high-quality videos for my YouTube channel. You can watch this video in this article which is filmed solely using Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III. Though I did not use an external microphone for the shoot, the sound quality in the video still turned out great.

Overall, it seems like the new Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III is targeted at newbies in vlogging or budding YouTubers who just needed a good compact vlogging camera. It’s highly compact, user-friendly and super easy for vloggers to have fun with creating personalised videos. And for those YouTubers who have more than 1000 subscribers, you can do a live stream with this new camera model too.

Canon G7X

Which Canon camera to get?

Another camera which is on par with the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III is Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II. It has very similar features except that the G5X has a higher optical zoom power than G7X. Price-wise, the G5X model is costlier. So it is definitely more worth it to go with G7X.

But should you be getting the G7X Mark II or Mark III? Personally, I felt that the older model of G7X itself is good enough. But if you don’t mind spending a little more, then get the latest model of G7X. Because after all, the newer model is equipped with a more advanced processor type.

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