Singapore’s Top 10 most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo in 2019

Guess which dish tops the list for the most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo in Singapore? Is it chicken rice, pizzas or burgers?

It’s none of them all.

It’s salad bowls. However, it is not just any salad bowls. It has to be those DIY bowls so that we can sneak in our favourite meats, veggies and carbs in it.

Ever-changing food trends

Isn’t interesting to analyse such data to determine what are the latest food trends?

The way we eat and the choice of food we go for have really changed with the introduction of food delivery services like Deliveroo. In my office, for instance, we engaged food delivery services almost on a daily basis. And some of my colleagues don’t mind paying extra for the delivery charges. Hardly any of us packed food from home or walked to the nearest food court or hawker to buy lunch.

And they wouldn’t mind splurging on good food either. Somehow, they actually enjoy the process of ‘shopping’ for food. I mean, that’s one of the things they look forward to every single day. This decision-making process of what to order can take hours for them to decide. ‘Should we order bubble tea from Tiger Sugar today or sushi rolls from Maki-san?’ ‘I broke today. Shall we order nasi lemak?’

Maybe if they look at the list of most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo Singapore, they could have a better idea of what to order the next time round.

The list of Top 10 most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo Singapore

A growing trend towards healthy eating all thanks to the increasing number of gyms and fitness centres

Looking at the list of most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo in Singapore, we can see that there is a growing trend towards healthy eating. Not many Singaporeans or people living here in Singapore will tell you that they enjoy eating vegetables per se but there is a growing number of gym rats and fitness fanatics who abide the ‘eat clean rule’ after working out. They are after the clean proteins like chicken breast, tempeh and other lean meats. I am not surprised that the Daily Cut’s Build Your Own Bowl tops the list.

We’re a bubble-tea nation.

But at the same time, we Singaporeans love to indulge in good food. We like to sneak in some sweet indulgence like bubble tea. To us, having bubble tea after work or school is one of the best ways to reward ourselves after a hard day at work or in Singapore. Singaporeans love their boba and milk tea and there’s nothing stopping them. It’s our nation’s favourite cheat drink.

Local food is here to stay.

As for our cheat meals, we still go for local comfort food like beef hor fan, Sweet Sour Pork and Chicken Rice. It seems like Singaporeans (and maybe PRs and expatriates ) are loving our very own local food that has that ‘wok-hei’ flavour.

We’re not going to miss out on anything ‘oi-shi’.

If we would love to splurge a little, we go for Japanese food like Kaisen Don and sushi. Do you know how many Singaporeans travel to Japan in a year? We love everything about Japan despite our past. And it is not difficult to find Japanese food here in Singapore – even in food courts.

1.Build Your Own Bowl, from The Daily Cut, Singapore
1. The Daily Cut - BYOB Regular
Credit: The Daily Cut, Singapore

2.VIOS Regular Bowl from VIOS by Blu Kouzina, Singapore
2. VIOS - VIOS Regular Bowl
Credit: Blu Kouzina, Singapore

3. Black Milk Tea from Gong Cha, Singapore
3. Gong Cha - Black Milk Tea
Credit: Gong Cha Singapore

4.DIY Kaisen Don (medium) from Teppei Syokudo, Singapore
4. Teppei Syokudo - DIY Kaisen Don (medium)
Credit: Teppei Syokudo, Singapore
5.Beef Hor Fan from Rasa Rasa, Singapore
6.Sweet and Sour Pork from Ding Xiang Seafood, Singapore
6. Ding Xiang Seafood - Sweet and sour pork
Credit: Xiang Seafood, Singapore

7.Chicken Rice from Boon Tong Kee, Singapore
7. Boon Tong Kee - Chicken Rice
Credit: Boon Tong Kee, Singapore
8.Little San Sushi from Maki-San, Singapore
8. Maki-San - Little San Sushi
Credit: Maki-san, Singapore

9.Burrito Bowl from Guzman Y Gomez, Singapore
9. Guzman Y Gomez - Burrito Bowl
Credit: Guzman Y Gomez, Singapore

10.Hot Plate Beancurd from New Hawa Restaurant, Singapore

(These top 10 dishes mentioned above are part of the top 100 dishes order in Deliveroo worldwide.)

Top 100 Most-ordered dishes on Deliveroo

What about the other countries? Deliveroo reveals their 100 world’s most popular dishes of 2019, as chosen by its customers.

Here’s a taster of this year’s top ten dishes on Deliveroo around the world:

1.Poké Signature Super Protéiné from Pokawa, Paris
2.Cheeseburger from Five Guys, London
3.Burrito Pollo from Gonzalez & Co, Barcelona
4.Salmon Pokè from Pokèria by NIMA, Milan
5.Footlong Sub from Subway, Dublin
6.Tommy the Chook from Boss Burger Co, Geelong
7.米線+一餸 from 譚仔雲南米線 Tam’s Shop, Hong Kong
8.Shack Burger from Shake Shack, Dubai
9.Big Giant Menu from Quick, Liege
10.Sushi Burrito from Sushito, Amsterdam

The rest of the world is still pretty much going for fast food like burgers, burritos and sandwiches. When Five Guys opens their doors in Singapore at Plaza Singapura, I would expect a super long queue – just like the queue I was in, back in Hong Kong last year.

But most definitely, clean eating is on the rise. With that, I just pray that healthy food like Poké bowls and sushi could be made cheaper and more widely available to all.

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